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Ceiling speakersScot Nichols3
Paradigm vs Klipsch?Anonymous2
Cambridge SoundWorks SpeakersAnonymous4
Greatest Speakers (Current & Past)Anonymous2
Subwoofer matching for paradigm speakersAriel3
Surround & Speaker 'B' hookupeCoustics2
New Polk Audio Speakersshade2
Acoustic HX-3...Studio Series 7000 SpeakersAnonymous2
Acapella Harlekintapsa2
More power/soundSean Turner2
Need help with speaker impedanceKevin3
4 ohm SubwooferMatt2
Nova Bravo X ?Anonymous2
Speakers for a BathroomKevin Spencer2
Status XL90 (Speaker)Anonymous2
AR 303 classic series speakersAnonymous2
Energy Take 5.2 or Polk RM6200?Scott Rathke2
KLIPSCH,M&K Or others ? Have $4000 to spend on speakersScott Rathke3
How do I setup a pair of Dynaco speakers with my receiverMike M3
Pioneer Receiver and Cerwin Vega subAnonymous3
Old Polks VS New PolksAnonymous3
Recommendation for Speaker Standsjohn m gulla2
Floor Model Speakersjohn2
Acoustimass 15 QuestionTodd W.3
Have to choose between Fisher DS-810 and Sansui S-717 speakers. Kacee Weaver2
Celestion F20; Mission m73; B&W 602S2 ???Anonymous5
!!URGENT!! - Speaker Packagepaul munoz2
Starter want help!!!Darrell Brand6
Daul subwooferseCoustics2
Reparing Kef Q1 TweetersColin Anderson2
Pls HELP: Can I match Yamaha HTR-5550(75w/channel) with JBL N38(175...Addy Landzaat4
Klipsch or JBL???Steve2
Merak MT120?? Any Good.Anonymous3
Help on speaker placement and delay settingsRODNEY SPRECHER2
Need help with subwoofer problemAnonymous3
Computer speakers vs real stereo speakersrodolfo conejos2
Best main speakers for $1000 (CAN)Anonymous2
Least Expensive wireless speakerAnonymous2
Infinity deltajulio2
Is Bi-Wiring worth it?Anonymous2
Who knows ...Guido van Burgeler2
Sub cuts out at low volumeAl Holland3
Instructions for Sony SA-WM40Paul Sumner2
Receiver (4or8ohms) Speakers (6ohms) - what setting shld i use pls?...Anonymous2
Energy or B&WsBob Marley2
Subwoofer from comp to receiver? Jack/adapter problemPhil Neumann3
Velodyne CT Series or Classic Theater Series speakers: Are they any...Anonymous7
What are the best in-wall and in-ceiling speakers??jack london2
Above Human Bandwidthdave Harris4
$1000+ subwoofersAnonymous3
Bose Acoustimass 6 II Speakers - Suggestions needed!Eric Jenkins3
Looking for Klipsch AcademyEric Jenkins2
Onkyo Speaker StandAnthony2
Klipsch SB-3michael skinner3
Very Basic Speaker HelpScott Dawson3
Bookshelf or sath1pst3r2
I am new to this. A few Questions.george2
Need advice on whether to use older speakers with new Onkyo HT SystemIvan O2
Why do powerful speakers blow on an underpowered amp.Vincent Young2
Alternative To Bose Speakers???Gandalf8
Polk vs. Cambridge SoundworksBruni2
Surround speaker height?????Anonymous2
BIC SpeakersKen E7
Witch woofer?Anonymous2
B&W speakersAnonymous2
Speaker Guidance PleaseA Voit2
Assistance, please? (Repost)vincent young5
Surround sound equipmentLee2
Rtr speakersAnonymous2
Small speakersR.Gordon2
Paradigm and Onkyohtinnovations4
Natural sounding speakershtinnovations7
Sub/sat set-up for $1000htinnovations4
How do you bi-wire B&W602 Speakers?htinnovations3
Which one would you choose?htinnovations2
Monitor Silver6 or B&W603S3htinnovations2
How important is it to have your center channel match your main L &...htinnovations3
Center Channel placementChippa3
Bookshelf speakershtinnovations2
Bose Acoustimass III Surround QuestionEric Jenkins2
Best floorstanding loudspeakers for under $1000Eric Jenkins2
Best center channels for the money?Alford Holland5
Musings from Vince and Me (Dave)Dave Harris3
Wharfedale Zaldek 2000ko kho3
Looking for Merak SpeakersAnonymous7
Reliable place to get good deals on speakers onlineDave Harris2
Speaker system recommendation for $800-$1000Rusty2
High or low level inputs for sub?Anonymous3
Bose AM 15.....What would you get INSTEAD?????scott2
Pioneer vs OnkyoAnonymous2
Huge soundstage speakers for apartment?h1pst3r6
B&W or Bose Susan Martin2
Speaker wattage - help pleasePorcdoc3
No subwoofer output on sony receiver, only single jack on subwooferPorcdoc2
Cerwin Vegavalery2
Subwoofer making high pitch noiseAnonymous3
Subwoofer connection help requiredAnonymous3
Help me decide on some thingsRoss McPhee4
Best way to wire a powered subPorcdoc5
Technical questionalan2
One Subwoofer or Two?alan2
Portable speakers for dvd player, work with minidisc players?alan2
Subwoofer connectionalan4
Polk RM6700 vs. Gallo Nucleus Microsh1pst3r2
Thoughts on Speaker Upgradematt4
Wharfdale or MissionAnonymous3
Athena sub asp400Steve Holton3
Vaughn Burgess AudioRobert Hilton3
I would appreciate any input on speaker & subwoofer choices.Jim A4
Bi-wiring options with a subwoofer amp.Derek2
I am about to buy a pair of Klipsch rf3 ii towersJeff Malkowski6
Cost ratio of receiver or amp versus cost of speakers?Jeff2
Newb needs help with sub connectionDerek2
INFINITY KAPPA 9.2iArno J. Kriznik3
What should i get ?Joong-In Rhee2
Bass Response on Bose Acoustimass 10Anonymous5
Outdoor speakers?Anonymous3
Mitsubishi M-S200 Anonymous2
Would I need a subwoofer with Fluance SM 938?matt3
Boston Acoustic A150???Derek2
Subwoofer questionAnonymous3
Input on Subwoofer size & wattage?Tanto3
Help with choice of speakers?Anonymous6
Looking for a advice on Definitrive Technology StudioCinema 350 HTZach3
Who sells acoustic research ars500 sub on the internet?Anonymous2
Some help.Zach2
Sony SA-WM40 vs. AR S112PSmeek6
Paradigm dealer rarity??!?Derek2
Speaker/amplifier adviceZach2
Need your adviceMatt6
Sony APM ES speakersAnonymous4
Best subwoofer for about $350?john10
Any reviews on Polk RM7600?Anonymous2
Fluance SpeakersWarder452
Acoustic Research ARs... Yey or NeySven S3
Klipsch Chorus ll'sAnonymous3
Searching specs of SONY APM-12ES flat & square APM wooferRonald Ingram6
Experts....please help, I have bass problemsSteve4
I just bought a set of speakers and they don't seem worth the $, co...Anthony3
Outdoor speakers: polk audio atrium 55 or BA voyager proAnonymous2
Receiver questionsAnonymous2
No sound from powered subwooferDerek2
Optimus pro77Derek2
JBL Studio Speaker - II designation means what?Anonymous2
Complete system new; need sub helpDerek2
Which is the best speaker system?Miguel3
Large or small for Bose SpeakersBose hater2
"Where to Buy Polk RM6700'sEric D4
Good decent subwoofer for no more than $200?Derek6
KEF Q7 Vs Warfedale Evolution EVO 40Naimaster2
Infinity RS 6000's & DCM TimeFrame 1000'sShaun Bohannon2
Subwoofer... Polk PSW 450 vs. JBL PB12... Any opinions?Adam2
Best Standing Speakers $400-600... Read my list... Your Opinion???Miguel11
Cables, interconnects etcMiguel4
Do I need anything else?Miguel3
Need FeedbackMiguel2
Subwoofer HookupMiguel4
Bose cubesMiguel4
I don't understand why answers are only given to people who get "F#...Miguel4
Having trouble deciding which speakers to buy. Please adviseMiguel3
My home sub in my car? Getto?Miguel2
Polk RM 7600 Miguel2
Extra Home SpeakersMiguel3
Shopping for PC speakersAnonymous6
Whafedale Valdus 500's- any good??Anonymous9
Sub with additional left right front connectionsMiguel2
Velodyne or SunfireKevro12
Crackling noise...Derek2
Amp and cd player for a b&w 802 series 80Caleb Quaye2
Sound Staging... :|matt4
Energy C9 Vs Boston VR 965Miguel2
Did I get the right speakers?Miguel5
Subwoofer suggestions Miguel3
Matching Center Speaker for my Klipsch KG-4.2Touchdown Tom4
Infinity IL40 vs Klipsch SF-2Miguel4
Any suggestion where to buy mission 781 speakers?Anonymous2
Placement of M-T-M speakerskarthick3
Two ampilifiers into one speakerDerek2
Subwoofer set-up question?Derek2
Oxygen free speaker wires good or bad ??The Doctor3
Hooking up 3 speakers - helpsuperfecta5
Velodyne CHT-8 vs. Infinity Entra 10" SubDan Birnstein10
What is your favorite music for auditioning speakers?Peter6
Yamaha RX-V1050 - Bose 901 - Peavy TKO 115 bass ampMicheal3
Subwoofer CableAnonymous3
Center Match for Pioneer HPM 40 Frontshead retard martin3
About speakers and receivers impedance....Miguel3
Newbie needs helpabhi7
Rear Center SpeakerDerek2
Building a Powered SubwooferRobert Werner5
Merak,Michura Loud speakersAnonymous8
Polk PSW404 or other subwoofer?Ron P4
Old pioneer receiver, need helpAnonymous3
Looking for info - Sound Stage SpeakersAnonymous5
Connecting a sub to a stereo amp ???Derek2
Onkyo sr600 subwoofer helpAnonymous9
Advent Laureate SpeakersAnonymous4
Sub/satellite connection?Anonymous2
A small hole in subwoofer... What do I do to repair it?Jimmy2
Mission M74r0x0rz6
Do my speakers exist anywhere else other than in my house for chris...william robert quick2
Hey, I've got a question about ohms.Miguel7
Does any body know where to get paradigm tweetersHawk3
Best Towers under 1000?Miguel16
SVC/ DVC SUBSAnonymous2
Subwoofer Expert! Best subwoofer under or about $1000.Anonymous8
Car speakers vs Home theatre speakerstimn8ter9
First complete home theaterJonathan Dehan4
Paradigm or Klipschjim moore7
JamoJohn Allen6
Center channel for MMG'stimn8ter2
What should i get ???Javier Villarreal4
KEF 2005 vs POLK rm7600Bobby Magee3
M&K MX-350 versus Velodyne SPL-1200timn8ter2
Speakers Delay Timetimn8ter2
Marine SpeakersDerek3
First Timer - Klipsch, Polk, Bose, or AT (low end pkg)Don Haislet4
Infinity websiteJKES2
Best In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers on a budget?Derek2
Which Sub-Woofer cable to buy?timn8ter2
Subwoofer or two and how big?Scott7
Speaker Wire Advice Peter4
Mission M74 & onkyo TX-SR701manno13
How do I know if my speakers will be underpowered?timn8ter5
Best speakers for rock and rap music??G-Man3
Does anyone know what connection cables to use for Theater Research...timn8ter2
Speaker & receiver wattage clarificationtimn8ter4
Great speakers for music and moviestimn8ter2
What type of speakers?John A3
To Sony or not to Sony....that's my question.Sharma11
PC speaker hookup--HELP!RT Harris2
Athena Point 5 SpeakersAnonymous17
Wharfdale W90 speakers - is there a demand??Fatred5
Infinity Entra Point vs. Harmon Kardon HKTS 12journey4
Sub help neededAnonymous3
6 ohm replacement woofer...Robert5
Paradigm Studio 20v2 vs. PSB Stratus MiniG-Man2
Which speakers should I buy????Anonymous3
Subwoofer replacementtimn8ter3
POLK RM 7200 SUB HELPtimn8ter3
Speaker cuts out at loud volumesNeil S4
Subwoofer Recommendation Neededjay gillespie6
JBL SCS135 vs SCS150jay gillespie2
Newbie Questionstimn8ter6
Centre Channeltimn8ter4
Fluance AV-HTB + H/K AVR-225Hawk5
DIY Home theatre systemtimn8ter6
Another help the new guys postJohn Allen6
Definitive Tech. DP-30timn8ter2
Gale subwoofers....are these any good?John Allen2
How to make ur speakers hit harder?timn8ter8
Wharfedale Pacific Evolution -- worth it?Kay Sie9
Paradigm phantoms?Derek2
Which speakers?fresh6
Digital SPeakersAnonymous8
JBL NSP1II and PB10 with JVC JVC RX-DV31SL Bob Lovejoy3
JBL NorthridgeRick9
Looking for someone to comment on my choice of HT equipmentAnonymous9
Speakers for Kenwwod VR7070timn8ter4
Receiver suggestion for JBL NSP1II Anonymous7
Sub Connections?? Help???? Help???jon k3
Best Subwoofer for Under $200 ..............................Hawk2
Ohm and wattage questiontimn8ter2
Athena 5 speakers and Harman 325Hawk9
JBL PB-10 vs. JBL PB-12superfecta2
Am I doing it right? for biwiring my speakersG-Man4
JBL Studio + HK AVR525Jonathan Dehan4
Problem with my system since I plugged in the subAnonymous3
4 pair of front speakers for truly huge sound?timn8ter4
Making outdoor speakers wireless?Derek3
Looking for opinions, comments and suggestions.....kvh2
Fluance ES-1Anonymous2
How to biwire the Polk Lsi9?timn8ter6
Wharfedale ZaldekAnonymous3
Positioning my speakerstimn8ter2
Subwoofer selectiontimn8ter6
Best 100watt powered sub for <$400?Hawk2
Digital Audio Skyline series SL 900'sTom T.3
Lokkin for a Subwoffer AMP 50-80 dollars Derek2
JMlab cobalt806 or B&W CM2 or Castle warwick3??Hawk2
Where is a GOod place to purchase a SUBWOOFER ampDerek5
WANTED: Someone with POLK AUDIO speaker knowledgeHawk3
Are my speakers blown?timn8ter6
What subwoofer cable...??? Best setup for Sub???John Allen19
Dialogue Volumejimmy3
What is the best method of break-in new speakers?Hawk6
DYNAUDIO people? Opinion on the 'Audience 72'Pete Arquette3
Which speakers to get?Hawk2
The right speakers for meJohn Allen13
Which speakers match for the ONKYO TX-SR600 MODELHawk5
What about KLH subwoofers?G.DawG7
Monster Speaker Wire QuestionAnonymous2
TR-1500 cost me 160 bucks, but need help wiring!Anonymous6
Hissing noise!!Derek4
SVS Sub or Velodyne CHT15G-Man2
Size Matters..Steve9
SPL meter ?????timn8ter2
Timbre it important, and hows it done?Steve Margolis12
Receiver for Polk LSi9s??Paul T.3
Dolby Digital or DTSAnonymous4
Which is better?G-Man8
Timbre matching to AxiomsG-Man4
Repair of Speakers ?Derek2
Finding Best Speaker System for around 2200-3000G-Man6
Not just for outside! (Is it any good?!)timn8ter4
Subwoofer/Receiver Crossover Settingstimn8ter3
Opinion on KEF Q3Anonymous2
JAMO E850's or B&W 602's??mark2
Receiver for Klipsch RF3II & other speakers ?Allen12
Bigger is Better ?C. Sun12
Need Help, Blew my moms speakers out.timn8ter6
Oh. My. God.John Allen7
Best 5 /6 speaker system with NO .1 ( no Subwoofer) Pushpinder2
Looking for Subwoofer for Small ApartmentAnonymous4
Paradigm Studio 40 vs B&W 604 vs Kef Q7jvisser4
Monitor Audio Speakers Silver S2 or Gold GR10?Anonymous22
Child-safe speakers ???John Allen6
Snell speakersHawk2
JL Audio will introduce home audio speakers next year...Hawk2
Wharfedale emerald97/99 or Fluance Sm938Pushpinder2
Paradigm Monitor 7,11 or Studio 100 for room of 22X21 ft ?Idealconcepts4
Is the BIC V1215 worth buying? Hawk8
A need to fret over speaker wire???????John Allen22
Subwoofer designG-Man10
CAT 5 cable as speaker wire......chestkicktest8
How come no one mentions AAD speakers?Anonymous2
A challenge to select sub statelite systemArj3
Wharfedale Zaldek S-1000 or Valdus 500?slick7
Paradigm Monitor 11's vs. Studio 100 v2...C. Sun4
Is TV at corner a death penalty ? slick3
BiWiring, does it really make a difference??Derek9
Athena Point 5 MKII or Klipsch quintet series?????Anonymous6
Bad receiver/speaker combo?Joong-In Rhee3
Online retailer of B&W speakers?Anonymous2
Towers or Bookshelves???Joong-In Rhee5
Subwoofers - Down firing or front firingDerek2
Subwoofer - how good it will compare with today's subJoong-In Rhee2
Paradigm Mini Momitors VS TitansDave3
Need suggestions for system - please helpHawk2
What speakers are a good match for Pioneer Elite?Hawk3
Receiver - speaker questionsKaffine3
Infinity Alpha?Kevin5
Sub Help....SVS vs. Velodyne......Anyone got advice?Hawk6
Klipsch Sub'sAnonymous2
NEW!!! Wharfedale Crystal. Anyone comment?Anonymous4
Need Help!!!!!Tim11
Sub, has no rca input??Derek2
JBL opinions?Erfan Moharramy7
Polk RM7600 QuestionS Morrison2
Cables and wiringJohn2
Question about power conditionerHawk2
Wharfedale SpeakersJoong-In Rhee4
Help with speakers for Home TheaterJohn A.3
Harmon Kardon AVR-525....What Speakers ?elitefan4
Sub firing by itselfPaul T17
Best speakers for Harman Kardon receiver lineAnonymous6
Denon AVR 1803 with JBL ND310II ? Please help me.Anonymous2
H/K and PSB, is it a good match? if not why?Hawk6
Do I need second subwoofertimn8ter3
Buttkicker, What the heck is it????timn8ter7
Just got the SR4300, Speakers please helpelitefan6
Connecting 2 speakers to each terminalgulash9
Klipsch vs. Velodyne SubwoofersG-Man4
Eltax millenium any good ??? Ran3
Building a subwoofer with a car sub?Derek9
Speaker grillsDerek2
Using mini plugs for the speakers connection to the ampAnonymous5
Infinity alpha 40 good or no good ????Mike7
Technical question -Can I add an external resistor to my speakers i...timn8ter8
Any opinions on SONAB OA-12 speakers?? (Vintage)Chris Marlton2
Overwhelmed! Please advise me on speaker cablesHawk11
This Question Not For A NoviceMax3
Polk RM 6700 vs. Paradigm Cinema 70 or 90sRick3
This Concerns EVERYBODY --------- POLK Audio says do not use Sub ...Rick5
4-ohm subwoofer for a 6-ohm amplifier?Michael18
Surround speaker helpMax9
Glass fiber woofers? Please lookMax2
Mirage Omnistat?Hawk4
Why even the best home theater speaker setups suck horriblyMax41
Speaker/reciever impedence questionAnonymous8
HK 7200 with SVS 25-39 Subdan3
Sealed box speakers or ported Anonymous13
Homemade bi-wiresAnonymous5
Speaker's for Onkyo TX-SR601Rick9
Quailty bookshelf speakersAnonymous10
Help with SVS subsAnonymous1 Speakers for My Home Theater 7.1 SystemAnonymous8
Aperion Intinus 5.1 vs Paradigm MonitorAnonymous1
Dahlquist DQ-10 w/Elite vsx45txJeff Plous6
Speaker Upgrade..Share your thoughts!Kostas1
Yo Experts..HELP!Derek2
Any information about Mission M74i series.Anonymous3
Best speakers with NAD 762Rick2
B&W 601 Speakers...What AMP?Rick3
Center Channel Speaker Help?Audio First1
Would a Velodyne CHT-10 be a good Sub for me?Anonymous1
Great news from MagnepanHawk2
Castle,Heybrook or sequence ?Hawk2
Woofer designtimn8ter2
How to connect a sub W/O speaker level in to a prologic reciver wi...sandy9
Infinity Alpha 50 vs Polk RTI 150CBASS1
Subwoofer Hookup- Help!!Matt Bigelow8
JBL S-Center 3-way, Dual 5" Center Channel ???Anonymous1
Speaker Output Questions/Confusion G-Man14
Mission m71i or m72i ?Simon4
Castle Richmond Speakers?Beau3
Where's Everyone From ??? Stop In !!!Donald L. Suedmeier1
Infinity alpha speakerheff5
Very strange speaker problemsMax5
Focal polyglass and polykevlar brand new burning smellDavid McLaurin7
Celestion F30 for $129 each....are they good speakers?Anonymous1
PLEASE HELPDavid McLauirn1
Acoustimass 6 troubleshooting - low sound"Berny19
Center Channel? How important is a good one?Donald L. Suedmeier8
Athena Speakers and NAD 752Hawk7
Jamo qualityYuri1
Theater Research TR-2800Berny2
Center Channel - Paradigm Studio CC-470?elitefan2
Did I pay too much for a Velodyne?Donald L. Suedmeier2
Magnepan MMG'sheff2
Monitor Audio VS. B&W speakersshaun61428
Canton Karat SpeakersAnonymous1
Denon 1804, is Paradigm good match?topr6
Mordaunt Short SubKar3
Help with combo ?bruno2
For experts :onkyo 800 thx cert. with yamaha ns-777 is ok?bruno1
Klipsch GMX pro media 5.1 surround problems with PCAnonymous3
Speakers for Yamaha RX-V640Jason4
Have you heard the new Boston Acoustics VR1 , VR2, VR3 speakersBBFTB1
How do i warm up my marantz amp faster.Hawk2
How are Jamo's?Anonymous3
Canton Speakers Anyone?Harry Schneider-trip4
8 ohm amp with 4 ohm speakers - big problem??Cam Romeril6
Subwoofer Cable for Onkyo HT-S760 system (w/ HT-R510 receiver)Peter1
Bi-Wiring ?? If your speakers can handle it, should you use it ??Jeff Corwin4
Jamo A410PDD or Yamaha NS-P430 ?Anonymous1
Just when I thought I had made up my mind....Ron Gorman1
Mr. Hawk, Help on JBL SCS 10 or Jamo A410 PDD or Yamaha NS-P230Anonymous1
Sub-woofer ?G-Man13
main speakers for onkyo sr-800 thx cert. around $900.00?elitefan2
Axiom M22ti's vs. Polk, Paradigm, Definitive TechnologyAnonymous14
Atlantic Technology System 270THXJeff1
Speakers for Marantz SR4300sonny8
Onkyo sr-800 with psb image 7 pt , is a good combination?elitefan3
Speakers for home theater cabinetstelay1
Need opinion on def tech studio monitor 350ericD1
Heybrook,wharfedale,def tec ,cadence,mission or jbl n38Hawk3
Budget alternative to B&W 601?Anonymous2
Wharfedale or JamoHawk4
Mission, Athena, axioms or Ascend with H/K 525Terri Cooper1
Mirage OMNISAT or OMNISAT Micro vs. Paradigm Cinema 90s vs. ?Anonymous3
Adding resistance to 4 ohm C.V. DX-7'sJohn A.2
What are transmission line speakers.timn8ter4
Pioneer's Elite EX-500 DVD-Audio & SACD RR1
MR. HAWK help me on this oneBeau7
Audio Pro Ego313John A.2
Please help - Speakers for Kenwood VR 6050Kaffine5
Which speakers match for this model ONKYO TX-SR600? Anonymous2
Anyone tried the Rocket ELT's??Anonymous1
Newbie- Stupid question. 150 watt speakers & 70 watt receiverJohn Allen8
Best Bookshelf SpeakerTom5
Klipsch Speakers... Which Receiver?AussiePuck18
Where to buy Paradigm or PSB speakers online?Mark8
Speakers for HK325Peter1
Center speaker being used in 2-channel stereo?John A.2
Which bookshelf speaker costs around $70 a pair and has gotten a lo...timn8ter2
Subwoofer amperageKaffine2
KEF speaker modificationsAnonymous2
Help me with this, its a hard question maybe. Micael See1
Is the Atlantic Tech 10" sub T-70 any good?Anonymous1
Converting 4 ohm speaks to 8 ohmterry messenger9
Anyone have any idea of energy pro4.5 speakers.sam1231
Cadence arita speakers.anyone heard of them?eddy1
No more KEFs for meJohn A.4
Pool: JBL SCS150SI x Infinity HTS-10 x Infinity HTS-20 x AR HC-6Berny5
Def Tech ProCinema 80 or 100 vs. Paradigm Cinema 90Preacher1
Infinity SM112 or Cerwin Vega D-3Anonymous1
Subwoofer - PSB subsonic 5i vs Adire ravaG-Man4
Can 80W/ch amp drive 100w 86db speakers?Derek4
PSB vs Klipsch speakers for HT and A/V receiver recommendationsDakar6
Altec Lansing 621 PC Speakers?Gan4
New speaker wireAnonymous1
Specs for the new Fluance DB-150 watt subwoofers.Disco Stan1
Has anyone listened to home theater direct level 3 speakers?Anonymous1
Peterson SpeakersDaniel Jakimoff1
Mirage Frx-C - anyone know where to find one?GT10
Y splitter for 2 subsJOHNNY THE GUN3
Anyone familiar with Athena Technologies?JOHNNY THE GUN6
Athena AS-P400 vs HSU Research VTF-2Hawk5
Speaker/Sub/Surrounds placementsMax2
Recommendations for home theater speaker surround hook up with deno...Max2
Combining 4 ohm and 8 ohm speakersMax2
JM LAB speakers??bendy3
Jm lab 906 bendy3
No Sound out of speakers???Hawk4
New to HT, please help!!Hawk2
Jmlab chorus 725Hawk3
Paradigm monitor 3 vs. mini-monitorDale Peters8
Sub x-over setting...what gives??Derek10
I need help can i connect 2 10" to my home stero, there for carsMax2
Speakers that ROCK?rocks9113
B&W VM1 speakers for NAD 762 amp?Anthony5
Replacement woofer for Mission 770 FreedomRoger Crunden6
Dahlquist speakersJack Zibick1
Multi room audioRocko1
Receiver and main speakers?please pros i need help.Berny6
Speaker Systems for DENON AVR 2803Anonymous3
Can the Marantz SR4300 handle 4 Ohm speakers?plsTim4
Sony SA-VS500 Opinion?Anonymous1
Need help choosing speakers and receiver for 2 to 2.5Kjbliz1
Wharfedale or Missionht2
ATC SCM 7, JMLAB806S, PMC TB2.....Timo5
Yamaha Receiver needs speakersAnonymous1
Please help a newb - $1000 to $1500 budget on ht speakersjbliz14
How do you know when a speaker is blown Bob Nuniz1
Speakers for new Yamaha RX-V1400??Andrew F2
B&w 601 series 1 speakersGarry Capon1
Klipsch sf-3 with onkyo sr-800CARDOSO2
NEW POLK RT-12Anonymous1
Speaker placementJohn22
HK325 and SCS135SI with JBL N-CenterIIAnonymous2
How would today sub/sat combo measures up.?.Gan1
(Help!!!)Anybody auditioned both Epic Grand Master and Ascend Acous...Anonymous8
Dolby Digital through Headphones??Matt4
JMLab Electra SW900 Subwoofer, ANYGOOD????Cyberkank1
Speaker SetupDerek4
Lack of bass on Mission M74 Dilshan1
Home Theater Speakers for 150 bucksHawk2
Whos got the better speaker? Everyones got different technologyBerny2
Ascend Acoustics Series 2000 vs PSB Concert Theater System with NAD...Hawk9
Old Klipsch Heresy'sAnonymous1
Adding a subwoofer to a compact shelf systemJohn A.5
CAN SOMEONE HELP... i've got the boston 9000.... need help picking ...G-Man3
Hawk and others.. is this Ridiculous???Hawk2
Building speaker cabinetsJonathan Kurry4
Need help choosing speaker for front and karaokeBerny5
Could you compare KLH to Cerwin Vega's? I know they both cheap spea...mister pist fourteen2
A/V speakers for H/T combined with NAD A/V Rcvr ???Hawk12
Opinions on Totem Dreamcatcher speakers?Anonymous4
To all you EXPERTS out there, GUESS the PRICE of these babies.!Berny6
Subwoofer specifications- actual or a con job -please helpDerek13
AE Aegis Evo 3B Speaker Package...?Andrew F2
Name Brand- Generic QualityAnonymous1
Quick advice needed : subwoofer cable = important?timn8ter3
Athena or NHT setup for home theater?Anonymous3
Best Cabinet Material?Pullockaran Cherian 4
HELP- I need to find the right speaker. Please help with some ideas.Russ M.3
Phase Technology Speaker Questions?????Jim H3
DefTech BP6 vs PSB Image 4TAnonymous1
Does anyone know "Pure Acoustics" ? Speaker company?peter wright3
5 identical speakers in HT setup?Hawk17
Important question re: amp ohms vs. speaker ohmsXtehn T.10
Info on Infinity SSW 210 Subwoofer??Mark Carducci10
Center speaker M3C1 or M3C5john1
We supply 5.1 multi-media subwoofer speaker system Baodi Sound Acoustic1
Aluminum Speaker Concernstimn8ter10
I need help picking home theater speakersrodney eichelberger4
Tough 4 me, receiver and amplifiers..bass lover1
Sound for a travelling theatreChris Davenport1
SUB help $500 budgetAnonymous11
Def Tech. Pro Cinema 60Medwig1
Morduant-Short speakers or Paradigms?Anonymous3
Advice needed on operas/classical musicOperafan #127
Velodyne VX10 Subwoofer- Does it exist?Anonymous7
Looking for E90'sAlex Rotscheidt2
Speakers for Classical Music listening?Anonymous29
Mr hawk help meHawk2
Bookshelf speaker advice needed-MMGs won't work for me HawkHawk5
Unshielded speaker concernsrich katz3
Acoustic Research's fan anyone?Merlin1
How much of a difference do speaker cables REALLY makeanon2
Opinions regarding conventional BOSE speakers.Sanjai1
VTF-2 or Infinity Entra Sub Two?G-Man5
Honest Opinions on FluanceX1
Center channel recommendationsAnonymous2
Best surrounds for Mission m73s?Martin B2
Acoustic Energy Evo One speakersHifi Newbie4
PSB Image or Atlantic Tech 270 with NAD752 for HTHawk4
Paradigm Studio 20v3 online sales needed!!Hawk3
My experiences with Diamond 8.2, Evo 1 and Jamo E800Hifi Newbie1
Small Center for Plasma?AdamT1
Bowers and Wilkens qualityHawk10
Soundstage SpeakersAnonymous2
Hi mark,g-man,need subwoofer advice and fastAnonymous25
Unison Research Unico or Rotel RA-1070 with B & W CM2?Anonymous1
Simple Speaker Mod for Jamo E800Hifi Newbie1
Timbre Matching for a sub-woofer and rear speakersNiranjan1
Magnum speakersAnonymous1
Hawk and others please help...down to the 12th hour on speakersHawk11
Is RBH MS-8.1 Subwoofer any good?qdog2
Infinity Bu-120 Powered Subwooferct6027
Old speakers to new TVBerny2
Magneplan in Sweden?John A.11
Old ROR bookshelf speakers -- anyone know anything?Russ M.1
Anyone find merit in using graphic equalizer in a stereo set up?Kaffine2
Speaker match sug's for Pioneer Elite 45?Anonymous1
E coustics- little suggetionAnonymous8
JBL N24's/PB12/ looking at a couple of JBL centersIncomplete Home Thea1
My fantasy I had todayAnonymous1
Onkyo sr-800 help hawk and expertsmega sound1
Terrance & PhillipAnonymous1
Anyone heard the Aerial Acoustics Model 9B?marc_dc1
Paradigm Studio 20v3-front ported now??Paul T4
Cambridge AudioDrazen1
Binding Post Terminal and Banana Terminals, Which is Better?Bala3
I have $1000 speaker upgrade-Please helpAllen2
Subwoofer helpAnonymous2
Velodyne Speakers?Andy1
Adivce on Speakers for Yamaha RX-3300?Hawk3
Choosing sub and rear surround to match with Marantz 7300OSEHawk8
Subwoofer with cherry finishSnoopy1
Polk subsAnonymous3
Paradigm monitor 7s Vs. Axiom M22 Vs. Polk R50Nick Yates11
Two Speaker per Channel, anyone tried it?G-Man7
What crossover on PSB Subsonic 5 and NAD T752?G-Man5
What is speaker shielding?Derek20
Optical? Coax? And what brand should I use???Kaffine3
Subwoofer for HK 325 & Athena point 5 speakersHawk2
Fluance: Good or Bad?Al_P44
B&W 602 S3 vs Mission M72i Bookshelf speakers: Which one???Manny15
Cheap but good speakers, plz help :-)Marc Racine16
Speaker RecommendationHawkson7
Inexpensive Speakers (O.K. maybe cheap)Hawkson6
Speaker Recommendation neededelitefan4
Home Made Floor Standing Speakerstimn8ter9
Stuck in quagmire of speaker choices.someone throw me some vine.Hawk5
So many different tweeters!!!!!!!Hawk4
NHT M6, LSi9, or Axiom M22tiAnonymous2
I'm in the process of finalizing my whole house audio...Anonymous2
Torn! Bronze 5.1 system vs. 2 Gold Ref 10'sHawk4
What are good surround sound speakers?Hawk4
Subwoofer questionJohn A.15
B&K AVR-307 with 4-Ohm vs. 8-Ohm speakers + choicesNick Carson1
Speakers PoppingRobert Primmer1
Have $5000 to spend on speakers.please advice.Hawk12
Speakers for marantz 7300ose?Hawk5
Speakers made in chinacesar1
Differences in Response Frequnecy of Headphones and Audio SystemHawk2
Please recommend surround speakersMandy Washington1
KEF - Coda series, any one used these, what do you think about them...Hawk5
Good low-priced sub for HT only.timn8ter2
Speakers --Hawk, G-man and John Allen José Pessoa4
Speakers: Energy Veritas 2.2 vs. Monitor G.R. 10 vs ?????Tony A.1
Klipsch rf-15 vs Dahlton 1500 (long post)Binthere Donedat2
NAD T762 w/ PSBs... I just need some reassurance... (Hawk and othe...Hawk11
Perfecting the art of saving moneyMerlin2
Which oneHawk2
Subwoofer RattleHawk3
Speakers made in chinacesar14
H/K Speaker Recommendationselitefan11
Klipsch rf-25tony1
Speakers stand... what they are for??Mike V2
Speaker's confuse and scare me...need help.Jason H1
HK AVR 525.....need speaker help please (Hawk)Hawk2
Main Speakers Suggestions PleaseDerrick Lathem3
Fluance AV-HTB with H/K 325???Alex_L2
Vintage Technics speakers + HK325 receiverAW1
Axiom M60, Paradigm Monitor 7, or Paradigm Studio 60Rex Kidwell1
$6000 budget, Large Room, HelpAnonymous1
Best budget center speaker!AdamT5
Subwoofer producing a popping sounddarvin1
Could everyone that is purchasing speakers-UNICRON-WMD23
Are the TR-2800 speakers worth 175$ us?MarantzFan3
Fluance Sub???Anonymous2
Used hi end audio dealers in dubai??genie1
PSB -5TMark3
Home Theater Speaker Package for Yamaha RX-V2400Merlin2
$1500.00 Stereo SystemHawk4
Main speakers to replace Tannoy Super Red MonitorsAnonymous1
Speaker/TV magnetic shielding plsDerek2
Alon Lil Rascals and Sound Dynamics RTS-7Anonymous1
Electrostatic speakersGK3
Do I need new speakers?G.DawG3
Installing speakers on that rear deck behind the seats of a Mercede...Kev Kazandjian1
Need advise on speakers, please helpHawk17
Jim Roger SpeakersDerek2
Jim Roger Speakers Egil3
$500 subs - Aperion S12??SteveH1
NHT superzero vs. Boston Acoustics vs. KEF 2005.2 vs ... any more s...Merlin11
Martin Logan MontageJonmoon1
Infinity SM112 Monitor speakerCreed1
Paradigm Center Channel Speaker Upgradeelitefan8
Help with Magnepans, NAD T742, Impedance, and worldwide dealersJohn A.11
KEF Q1 vs Wharfdale EVO-8ajita3
Yamaha rx-v3300 and magnepansHawk2
Klipsch vs AxiomHawk6
How to blow speakersAnonymous6
Eminence Speakers ??????Derek2
Where to buy Energy Take 5.2 onlineMerlin3
Polk R30 vs Bose 301 series V for clasical music. Help!Zen4
Timbre matchingA. Nother Newbie4
Onkyo 601 and athena point 5Mike P4
Opinions about One-Call Wharfedale spkr pkgSteve2
Harman/Kardon HKSUB 12 subwoofer?Tycoon1
Athena AS-B1 or AS-B2's ??Berny2
Sub WooferAnonymous1
Paisley SpeakersAnonymous1
Need Help Selecting Inwall SpeakersRay2
What speakers for a Rotel RA series system??Javi3
Speaker Stabilizers?SteveP1
Aperion Audio Intimus 7.1 Home Theater Speaker SystemOlsen Ørjan6
Used speakers - A good way to upgrade?ThanksGramps1
Nad-773 or outlaw combo?bruno1
Sub for Take 5.2 and AVR 330 receiverTR3
NHT SpeakersMerlin2
Is the QUAD 11L book shelf as good as the hype?ajita2
Help - Center, Rears and Sub to Match NAD T742 + B&W CM2 fronts...Paul3
Center Channel to Low when watching DVD.timn8ter2
Clean sounding speakers with a Marantz avrelitefan3
I want speakers in every room in my houseDufusyte18
B&W CDM 7NTBerny4
Speakers for Yamaha rxv1400Merlin6
New Yamaha NS-series speakersAnonymous3
Best HT Speakers under $1000?AdamT11
Is klipsch good?Hawk3
Anyone familiar with Dahlquist DQ-12barry1
CBM-170s vs. Paradigm Esprit v.3 with HK 325WH1
200$ jbl speakers good or badLow834
Technics Linear Phase SB-E200 SpeakersIancu Andrei3
Converting a 5/6.1 speaker system to a 7.1 speaker system.Anonymous1
Speakers for Marantz gear (Polk or Monitor Audio)Kiwi3
Klipsch, Triad, NHT, B&W??? Anonymous5
Theater Research TR-7000, Anyone?Anonymous3
Canadian speaker choiceDaryl10
HK 230 with Energy, Polk or Klipsch - please helpSmitty12
B&W vs VandersteenOrcrone3
6.1 or 7.1 setup?Nate Raymond1
Definitive Tech ProSub100Orcrone1
Psb subzeroi, good for ht?c_fusion8
Stupid Speaker Question - Can I damage my B&W 600 S3s?Jedd3
In ceiling or wall mounted rear surroundsOrcrone1
Hawk or other experts: Matching Center Channel for Vandersteen 2ci'...Orcrone2
Help! Center Channel Speakers to Match with NAD T752 & Vandersteen...Orcrone4
Front effect speakersOrcrone1
Vandersteen 1C - Need Some AdviceOrcrone2
Newbie Question - B&W w/ Sony ESJei6
Best In Wall SpeakersRay8
Car sub's in home????a$$-fucked23
What is your opinion on.........UNICRON-WMD2
Polk Audio RTi 12 chris1
Anyone Have an Opinion of Ruark, Energy or Canton?John N1
B&W 602 S3 and Nad 214 AMP + 1300 Prer4
Anybody heard the Hsu Research Ventriloquist set?Steve S1
Need cube speakers and sub for NAD L70 any suggestions?Parker1
Subwoofer does not workchris3
Audio Gurus please rate these speakers, JBL Northridge E80 / KEF Co...John A.6
Call for Help from the Middle East, Hawk n others please give tipsajita10
Replacement tweeter needed... help!Nate Raymond1
Energy C-9s good mix with NAD 762?Anonymous1
Are Elac, JTC, or JMLabs as good as Paradigm?Anonymous2
Hawk, or anybody, how do I tell what model these are?Anonymous4
Def Tech BP2004 powered sub questionBill McCall1
Does anyone own a BIC subwoofer or heard one?Bill Rogers2
Wondering how to determine woofer size without specstimn8ter4
B&W In-wall center channel speaker in the ceilingOrcrone1
Speaker Matching for ARCAM SystemAnonymous6
Anyone here demoed Klipsch speakers recently?Al Holland5
Need opinion on NHT M5 and M6?Hawk2
Should I get rid of the old hpm100'sG.DawG5
Speaker diagnosticians?Anonymous3
Need advice - "Upgrade" Energy Take 5 or start over?Hawk9
Adding Extra SpeakersMichael M6
Boston Acoustics and 7.1Dave1
BW S602 S3 and Mission M3 series (New) Anonymous4
8-ohm speaker to 4-ohm channel? plus a couple other questionsAnonymous7
Speaker wire too big?Orcrone4
Speaker selectors, and other newbie questionsAnonymous1
Hmmm... Paradigm PW-2200 vs Adire Dharman (???)MichaelSLB1
What Subwoofer is Better Velodyne CHT-12 or JBL S120PII ?vic63843
What would be a good subwoofer to go along with my Onkyo reciver an...vic63842
NAD and B&W, good combination?SONNY13
AUI Speakers (20+ yrs old) ...can I bring them back to life?...Anonymous3
Monitor Audio Silver Center 12 or 12i ?Anonymous2
Infinity TSS-450 or JBL SCS SERIES -- SCS160SI peter2
Experience in building speakersDrew Eckhardt29
Speaker WireAnonymous1
PSB in wall speaker helpwhiteusmc751
Best speakers for music and movies under 2000$.mr Hawk..plsanonymous5
Looking for wharfdale e50 or e90 speakersJesse Hall30
Suggestion for good front and center speakers, <$1000Anonymous2
Question for AdamTnewbie1
Looking for efficient speakersJerry6
Inexpensive speaker system No receiverJohnnyness4
NHT Super 1's with Monitor Audio Silver 12 Center?NickDanger1
Any body heard of Sherwood HT package speaker ?sonny1
HT Newbie looking for speakers for Onkyo TX-NR801Anonymous6
Best Small Sub/Sat systemqdog6
Sony APM-22ES Speakers - sparespaul travis31
Monitor 7 VS. Image 6Telitefan10
AViC ONyX GRAViTON Howard Stokar1
Help on 6.1 Home Theatre setupMichael Wong1
Bipole/dipole speakers better for HT than music?timn8ter2
Klipschorn tweeters, what the heck?? Anyone got the 411Twisted Crank36
What do you guys think?newbie5
Whould you seriously consider these speakersrabbit1
Audiovector m3Anonymous1
Warm and "fuzzy" speakersAnonymous15
Room sizeDonald L. Suedmeier7
Well, Harman screwed up, sent HKTS 12 NOT JBL scs150si Michael6
Speaker, subwoofer, and receiver advicemichael schinn12
Any last words for Fluance???unhappy7
Bookshelf Speakers for NakamichiAnonymous6
Anybody that can help with B & W speakers..Scoh20
PSB vs PARADIGM vs B&W in this price range:1400$-2200$dr2
Energy E:XL-S10 vs HSU VTF-2Kevin Potter5
Axiom m80 ti vs PSB stratus silver inewbie1
Center channel distortionkris cramer4
Monitor Audio SLCR or Silver 12i Center?Anonymous10
Paradigm Subwoofer Fuse Keeps BlowingJason Scott1
Onkyo SKS-HT200's (speakers bundled w/ ht-s760) VS. Fluance AV-HTB...Seth1
HT Speakers: Axiom, Aperion, or AscendHT Newbie2
Got my hands on some speakers... what do I do now?! I'm clueless he...ED Enterprise67
Polk Audio 6700 versus Infinity Entra Five Point HTSMark2
How can I add a sub to my stereo?Jerry5
What about Acoustic Research speaker?hogana@wyeth.com12
Klipsch Promedia Ultras or QuintetsKlipsch Lover1
Home Speakers made from car 6x9's???Jerry2
Precission Acoustics subwooferdave12
Monitor Audio SpeakersJL58
Which PSB to go with T742New guy...12
Speaker Cable/Wire LengthsJohnnyness2
Drive 6 Ohm Cerwin Vega AVS5.1 speakers with a Sony 1000ES a/v ampl...Michael2
Magnepan Advice NeededBob Petersen19
Need sudgestions for new speakers to match integra dtr-7Hawk6
Pinnacle Black Diamond SpeakersJackson5
PSB 7T vs PSB 4T + SubSonic5i Johnnyness4
Energy Take 5+1 vs. Def. Tech ProCimena 60Pigeon1
Can I get your opinions?Tim3
Using car speakers(10" subs) on a home theatre systemNADEEM CHAMAA49
Athena speakers with Marantz SR5300?mrev18
Looking to buy an svs need help choosing oneAnonymous2
Good sub for around 250??Anonymous3
Onkyo + Monitor Audio B2Anonymous8
Monitor Audio Speakersss newbie12
Bose opinionsJerry33
My final decsion, I think.....need some more advice!Berny2
Onkyo tx-NR801 Paired with Klipsch RF-35 SpeakersAnonymous1
Paradigm and yamahaturbowagon5
Best "bang for the buck" speaker cables (bi-wire)Ferd Burfel32
Anyone here have MISSION m3c2 Centre Channel?ilker altiok2
Def Techs 2004TL good 4 music?adrian obrejan7
Buying a subwoofer. Please help:)...Dtimps11
Acoustic Research Super Performance Vs Mission M35 ???Ilker A.2
Subwoofer Wiringcha40
What are your opinion of AXIOM speakers?Gregory Stern6
Do Acoustic Energy Speakers match Yamaha Receivers?therealelitefan3
Need serious helpBerny6
Best set-up of speakers for under $1,000 (excluding sub)?Trevor J Thomson1
Video Shielded Silver Center 12i Monitor Audio?Anonymous2
New Marantz 7400-Which Speakers?Larry D4
HT room nightmare!! Experts please help!! (Hawk?)James Lee4
Speakers with musical fidelity A3.2James Lee3
Online paradigm dealers?James Lee5
Just bi-wired my Monitor Audio B2'sJames Lee10
Plexiglass speakersJames Lee2
Thiel cs1.2Anonymous2
Cambridge Soundworks Newton M80 Bookshelves:Any good?Bob Doherty4
In Ceiling Surrond Speakers?Heff5
Now what???John A.6
Anyone know Dahlquist QX8 \ QX9?MichaelSLB3
HSU STF2 vs VTF2?Heff7
What should I use as 3rd surround speaker?Heff3
HSU SubsHeff7
HSU Research VTF 3 vs. HSU Research VTF 3 MKIIHeff6
Definitive mythos 2..should I pay 1700$???Heff3
Bohlender graebner vs MagnepanHeff6
7.1 speaker helpAnonymous7
Subwoofer: Paradigm PS1000 or Hsu STF-2?MichaelSLB4
Definitive mythos speakers?therealelitefan11
How much do you value TASGregory Stern7
Monitor Audio Silver S10: S2 overkill for surrounds?therealelitefan7
Atlantic Technology system 350 thx speakers anygood?Stealth1
Anyone familiar w/ these french speakers:Triangle?adrian obrejan1
Axiom opinions PLEASE Berny2
Upgrading to 7.1 and need recommendation on two front speakersDavid Modlin6
PSB 800 or B&w 602 s3 speaker for NAD C320 beeJames Lee2
I'm lost in a very loud world. :)...James Lee11
B&W speaker selection - PLEASE HELP !!!James Lee2
True Story behind bipole, Dipole, Tripole speaker set ups in a HTmatt haug1
Best of theseJames Lee12
Looking for sub/ sat system for about $700Hawk4
Recommendations I need some opinions!!!!!Ed11
Bi-wiring-anyone do a side by side test??Smitty4
Dali Suite 1.7Stone2
Magnepan speakersHawk2
Any speaker suggestions to go with my Harman AVR325?!?Hawk3
Mid-Level Sub RecommendationsJames Lee6
B&W versus Def Tech. Help pleaseRick Barnes7
Anyone know anything about NuanceMichaelSLB2
?s on Paradigmsemmitt6664
Rear vent problems...matthew peulen3
Distortion on Wharfedale 8.3 Tweeter Help!!Anonymous7
Rip off speakers?T.JR1
Ascends or Rockets????david rein2
Cambridge SoundWorks?david rein3
Swans Diva Line vs. Rocket 550, 750Jon Lane4
Divas by Swan questionAnonymous7
Axiom vs. PolkPaul T5
NAD T762... What Speakers should I use???cmm9
Kef Q series with Yamaha vs. DenonJames Lee8
Good sub for music only system?GlassWolf5
Room AcousticsJames Lee3
Dj amplifier And speaker Questions !?!?!?!James Lee3
Help out a first time builderJames Lee3
Why doesn't Definitive Technology get more of a shout out??Anonymous7
Matching a Pioneer Elite VSX-55TXi $$$ no object therealelitefan2
Pyle PT1200 Or PYRAMID PA-600X Amplifiers !!??Berny2
Speaker qualityAnonymous278
How much to spend on a subwoofer?James Lee3
B&W 703 SPEAKERSJames Lee2
PSB/KEF with NADC320BEE or Camb. Audio AzurRandy M4
PSB 5T & NAD C320BEEclv3
Magnipan MMG vs. MG1.6 sound qualityRailbait8
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