Surround sound equipment


I am looking to set up a surround sound speaker system. I have already bought two rear speakers and two main speakers. This is for just music and not a T.V. I have 2 Cerwin-Vega V-6F speakers. i heard that i do not need a subwoofer with those is that true? I also have the Yamaha NS-5290 speakers. What other components do i need to set up my surround sound speakers. Also which of these components would be compatible with the speakers that i have and which would you suggest Thanks

Hi Russ, do you like your V-6F's??? I am thinking about buying them online but have not found anyone who is using them. You said that you are using them for music, that is what I am looking for. How do they sound? I am looking for a decent sounding speaker that can rattle the walls and isn't too expensive. Is this the pair for me? Please email me with any info you can. It is greatly appreciated.


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