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Does anyone know a way to get a similar guitar tone from Deftones A...AaronLandon1
Do different amps sound different?Bantay1
Amp blinking when I turn up my volume Globoy1
Why are some quality amps still considered as Beginners Amps?Bantay1
Convert 8ohm bass cab to 16ohm guitar?TristanTyler1
Best warm sounding acoustic $300 or less with no electronicsJaxsonConnor1
Amp and Cabinet comparabilityJaxsonConnor1
Replace speaker on cheap cab or buy new?TristanTyler1
What are you all using for home audio?Grace2
Pre Amp Question? Help!SheldonMenez1
What are you all using for home audio?wolf kinara1
Matching amps for bi-ampingtweer5
I need help choosing an amp that would best suit my quest for a Jer...SheldonMenez1
Switching out speakers!!!MadhanGomes1
Effects loop in Roland JC-22!!MadhanGomes1
Unusual amplification application: Tactile Transducers keep blowing...leo stierer2
How long has your Amplifi router lasted? How long have you been run...BontieFernandes1
Harley Benton G212Vintage (2x12 Vertical Cab)BontieFernandes1
Help with amp leo stierer2
Bose Life System L25Jan Vigne2
Bought used in 1980. Just stopped working!Jan Vigne2
Stereo or monokalebkaranja3
Mono signal out to sound barJan Vigne2
Rockford Fosgate home stereo leo stierer2
Crackling volume knobJan Vigne5
Best Amp to power Martin Logan LX16sJan Vigne2
Tube reel to reel now only outputs when source plugged into line out.Jan Vigne2
Amp camp ampJPinto18
JBL Club WS1200BLK 12" Club Series Shallow-mount Subwoofer & Enclos...mike1
Sony STR-D790 DRLC MAINChago Iglesias2
Looking For User Manuals,HELP!Philip Jay Adler1
Matching impedances...leo stierer3
Nad 3020e to Recap Or Replace, that is the question. James Lee5
Onkyo A-9010 vs Marantz PM7200 for Dali Zensor 5James Lee4
Running a bi-amp to non-bi-wired speakersJan Vigne4
Speaker issuesJan Vigne2
Audio OP-MAP Based on LM358Lauri Buell5
2.1 setup in basement leo stierer10
Amp recommendation for Onkyo 130 watt speakersBushy6
Dahlquist DQ10 powerJan Vigne2
Need help in choosing a amplifier IC for DIY home 2.1 speakersJoseph Coulson8
Marantz pm7003 + Infinity primus 250qw113
6 ohm speaker on a 4 ohm car amp Jan Vigne4
NAD C 338/368 Bluetooth-related clarifications neededJan Vigne9
Cutting The Cord Audio ProblemJan Vigne2
Best monoblock to with centre speakerJan Vigne2
Newbie in need of a little help!NickMack6
AmpskenwoodVR-209Jan Vigne2
How to get amp?subs to hit harder...Daniel Mathew5
How to Change Your Car's BatteryDaniel Mathew3
A Technical Introduction to Audio CablesDaniel Mathew4
JBL Control1 Professional Compact speakersDaniel Mathew3
Speaker hook upDaniel Mathew3
Hi I'm a newbie and I need help pleaseDaniel Mathew3
Audio keeps cutting in & out.. speakers or amp?Jan Vigne2
What are the more subtle sounding tube preamps?Jan Vigne2
Breaking in the new amplifier.leo stierer2
AnthemJohn Karmark1
Buying a new power amp.leo stierer2
Getting it right the 2nd time???leo stierer7
Welding Cable - How Does If Differ From Battery Cable?batterycable1
Golf Cart Battery Cables Exposed - Does Size Really Matter?Jan Vigne3
Noresco NC-321/Dual1210 Combocptn electron8
Worst audio news since ...Jan Vigne5
How to connect two sound systems.Rorence61
REALLY Inexpensive Amps:Rorence25
Fiat RADIO codeRorence12
Car electronics--EincarAndrea di vaio2
This is NOT the car audio forumleo stierer5
Struggling to get sound from tv to ampspud7
Looking for a amplifier to replace my old Musical Fidelity A1Jan Vigne15
Looking for DiVinci Audio Remoteleo stierer3
Amp has power but my subs are not workinghunter1
Rotel serviceleo stierer3
Receiver/amp recommendationSchirall7
6 ohm speaker on a 4 ohm rated amplifierJan Vigne10
Pre Dolby, non Dolbyleo stierer12
Ne NAD amps...leo stierer10
Daisy Chaining ampsJan Vigne43
Pyramid T. Bass3
Code for radio helpridi13
Ticking noise coming through mics and ampsJan Vigne5
Bose Companion 3 Series 2TN5
AVI LAb Series Phono Upgrade available soonPHil1
Radie Code required pleaseCRTM-142
Audio Volume knob issue....leo stierer6
Lace Dressleo stierer15
Richard SoR James3
Bose Acostimass 10 series Iv and Onkyo amp tx SR 505eRo1
Waiting Arrivalleo stierer25
Am I getting the best/loudest sound?Jan Vigne2
Amp suggestions for klipsch f-2sshankar22
Pro amp hookupJanoski7
Code for Becker traffic proValentin Iliescu1
Need help!!!leo stierer2
Question about with wiring 2 4-ohms svc subwoofers with a mono 4 oh...superjazzyJa7
Code for blaupunkt Manuel Yousefi7
Car radiojoe durkham6
Need Helpgaragescreen4
Help please Dakulis4
Amplifier wouldn't turn onemadoos1
Compatibility of parasound 2125 and 2100 with my kef c-80'sJan Vigne39
Impedance MatchingJan Vigne2
Installing tablet in car need amplifer advicekay1
System Upgrade Advice NeededJan Vigne29
Receiver pre amp out into amplifierJan Vigne2
Help! got no sound!Joseph Rohdes5
LFD LE Mark IVDakulis72
HELP!!!!!!!! darren.spires4
P-5 bass managementleo stierer6
Speaker cablesJan Vigne2
Can Naim amplifiers be used as separate mono blocks?leo stierer3
Connecting an amp and water speaker(s)Dakulis6
Fidek Power Amp Bonifacio1
Buzzing from speakers. AaaarrrggggghhhhJan Vigne2
Whole House sound breakdownJan Vigne2
Miniwatt N3 powers on but nothing happens!leo stierer5
Nitro bmw 483 ampRICHARD5
Amplifier ReccomendationJames Lee9
Naim 42/110 issuesJan Vigne2
Help! Kenwood amp-radio station buzzingleo stierer3
Left speaker no sound - tube amplifierJan Vigne13
NAD T758 shuts down :-(Alobar3
Denon AVR-1700 Stays on Standbyreneisla3
Using & comparing cablesDakulis17
Thoughts on this setup, please.Jan Vigne8
Preamps are soundboards? need some helpJan Vigne2
Miniwatt n3/ALO MJL73
2 Identical Amplifiers / 1 SourceJan Vigne4
Emotiva Questionleo stierer3
Speaker distortion?reinadeoz6
Pro amps/driversleo stierer5
Need the code for cassette playersalih.opied1
Blue Circle Audio Dar Integrated AmplifierDavid Mitchell6
Carbon standardMiss Vc1
Looking for this product, any ideas?Miss Layt2
Constant buzzing and popping sound -- receiver or speakers?GlassWolf7
Tubes 'n transformersPhil11
Recommendations for a new 7.2 AVRGlassWolf10
6AQ5 tubes with adapter/converter to 6P1Jan Vigne8
No Bass lenco TT-32Jan Vigne2
Please help?Jan Vigne2
Sansui speakersleo stierer3
Metal detector storeYang Man1
Choosing the Right AmpJan Vigne3
Wahetever happened to Carver?Thom T4
Recommendations for a new 7.2 AVRDaveRocker1
Ultimate Tube Testerleo stierer3
Wyred 4 Sound ThoughtsDakulis7
Help with Harmon Kardon AVR 1700 air-playPlymouth6
Choosing the Right AmpJan Vigne3
Amp for Thiel CS1.2Jan Vigne15
Return of the Vacuum TubeOrnello48
Help! Weird behaving Amp and Speaker comboT Niles3
Pairing Energy CF-70 speakers with Panasonic SA-AK500 or a modern AVR?Prabhu3
Estero and multi-channel Josep Aguilar11
Sunfire True Subwoofernicco5
Nakamichi Ca7a preOrnello12
NAD 310 No Turn on Delay Circuit?Jan Vigne12
Amplification for B&W 600/CM seriesJan Vigne14
Behringer AC108 vintager ampzerosnap1
Amp to connect 3 speakers 50 watts @ 8ohmsJan Vigne14
Recommended Amp for Dynaudio X16'sBernieW1
Burning Amp Camp 2012Jan Vigne1
Home audio. I need something simple and GOOD.leo stierer4
Minimum Kitleo stierer8
Optical audio signal lost when pausing or changing channelsalderash16
Connecting Speakers to Computer + Subwoofer with AmpsuperjazzyJa15
New Audio ForumsuperjazzyJa2
Car Amp At home leo stierer53
Need advice !superjazzyJa17
I just picked up a harman kardon pa 2400sean4
Onkyo TX-SR805 Will Not ResetDanny Pierce1
Krell's New LinesuperjazzyJa1
Mini Stereo Power Amplifers?superjazzyJa3
Amp with tannoy mercury v4carlo7
Marantz, Rotel od Denon for B&W 705Skywalker_1234
My sound has disappeared...Jan Vigne4
Nad c370 VS marantz 6004 pm vs ymaha a - s500?Jan Vigne3
New "Tripath style" amplifiersNickelbut10162
Hi-fi problemleo stierer3
Brand new to home audio, need some helpWill French7
Amp suggestion for officesuperjazzyJa1
Help for a newbie?GlassWolf6
Any good amp to drive 2 four ohm speakers @ 600watts rms+ each?Jan Vigne13
Naim vs McIntoshJan Vigne22
Interesting read from Harbeth... Jan Vigne25
Why does my kit sound busy when I listen to Rock. Jan Vigne17
Dark/easy-sounding integrated stereo amp sought, circa £600-£700...Jan Vigne53
Home made Fx Pedals [Big muff Pi, Delay] (+video)Dan1
Sonance 260 and Connection OptionsJan Vigne4
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