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Onkyo Amp Trouble...J. Vigne2
Musical fidelity B1 ampglyn1
Why can't people spell anymore?Kent Wright22
NAD 3155/2155Kevin Denman1
Is an amp really necessary?Tevo3
Best Amp for Kenwood Typhoon subs??Nicholas Daufen1
Slow turn onJ. Vigne2
Will a car amp work on a home stereo?monkeytrash32322
Which 7+ multi-channel amp to buy?KEGGER2
Outlaw mono blocks and H/K 7200Russell A. Jordon3
Receivers mainly for Audio Onkyo, Pioneer, Yamaha?Met Ref1
What Amps For Speakercraft Starlet 6's and 4'scharles durando2
Amp troubleabraham wilson1
AMP IN HOMEMichael Cristofski2
Thing covering a resistor near the FETs on my Pioneer SX-950...J. Vigne2
I need help setting up my amp!!!!!hessler_812
Carver Power Amp PM 700WPCTB1
Need suggestions for a multi-zone amp...Gregory Stern2
Aragon Amps?Rick Barnes6
2 ampsDemetri3
Need suggestions for subwoofer suitable amp replacementArthur Kyle5
B&W N805 amplification question J. Vigne4
Anyone heard of this little wonder?Anonymous30
Arcam v nad integrated ampsCurious George1
NAD 320BEE or Cambridge Audio 640A - can't decide ??Brian Gallacher25
Amp questionsmarine14
Amp for solo baricburt stormes1
2 amps and a crossoversean ford1
Rx-v2500 underpowered?David Rajkowski1
NAD tweaksLarry Hill14
Speaker/Amp impedance problemJ. Vigne2
Connecting computer (ipod or computer) to audio system, (opticaly)...Christopher Lee2
Adcom GTP-350 Tuner/Pre with GFA-535L ampjeff obregon1
I am looking for NAD C 370 schematics. Have a problem with the righ...trainee1
Audio either on or off no in betweenLester4
Best way to hook up my subszackrude1
HELP! Integra Receiver outputs in B&W now :-(...Ryan Clark1
B &K vs NAD 2 channel ampsunbridled id1
I have a pair of B&W 703's and wonder if a 20 year old Mcintosh can...Dogan Bilge1
Amp PowerSkieS2
4 -12 "L 7 subsLiL Ray2
Hi friends~Jak&Daxter'sgirl~6
I need help setting up stereo for party house!!Danrulzs2
Balanced vs/ unbalanced ampismail mahammed3
Need advice on repairing a Marantz PM94Nader Erfani1
Headphone to Speaker QuestionDudeItsDan1
Alpine Amp not working!!Jerry Fitzgerald2
Help is neededJerry Fitzgerald3
Technics amp transformerDerk1
The nesa one high resolution ologram sistemenrico2
Best suited amplifier for Rock and Metal music for around £150?Jelvis19
Won't too much power damage the speakersDana Briere25
Best amp with Klipsch RF-3's???? with Elite as Pre-outtom zdziech2
High output 110AC to 12-14DCDerk1
Cambridge Soundworks - Up to $600 on Classic Speakers !lisa john1
Who can build a mono-block system?david brant31
Azur 340 vrs nad c beeVarney5
Pioneer Elite 43TXMichael Cristofski2
Does anyone here actually LIKE Cambridge Audio?Jelvis2
Typical advice related question -- What reciever/amp to buyJacen Dickman9
New amps-arcamNuck9
Operating temperature for transistorsNuck5
Can any one help me in connecting 2 more 4 amps speakers to my Pion...Joel Nelson3
Wire receiver to amp.........a summers1
DIY equipment racks - any acoustic / dampening tricks to share?J. Vigne33
Onkyo TX-SV727Lee Ann Melnychuk1
Amp for Denon AVR-2805?Joel Williams1
Amplifier or receiver for Mission m53budget minded4
Question about ohms?budget minded2
What is preamp/pro?Anonymous14
Rotel vs SunfireChris1
I Have 1 HE2 10" 400 wrms need ampOzmodius1
Can't figure out how to configure Denon 3803 for two outputsGunnar Isaacson1
What is a typical amp's efficiency rating? TECHNICALbudget minded4
Help! arcam or denoneunos3
CD/DAC qualities unleashed at what amplification point?Varney5
Nad c352 or cambridgeaudio azur 640a?Melchior5
Amp to drive 4 Ohm front speakers??Anonymous12
Help Denon AVR-3805 & DVD-2900 SACD InterfaceKevin J.4
Amps in the u.sRudy12
20W tube monoblock amps for only $250 ea? YES!budget minded4
Choosing between NAD Pre/Power or AV Integrated?Sean Giangrande1
Active Crossover Vs Passive CrossoverJ. Vigne8
Berny, for your information....Varney16
Importing amps from americamatthew hoare1
Tube amps & speaker efficiencyVarney25
Remote wire?Kyle David Hess4
Cambridge Audio PM01 PRE-AMPca_convert4
Where does the remote wire go????Kyle David Hess2
What Amp For Two Dual 4 Ohm 10" L7 Kickers???jose mendoza1
I need help please, I'm close to begging (popping sound)britney meyers9
Two amps one set of speakersHieu Phan5
Please need help/opinon (kicker sub and what amp to go with)Anonymous1
What would be the best way to add two amps to my systemjoeman123
Please could someone advice me if this will work safely....?Anonymous45
2 sets of different speakers on one amplifierAnonymous15
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