20W tube monoblock amps for only $250 ea? YES!


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i am not at all a fan of "warm" sound, but as a devoted bargain hunter, will pass this deal on to anyone who's looking to get into tube amplification on the cheap.

adire audio is well known for their affordable high end auto subwoofers, but they also sell 20w av20 monoblock tube amps for home use. the amps look much more expensive than their dirt cheap price, and i've seen similarly rated STEREO KIT amplifiers selling for much more.

if you too are a pennypinching hifi junkie like me and want tube amps for pocket change, take a look at these amps at:

i'd be interested in hearing if these amps provide "sonic nirvana" to anyone who takes the plunge. if they sound good, they are probably the best tube amp deal avalable short of building an amp from scratch as far as i know.

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20 watts wont even drive my tweeters -- having a hard time driving my low on kappa-9 with 270 watts ... that is what I want to correct. In my mind tube amps are for musical instruments where we all like the hummm of the tube, but in hi-fi land it is solid state owned.. just my opinion.

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retract that -- what I saw was 120 vice 20 = big diference LOL ... ow and they more for build your own -- that gets a bit tricky though ...

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i like solid state sound better too, but 20 watts isn't at all shabby with efficient speakers. heck, i've used my 20wpc yamaha boombox amp to drive 5 1/2" woofer mission speakers as subwoofers. i NEVER push my 55wpc reciever with my tiny acoustic suspension super zeros.

many tube fans (especially single ended triode) use amps that are rated at only 5wpc or less. i only listed these monoblocks for anyone who wants to try tubes cheap.

like i said, i don't like "warm" sound at all. i like bass rolloff and the treble speed and extension of solid state. some prefer the "sweeter" sound of tubes.

in many reviews of tube amps that i've read, reviewers claim the amps sound alot louder than their power rating.

not everyone likes earsplitting hearing destroying volume levels. i can't imagine ever needing more than 100wpc even if i get the power hungry maggies that i lust after.

20 watts is more than enough for many listeners who either don't like it too loud or who have very efficient speakers.

there probably are horn speakers that would sound louder with 20 watts than your infinity system with 270 watts.

every time you double amp power, you only gain 3dB.

i'm guessing your infinitys are 89dB. some horns are 97dB+. with 20 watts, a 97dB speaker can play about 112dB while an 89dB speaker will play about 117dB with 270 watts. (doing the math in my head)

what i keep reading in reviews is that it's the first watt that matters most.

p.s. your speakers could also be compressing at maxed volume too. i'd hate to see what would happen to your speakers if your amp ever went into clipping. OUCH!
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