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Sunfire True Subwoofer popsgio78
Bose AV28 with PS48 no soundMoira132
How to DIY Repair a Bose Lifestyle 12 subwooferJoao801
Shop/garage subwoofer placement Hania Azeem1
Best in home subwoofer under 1200$zakchary1
Bose Acoustimass 9 dinIronwarez11
Enclosure size for 15" subRobert DiIorio3
Bose Cable PinoutsUmeshs42
Lifestyle 20 and Acoustimass Unit. No Audio OutputUmeshs6
Bose Powered Acoustimass 5 pin DIN plugGFS10
Bose bass modual 500 connection to yamaha ysp 1600 soundbarRana1
JBL Sub300 high pitch squeal Patricio Larenas4
Bose Acoustimass 25 series IISteven Thomson18
Bose ps28 subEric S. Cook10
My beloved loudspeaker broke Jeff3
Bose Acoustimass Multimedia systemKen Gillett1
Making a 5pin Din cable for Bose Accoustimasschristoff752
Sunfire HRS-8 repairvondes3
Best in home subwoofer under 1200$leo stierer3
Active Versus Passive ConfigurationsJan Vigne4
Klipsch R-115sw vs Definitive Technology Supercube 4000Jan Vigne4
Emotiva subwoofers.leo stierer2
Sunfire TrueSub EQJan Vigne4
Bose Companion 3 series ii 100 v sub plugged into 220VJonathan D2
I need wiring advice for my 2 compR 12sJoe2
Subwoofers that don't give the bass an extra boostJan Vigne2
Bose Acoustimass 5 Series II ProblemGeoff Levy4
M&K MX150THX powered sub power on, but not workingScott6
Active Bass Trap using Computer SpeakersJan Vigne4
Bose Acoustimass 10 - Dissaemblymike1
BOSE Lifestyle 35 - PS48 Subwoofer ProblemsiNach5
Klipsch SW 12 II Sub Looking To BuyBigpender1
Stereo Ported subs port placement and direction.Jan Vigne15
Proper home amp for large subwoofer (13w7)?Jan Vigne15
Bose Companion 3, one channnel too low volumeFrankie1
Bose 3 2 1 series ll no sound from left satelliteJan Vigne2
Why is there 3+ and 3- on this 8ohm subwoofer?Mojtaba Golestani20
Bose Cubes without Acoustimass connected to a non-Bose AmpBose_Upgrader4
Specs to build a box for 2 inch subsJan Vigne2
Acoustic Research AR1 sunfire distortionJan Vigne9
Sunfire True Subwoofer - Repairyukonsc1
Bose Accoustimass 15 subwoofer humJan Vigne4
Bose Lifestyle 20 not turning onPhilip1
Bose Lifestyle V30EnVy1
Bose LSPS vs LS28 SubwooferGene Z1
Bose 321 series iii loud buzz from subwoofersorin3
Help wiring up my system to include a crossover and SubJan Vigne2
Sunfire MKII Humsleo stierer3
12" 200 watt sub with a low power amp???Jan Vigne3
Infinity Interlude IL120s PopsJan Vigne2
Sub makes a clicking sound when volume is raised Jan Vigne3
Accoustimass 7 center cube inopJohnW1
Bose acoustimass 3 -- series IIJan Vigne2
4th order bandpass enclosure for PioneerJan Vigne4
How to disassemble Bose Acoustimass Series IV subwooferEDV111
Sunfire TS-EQS10 Power but no sound????HecklerZ1
Lifestyle 35 subwoofer trouble (PS48) shortcircuit.Arizona5
Sunfire True Subwoofer (PCB Jumpers on original 10" version)...Robert20154
Bose Subwoofer Lifestyle 12 Receiver/SubwooferPowercat1
Bose Lifestyle 20 Subwoofer Not Turning Onleo stierer4
BOSE ps28joe1
New member- bose acoustimass powered speaker system 2683-1 crazy issuebali boy7
Bass pontentiometerjerry1
Sunfire True Subwoofer MKII sparkingleo stierer2
Bose Powered 9 pin DIN plug Companion 3 series 2harlansp1
BOSE SubwooferDON1
Bose Acoustimass 5 / Series III -> As output from another amplifier...ikkiyu1
Lifestyle 5 sound quit after playing few minutes.Stein1
Sunfire True Subwoofer EQ power supplyJon4
Please help locating Q7 & Q11 Sunfire TS-SJ8Norm1
Sunfire true sub miiHungsow3
Sunfire no + down convertor powerFrodo1
Bose Lifestyle 12 no soundCraig1
Bose subwoofersuperjazzyJa12
Pinnacle Baby BoomerJan Vigne3
The case For 4 subwoofers, what do YOU think?superjazzyJa8
Bose Aqustimass 5 No Bass only R&L Speakerscoffeedrinker1
Klipsch Subwoofer Connect To Denon Amp IncurableGeek4
Adding Polk outdoor passive subwoofer + dedicated 2X100 ampJan Vigne2
2.1 setup with subwoofer. do i need subwoofer's amp or can i power ...BernieW6
Help me find the sub i need for my computer please!superjazzyJa4
Passive subwoofer vs Pioneer VSX 521superjazzyJa3
Sunfire True Subwoofer MK ii - works - but intermittantly gets loud...Rolf1
Sunfire True Subwoofer 10"leo stierer6
Sunfire True Subwoofer EQ 10 - TS-EQ10superjazzyJa12
Bose cinemate subwoofer & bose 201 series4 speakers..ferdie laurito1
Sunfire True Subwoofer Signature 10" repairpirates71212
Subwoofer questions...superjazzyJa14
Subwoofer for a 17'x11'x10'(WxLxH) space ~ $600David6
Connecting to a Powered SubwooferJan Vigne24
MJ Acoustics Ref150II SubwooferDarren Mc1
Replacing 3-way speaker woofers with subwoofer driver superjazzyJa19
Kenwood powered subwoofer not playing any soundJan Vigne4
BIC America Formula F-12: Opinions?leo stierer16
How can there be NO reviews of the WHARFEDALE SW300 anywhere?Jan Vigne11
Best way to hook up a sub to my NAD C320leo stierer2
BOSE Acoustimass Subwoofer 2683-1 RepairTerry1
Schematic for subGene Ulmer1
BOSE Lifestyle 5 Series III 5pin DIN connectionPyisoe3
Harman Kardon TS7 sub pops, humsJan Vigne2
Hsu STF-2 or Velodyne Impact 10?leo stierer2
Connectivity questionsTodd8
Dust cap or someother problem?Jordan1
Don't know how to hook up my new Sony SA-W2500superjazzyJa4
Sub with 2 PortssuperjazzyJa9
2nd sub used as butt kicker!superjazzyJa15
Car audio gear used in the home? Seriously?Jexx2
Car amp and car sub in homesuperjazzyJa26
Canton Plus EJan Vigne4
What subwoofer should i get?superjazzyJa11
Ok heres a real mysterysuperjazzyJa5
Car sub and amp connected to household CD playerJan Vigne3
Sub woofer wiring.Andrew4
Bose lifestyle 12 DSP board helpCraigRichards1
ANY DIFFERENCEbill hankins3
Connecting to ysp-3050bill hankins3
HELP - Bose PS28/48 - martin2
2x18 Cabinet HelpLord Huggington2
Twin Towers BUILD LOGJordan Powell109
Using Bose AM20P for an non-Bose music sourceSunny Lim3
Questions about high end home audio equipment I found...Daniel Stocker4
Enclosure for sub and how to move air?Jan Vigne2
REL Acoustics T5 Sub Bass SystemArt5
Rel T-3 vs. MartinLogan Dynamo (Art?)Mister Tomasulo8
A little distance and room make a difference.Andre Money56
WhiteOut & RT-FaQ "On & On" Music VideoCozce tha don1
Subwoofer not working, but smaller speakers are?David Mitchell2
Why do you need a Subwoofer?superjazzyJa17
Amp Suggestions?superjazzyJa5
Installation of capacitors for speakers..superjazzyJa5
Will my subs work in a single enclosure? leo stierer11
Bose lifestyle series 12 parts manualjoe hooper1
Bose am9p please helpPlymouth6
Will Bose Single Cube Speakers Work With Sony Subwoofer?superjazzyJa6
NHT SW2 sub-which amp?David Mitchell2
DIY Repair Sunfire True Subwoofer Signature, Need HelpNuck10
Bose Subwoofer problemChucknup4
Infinity SSW210Brad1
Sob woofer crossover settimgs.leo stierer7
Klipsch XW-300d 8-inch Subwoofer DealAdmin1
Is LFE subwoofer jack only for watching movies?David Mitchell8
DIY sub(s) helpleo stierer2
Sub x over vs A/V x overDavid Mitchell3
Bose Lifestyle 18-II (Sams Club One) Please HelpPlymouth3
Subwoofer test tones download NEEDEDTest Guru5
Bose Acoustimass 7 Subwoofer problem?arturo3
Car sub and amp on computerDave7
Amp wiring - Ya ya not subwoofer relatedNuck2
Building a HT setup need some helpleo stierer2
M&K MX-200 Subwooferhhh2229
SVSound NSD seriesleo stierer7
AM25II No soundiFix21
Bose Acoustimass 10 Series II DIY Fixnasasproutj11
Tang Band W6-1139SI 6-1/2" Subwoofer enclosure Nuck9
DSP for subwoofersNuck9
18" Build ThreadAndre Money72
Subwoofer Power + Wiring Help Jan Vigne3
Box designDave P12
Volume control for a Megaworks thx 650Nuck2
Bose Lifestyle V30 - No sound when changing Samsung TV inputZolonia1
Two Towers 3 IB3 18's per tower, 20" port, 120 cubic feet each, 13...Jordan Powell3
Bose Lifestyle 18 Series III compatibility with double cube speakers purlichnz1
Final S110SB Subwoofer - Closeout Saleleo stierer11
Looking for new sub around $600 leo stierer9
Small home theater sub.trevor5
Megaworks THX 650 Subwoofer hook up to AV ReceiverTeach3
Bass in my roomJan Vigne4
A/D/S MS1U info neededpat1
Subwoofer placement commercial spaceleo stierer3
Switching plate amp from one sub to anotherjohnny4
Insaneium in the crainium?David Mitchell2
Jbl es250p vs acoustech pl-200cwruck1
Would this work?TheMadMan15
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