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Yamaha SW-2 powered & center speaker info?Chas Whit1
Help! Urgent advice needed on Sub Woofer vols9
Subwoofer Replacemenet. My Rantz2
REL Storm 3 - what do you guys think? thanksEdward1
Linking two sub ampsEric Pisanko1
SVS PB10-ISD SubwooferJohn Smith1
SVS 25-31 PCi, HSU Research VTF-3, and Axiom Audio EP-350 Subwoofer...TV104
What should i do?mike caldarone1
Definitive Technology SuperCube Anonymous2
Velodyne cht-10david mader5
Volume level on my velodyne!Al Holland4
Velodyne ch-8 & the 8 much worse?Nm22852
Small subwooferAnonymous3
Hsu VTF-2Heff2
Sunfire vs. Velodyne vs. ParadigmAnthony Tigero3
Vtf3 or svs pb2-isdjake allan1
SVS 20-39PCi or PB1-ISD??Benjamin1
To port or not to port a home audio subNathan Morrow2
Cerwin-Vega!Nathan Morrow3
Connecting yamaha htr5760 and velodyne cht10Anonymous1
Non-powered subwoofer setup with Denon receiver-please help!!!Peter Galbraith4
Regarding 2 home theater subsNathan Morrow2
Hooking up two subsMike1
Digital research or theater researchAnonymous1
Bridge wiringmarley2891
Sub in Canada for CDN$500 to CDN$1000?Peter Galbraith24
Newbie needs subwoofer helpmarley2892
Is a expensive monster sub cable worth buying.Anonymous2
Samsung HT hook to NHT Powered SubLeok02061
Best small subwoofer under $1k? under $1.5k?vols3
Matching a Sub to my systemPeter Galbraith5
Best AMP Choice for 2 Kicker I7s?Kevin Cowley1
Best AMP choice for 2 Kicker I7's?Kevin Cowley2
Bad sub amp?Eric Pisanko1
Powered sub questioncarl jones1
David, what non powered sub??Nathan Morrow1
Question about subwooferDavid A Mula4
Outlaw LFM-1 with MA Gold 10's (with Marantz Rec)??G Young1
Brahma Mark II 15", What Box? what AMP?Audionoob132
Car Subwoofer For Home TheatreMarco Kuipers5
Cerwin Vega LS 15 subBrandon Skaggs3
HelpMy Rantz2
Legacy LW15590 15" subAudionoob132
Radio Shack SPL meter (analog)carl3po5
Infinity Reference 1230wKhool-Aid1
Bass management for LARGE Full range speakers?Peter Galbraith2
Two Quick QuestionsAnonymous4
Anyone here the Paradigm Seismic 12??lawrence10
AVR 330 and Adire RavaPeter Galbraith2
Poll: Subwoofer feature useDan Reid7
Boston AcousticsDanman3
Looking for correct hookup cableDarren2
James Subwoofer Experience Audiofreak1
Subwoofer to match the Yamaha RXV2400look4sun1
What good 12" woofer can i get with 200$ for a double bottom boxjf25311
Blown subsJ. Vigne3
SVS PB1-ISD vs PartExpress's TITANIC MKIII?? Dan Reid2
Help Please...Andrew Stibey2
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 w3's and 1200 watt amp, dont know ...Todd adam Ross2
New Axiom Digital SubwoofersDanman2
The Last PiecePeter Galbraith7
Subwoofer not loudtruetomyfamily7
Subwoofer connections from speakerspaul damiano1
What home audio sub hits like car audio subs?Danman6
Newbe has trouble with a home-built subwooferJ. Vigne2
Using a 4-ohm sub on a 8-ohm ampfisher2013
Hooking up subwoofer to pro logic receivervindoso1
New SVS PB10-ISD - $400Spock of Vulcan7
Passive & powered subs hooked up to one receiver...mmm1
Sony Receiver + Bose Subwoofer = Questionrob1
Pinnacle SubwoofersNick Minutella1
Conversions with Home Audio on Sub. Help!ken.j.white11
How does Crossover work?J. Vigne2
Hsu stf-2 vs velodyne cht-10neal m4
Need help with sub issue...liz1
HSU subs in CanadaPeter Galbraith5
Need Help.Brodie Duncanson1
Sharper Image Powered Subwoofer.Lester Ferguson2
What type of adheasive to use on a carpeted subwoofer boxsean1
Connecting Sub please helpAaron Tippett1
Wut amp should i getfreddy g1
Wanted JL SubAnonymous2
Subwoofer - brokenOliver Kassem1
Vifa for car mids?shank2
HSU SubsDanman6
Which hookup is best for ReceiverFeltham6
Sonus Faber GravisPeter Galbraith3
What is a good crossover for music (rock/pop/jazz)?chris18
2 subs or one and hookup of 2brian david2
"multi-channel" = no subwoofer/LFE track?ukelele14
2 subs or one and hookup of 2Dwight2
Is there a big difference?Shaun Sims14
Subwoofer placement question...Diagram and everythingJ. Vigne2
Front firing and back firing subwoofers.studranger11
Does anyone know of any good sites to buy....valeem3
Connecting passive sub to amp.Peter Galbraith4
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