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I have a Kenwood VR505 reciever with a "subwoofer out" rca jack that doesn't seem to work. The subwoofer will work if I hook it up to the output of the reciever. The reciever has Dobly Pro-logic, Dolby Digital, and DTS, but right now, I have only used the Prologic because of a lack of a DVD player. Does the subwoofer out jack only work with Dobly Digital or DTS?

A subwoofer will work with prologic. On the reciever check to see if the setting for the subwoofer is on. Look through the selector till you see "subwoofer" and select on. Also your subwoofer may be passive (meaning it gets power from the reciever and not being plugged into a wall). If it is passive you will get very little sound. Also make sure all power controls are on and check the conrols for base a voume on the back of the woofer to see if they are turned up and ceck all cables. If these all fail then use only subwoofer cable, the sound difference from normal speaker cable to subwoofer cable is incredible. And make sue te sub is set in a corner somewhere. That's all I got, good luck.

I agree about the cable difference. I just got a Sony DW830 and the sub cable is smaller than a pc mouse cable! I bought a Acoustic Research SUB cable and played the same track from my minidisc...WOW!
I actually had to turn the level on the sub down.

building home theatre sub using cerwin vega 18" stroker.muscle sub
big challenge finding amp to run this monster had to go to p.a amps to get enough grunt found to work with 2400 rms almost life like explosionscabinant design at moment is set formaximum spls am about to try a cieled box configuration some fine tuning will need to be dun too make it absolutly musical but wow

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i have a sr4400 riciever and a gale 3080W subwoofer. When i connect the subwoofer to the output jack on the rciever i hardly get any bass out of it compared to my previous TINY pannasonic 50w sub. Why the hell is this?
And before you say it, the settings on the reciever are on max.

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What about the settings on the sub (gain and frequency roll off)? I do believe the 4400 has it's bass management fixed at 100Hz. Have you set the LFE level by ear or are you using an spl meter? This is probably so obvious but have you set the sub to on in the recievers menu settings? I would go over the installation and setting procedure again (speakers to small and sub on). It maybe something really obvious.

Hope you find the solution.


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I bought a Sony Passive Subwoofer (I dont know which model because I bought it on clearance) for my kenwood home audio setup (I dont know the model either because a friend gave it to me). I have a reciever, amp, cassete deck, and a disc changer hooked up. So, I bought a passive sub for it. It sounds great and gets loud, but the speakers sound like crap and the volume isnt loud.. I'm pretty new to home audio. Does anyone have any helpful tips??
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