Using a 4-ohm sub on a 8-ohm amp


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I have a amp that has its output rated for 8-ohms. I have a 4-ohm sub that I wish to use.

The amp will only be used to drive the subwoofer. Can I hook up the right and left +ve together to the +ve input of the sub, and have the right and left -ve to the -ve input.

ie. can i use two +ve outputs from the amp to plug into the +ve input of the sub and do likewise for the -ve outputs.

Will this setup add the two +ve and -ve together and provide 4-ohms for the sub?

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u will burn out your 8-ohm receiver using a 4ohm sub. It will draw more power to push it. If your receiver is rated at 8 ohms you will be safe with 8ohm speaker or higher.

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I have 2 small 4ohm speakers (sony) rated at about 5 watts i believe, there 3"x3" and square. Would it be safe to use these on my 8 ohm tube reciever. Its about 30 years old though, i dont want to damage it since its about $230 american near mint.

Ive read so far that as long as there is sufficient cooling for the amplifier, that it will be ok.

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