Anyone here the Paradigm Seismic 12??


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While at Borders last weekend I read a review in Sound and Vision on the Paradigm Studio 40v3 speakers with their Seismic 12 sub ( I was first interested in the Studio 40v3 review since I've had my Studio 20v3's for over 2 months now and this is the first review I've seen on the version 3 Studios)but the Sub really intrigued me.. Paradigm's new Seismic 12.. As far as size it is only 14-3/4 x 14-1/4 x 14-1/4 inches with two 10" passive radiators and a down firing 12" driver but the real kicker was the amp, 1200 watts RMS!!! Damn that's a hell of a lot of power dedicated to one speaker.. Not sure but I think the price tag on this little beauty was over a $1000.. damn shame, I'm looking to upgrade my sub but have size limitations (the wife you know and this would be a perfect size but not the perfect price.. Has anyone heard this sub yet??

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I just listened to the Paradigm Seismic 12 and was /very/ impressed. Too bad it's beyond my budget too! I AB'd it against Paradigm PW 2100 as well as a B&W ASW-600. Both Paradigms were noticably cleaner than the B&W. The B&W was good, but the Paradigms really brought out more instrument detail. The more I listened, the more the Seismic 12 seemed better than the PW 2100 - it's physically smaller, goes deeper, is more articulate and simultaneously more powerful but less intrusive. Too bad of those three only the B&W fits in my budget!

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Damn... I was afraid of that Lorrin :-) ... how much was the Seismic 12??

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about $1600. For comparison, they were charing $729 for the PW2100. The Seismic 10 hadn't come in yet and the price wasn't final, but they were expecting $1200 - $1300.

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Hello my first post here. Just call me Atone.. I know very little of these speakers. Before I make a decesion to buy these speakers can I get an honest answer here? This is my first time buying speakers and I don't want a bad deal. Here are the details and price

Two 12" Seismic Audio Subwoofers
40 oz magnet
600 Watts Power
Frequency Response: 30-500
Sensitivity: 92 db
4 Ports
Air Tight Plexiglass
Tinted Yello
High Quality Speaker Wire Terminals
15" tall -- 30" wide -- 15.5" deep

Also includes a neon kit.
Neon lights already installed around speakers
Hand held switch for lights.
On/Off/Flash switch
Min-Max knob for light as well.

Here are the page(s) showing speakers..

Side view

Top Corner View:

Top View:


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Looks like I forgot to list the price $200.00


I have some Studio 20s myself and bought the Seismic 10 because the Servo 15, while wonderfully accurate, is just too big. I tend to heavily consider speaker size in buying decisions. The Seismic series is virtually identical to the Velodyne SPL series. Both are high pressure subs in itty bitty boxes with a whole hell of a lot of power. Both the Seismics and the Velodynes are over $1000, but well worth it, especially if you're not a fan of big tacky boxes crowding your living space. It is completely unfair to weigh the Seismic series against the PW series because they are in completely different design classes and price points. It is like comparing a Dodge Neon to an Acura TL. Most people will only buy one or two sets of premium speakers in a lifetime, so on that timetable, $1000 to $1500 isn't all that much.

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I just bought one last week. A friend has a 2200, but I needed a smaller footprint. They told me the seismic 12 blew away the servo 15. Said here, try our demo over the weekend. I had just returned a Supercube 1 that sounded pretty good, but I was not overly impressed with it, so I returned it.. Unboxed the Seismic and minutes later, I was sold. I've been shopping for a sub for months. It's by far the best I've heard in the less than 2k range. It's properly named. I've never heard anything as real sounding. Saving Private Ryan tank scene was monsterous. Kids crying, wife screaming, cat hiding type of thing. I loved it....I could try to describe the experience, but words can't do it justice.

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Anyone of you know if there are any websites that might sell these two subs at less than retail price? I imagine since they are new that it will be hard to find a discount on them. Someone let me know if there is a place to get them at discount prices.

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I purchased my Paradigm Seismic 12 in June.
I have now had it for apox 90 days. It is absoutely MAGNIFICANT. It is worth every penny
I payed for it and more. Now that I have experienced it I would willingly pay twice the retail asking price (if I had to) to get one.
As far as I am concerned at $1699.00 this thing
is underpriced.....yes!'s that good.
They should have named it "BOSS" because it is definately in charge. This beast is a concrete cracker and a wall shaker if ever there was one and it does it effortlessly.
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