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Hello everyone,

I just got my 5.1 system up and running, and I am having some trouble with the subwoofer. The bass is not very noticeable, and I'm sure that I should be able to get more out of it.

So, my first question is: There are two dials on the back of the subwoofer and I don't know what I should set them at. The first dial is "phase", and it has settings in the zero degrees to 180 degrees range, and the other is "low pass" with settings in the 40hz to 120hz range. Can someone please explain what these mean? And where should I set these dials?

My second question is: I have the subwoofer connected to my receiver through the "LFE" connection. And the cable that I used to do this is just a regular set of monster RCA audio plugs (I just used the one (minus) side of the cable). Is that sufficient? Is there a special subwoofer cable that I should be using? Will it make much of a difference?

Thank you!!

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this only answers part of your question, but set your low crossover to the highest setting, 120 Hz (your avr330 will be doing the crossover handling for you).

The phase dial is used to make sure that you aren't canceling out bass notes that are produced by your subwoofer and your other/front speakers. It can make a big difference if your phase is adjusted properly (something usually easy to hear). For example, my sub only has a phase toggle switch (0 or 180), and with it set to 0, bass sounds clear, but when i flip it to 180, alot of the bass disappears or is gone. This is b/c the bass frequencies are destructuvely interfering with the bass frequencies produced by my mains.

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HA! it appears we are talking on two different threads, that's cool though. always good to hear from you. how's things out in pittsburgh? I am from a small town on the opposite side of PA, actually. Kutztown -- ever heard of it? anyway, i live in NYC now.

thank you for answering my question, i was reading a little of the RW-8's manual and came across a little bit of info about the internal vs receiver crossovers. I suppose I will just have to play around with the phase dial.

talk to you later

i dont know if anyone can help me on this one, i have a toshiba tv 3357db and am wondering what the best conection cables would be for the front external speakers and to extend the centre speaker

p.s can anyone with an answer please email me at
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