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Well, Ok, I am a noob and I admit it. I also know when to ask questions -- all of you folks have been great with your advice.

My Adire Rava sub is on the Brown truck and will be on my doorstep TODAY and I want to set it up right--not just plug the wires in. I have been studying up today and the AVR 330 Triple Crossover Bass Management System has me stumped. Basically, you can set 3 different crossovers which is cool- FL/FR, Center and Surround. It says:

Check your Speakers to find the lowest frequency setting for each group.

Then, Enter the highest setting for any speaker in each of the three groups in the setup menu.

Then, Enter the setting for the highest setting the sub is capable of. The setting must not be lower than the highest setting for any of the main speakers.

Ok-here is what I have: ( I hope frequency response is the same as frequency range is the same as bandwidth)

AS-F2 (front) -35hz to 2.0khz
AS-C1 (center) - 60 hz to 2.0khz
AS-B2 (surrounds) 50hz to 2.0khz
Rava Sub 27 hz to 160 hz

So, from this I would think I set the crossover at 60hz? Across all 3 entries? The AS-F2 fronts have great bass with dual 8" woofers --do I set them as large?

Now, for something else, the Rava has adjustable gain and phase dials plus its's own crossover control. Iunderstand the gain and pahse is something I will adjust to preferences but what about the sub crossover setting?

I would appreciate replies which also explain why-- I am trying to learn as much as I can. My entire system was assembled from th egood advice of Berny, Kegger and others on this board and I DO appreciate it!


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Hello Andy,

You could try, as a start:

Front - small - 40 Hz
center - small - 60 Hz
surrounds - small - 60 Hz
sub - 120 Hz

You might find that you'll get more punch in the bass by increasing the crossover to 80 Hz instead of 40 and 60 Hz.

Also, you could try setting the Fronts as "Large" and the sub at "LFE + L+R" so the low frequency content directed to front speakers also goes to the sub:

Front - large - 60 Hz
center - small - 60 Hz
surrounds - small - 60 Hz
sub - LFE + L+R - 60 Hz

If your center speaker is not as powerful as your fronts and you do want to overpower it, consider increasing the crossover frequency in the center channel to 120 or even 200 Hz. But I'm unsure if you can create a "bass hole" in this configuration if the fronts are set to large and 60 Hz. It's a question I'd like to ask h/k myself.

Since the bass is managed by the receiver, you should bypass the sub's crossover if it is possible to switch it off, or else set it to its max setting.

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