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Vote: Pic My SubBill Dietz7
Problem connecting Sub to Stereo AmpNuck2
Budget sub for music (Hsu?)Jan Vigne3
Need new sub Stephen Munz7
New Home Stereo System. need Suggestions.Andre Money14
HELP, my sub is making a popping sound when auto on/offJan Vigne2
Stereo vs mono bass, using 2 subsJan Vigne61
Subwoofer cracklesJan Vigne4
Why did my subs blow?Audiophile Finatic7
One 15 or two 12 Audiophile Finatic5
Y cable is better than line cable? remove earth connection ?Jan Vigne5
Eld's DIY subwooferJan Vigne17
Plz suggest sub $300 sub for Athena AS-F2.2'sspanky mc'poot4
Subwoofer suggestion neededDavid Mitchell2
Trouble with Sub.. PLEASE HELPLeif20
Elemental designs' new subs?Logan5
Subwoofer placement issue...Art21
Do I turn off the subwoofer when I'm finished listening?COCOON3
Eclipse sub for cheapNuck4
Calibrating your subwooferstryvn2
Which way to face subwooferBvan12
Old school DL1000 subMatt Bradshaw10
BOSE lifestyle sub - Using it without their "system"Andre Money4
Subwoofer HelpStephen Munz16
Band pass on a 15 kicker l7damion5
Cerwin Vega AVS sub8 questionsTimothy Wintle1
Bose Wave Cannon, That's Right...BoseGavin7
Martin Logan Dynamo vs. DIY subwooferBvan8
Round Sub Enclosure jogn cocksure6
Need a sub jack for subwoofer?Berny5
Help Please Andre Money15
1 or 2 subs?leo stierer7
Too much power?leo stierer5
AS-P4100 400 Watt 10-inch SubwooferArt19
A subwoofer recommendation for music only, pleaseleo stierer3
Connecting sub to rega mira preoutsArt19
Radio Signal on SubwooferCOCOON7
12" dayton titanic, no amp, no boxleo stierer21
DIY Help TC1000 or AA ArsenalJustintoxicated3
Subwoofer pops when turning on/offJan Vigne14
Connecting Sub-Woofer to NAD C350 2 channel amp.Nuck4
Polk PSW10 - is it a good sub for the price?David Mitchell4
Phase switch & low pass features--optimal settings?Andrew Pierog1
Sub for sansui ampAndre Money6
Mid-bass unitGavin4
QSC 2450 HelpJan Vigne11
I did it again!Art51
Why not just this?Andre Money10
Highlander 100 w subwooferJames See5
Box desing help!!!leo stierer22
Help Setting Calibrating New HSU VTF-2 MK-2 Subleo stierer3
Subwoofer TheoryAndre Money11
Martin Logan Dynamo vs. Hsu VTF-2?Stephen Munz2
Jbl SUB10 venue subwooferMatt W16
Simple question (I think ) about sub hookup...Art9
More sub help!Josh9
Sub confusionHawk5
Passive subwoofer wiring to a new reciever?Nuck17
Old School A/D/S sub?Nuck5
Now up to 400 for a sub, but which one?brett widenhouse5
Dorm system helpPaul Larrea9
Does anybody know?Jan Vigne2
Which Sub is best for my system/useNuck12
Newbie Question...Need Sub Help!!!david pannell19
Hook sub to older stereoBerny2
First Powered Sub - Need HelpRon DeGumbia15
Best sub for 300 or lessBytesiz6
Need a sub to go with my bose system..Nuck11
Which Hsu sub?Hawk3
Upgrading my Sub -- Your ThoughtsNuck26
Speaker wire sub woofer to pre out hookupGavin4
Good Thing I've Got A Warranty....Nuck61
Can I adaptHawk5
SDAT 8" SubwooferArt7
Final Subwoofer Recommendation PleaseAndre Money13
Subwoofer issueJan Vigne2
Sub questionJan Vigne6
CrossoverJan Vigne2
KEF PSW2000 Subwoofer Keeps blowing fuseWally Cheung6
What kind of subs should i useJan Vigne3
Sub placementNuck33
Subwoofer TestingAndre Money8
Samsung Subwoofer caliNuck7
Problem with standbyNuck11
Has anyone used a subwoofer for a blowjob?Tammy Hepburn1
Help me set up my supercube 1 tia.Andre Money13
Abyss or PB12-NSDNuck6
Question about subwoofersAndre Money8
Bass, B-Bass BassAndre Money5
Afraid of VolumeAndre Money33
Excuse my ignoranceJoseph Coulson5
Does Velodyne DPS-12 12 come w/remotedavid pannell6
Lfe in or y adapterAndre Money9
Newbie Subwoofer questionAndre Money20
The right subwoofer.Andre Money20
What people buydavid pannell7
Need a subalex moorehead2
Sub won't power upNuck3
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