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Getting audio to my sub....Andre Money4
Passive sub requirementsGreg Fiedorow12
FS: REL Q108E-brand new in sealed boxAndre Money3
Paradigm pdr-8 any good for music?J. Jarvis7
Anyone heard the Mission ms6 or ms8?J. Jarvis3
8 Ohm • 16 OhmGreg Fiedorow9
Martin logan subwoofersgavin cumm8
Connecting Active Subwoofer to Old Onkyo Tx seriesMahina Nightsage3
Going to add a subwoofer to the system.....Manc27
Cerwin-Vega SW12 BHerb Heinsdorf5
Descent i and Depth iAndre Money1
Use a Bose Acoustimass Speaker w a Computer?Andre Money4
The Rotary WooferAndre Money15
Plate amp dead, VelodyneNuck4
Subwoofer RecommendationsAndre Money9
Is my sub too small? keep losing my sub bassChristopher Lee7
Giant SubwoofersJAW29
Boston SW 10 subNuck4
DIY subwooferJan Vigne7
Would this work?Zak Stone9
Max SPL at a specific frequencyAndre Money9
Subwoofer fuses keep blowing.Nuck13
Is a Sub a Sub? Boston Acoustics Sw10mike wright6
Subwoofer Connectionn. subba8
Sub suggestions- and Happy Turkey Day!BigPoppaphile9
Boston Acoustics PV500 for $149 w/free's a deal.Christopher M.12
Sub amp to home theater system, can it be done?rick ross3
Popping soundTamer3
Hi, need help with subwoofercbass2
Run two subwoofer using low pass inputsTony Nelson1
Newbie -- looking for a good subwoofer fitTony Nelson5
Need help with my broken REL Storm 3Kel Westnutt1
Sub doesn't always turn onMatt Hanson1
HSU STF-2 vs Velodyne DPS-10 & Downfiring vs FrontfiringMike5
Klipsch Subheymaynard12
B&W 650, 675, PV1CTB7
Marantz PM 7200 with a subwoofer...Joel R1
Velodyne subs.Leo1
HSU STF-3 sub with high pass filterMusicrover1
Crossover questionmixneffect12
Cheap 15" woofer replacement suggestions.Scary Redneck5
New Bob Carver linedb-bass1
AA alliancerob swingleman1
2 Subs. Is it needed? need adviceNuck4
Active Subwoofer for Mini System?jacob8
New SubNuck7
Bose repair HELP!!Christopher Lee10
RE SX 12 subs any good ?Nuck2
Improved Cadence XSUB12 - Released today!Amnon1
On the search for a Hifi-subwoofer - what do you think of these?JJ22
Velodyne SPL Subwoofer not workingNuck2
4 Subwoofer Home Theater SetupThe Mortal One32
Subwoofer suggestions under £110/$200??Nuck5
Adapter for coax to rca/standard speaker wireNuck2
No specific sub line outJan Vigne2
An extremely musical sub for about $450.Harry Connor4
Speaker level inputsNuck20
JVC Home Theater (Subwoofer Recommendation)Srinivas2
JBL sub good? bad?alan16
To hell with anechoic chambers, ...Nuck2
Nt and musical sub with low bass extension?Jeff Hanks2
Nt and musical sub with low bass extension?Jeff Hanks1
Nice try
HSU STF-1 vs STF-2Peter Galbraith4
Looking for subwoofer upgrade advice.Nuck10
Question about HK AVR140 and Subs.mark dixon9
Old school components on HT surround?Jaques Strapp5
Phase vs possition confusion.Rush5
Question about Home Setup..Nuck3
Sunfire true sub and onkyo 803 bass management?Peter Galbraith13
Has anyone used the JBL CVSUB50??Ron Fox2
How can i get my 4 ohm subs to hook up to my 6 ohm house amp?leo smith5
Sub not working, dont think its blown....sherman taylor2
Need help PleaseBrad Geerts1
STF-1 vs LFM-2Mark Perloff1
Can YOU confirm these specs?leo smith1
Sub for Martin Logan Ascentikamran siddiqui13
My friendwas buildin me a system, and this is what he told me to get:Peter Galbraith2
Reference RSW150Nuck9
Sub search helpRush33
Sony SubMuDDy8
Sub for Martin Logan Ascentikamran siddiqui1
M5asjon kivell2
HSU STF-1 or Onix X-Sub Nuck8
Active Subwoofers part 2Berny2
Which sub for 120Hz crossover? (SVS PC Ultra?)Peter Galbraith3
Crossover Question - Kef Sub (help needed)Mr Panesar1
Subwoofer around $400Berny8
Sony Xplode RangeMuDDy9
Sub humming - help!Christopher Lee2
Strictly musicBerny6
Subwoofer wiring question, need help Berny6
2002 chevy silverado ext. cab Please help!Berny2
Which of these receivers can drive this sub?marty fahey1
$500 440W Klipsch sub vs. $550 170W Yamaha sub?Berny9
JBL sub good? bad?Berny2
Home Audio and Car Audio Sub??shawn e decker94
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