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Sub output - need some advice!Nuck2
Anthony Gallo boom for the buck!M.R.3
Subwoofer standsDavid Mitchell12
In wall subwoofer ampNuck4
Phase Technology W802 Replacement Woofer???Tony Belli3
The best thing about dayton t1003kDustin Stock1
Subwoofer connection?Dennis Kolis5
Rg-6 for subwoofer?Tony Henrie4
Bose Lifestyle 30 SubwooferMichael W. Brinson1
What sub would you recommend?Scott fuchs15
Convert ing cableJan Vigne3
Paradigm SB100 Passive Sub Problem-What Did I Do WrongNuck2
Logitech X-540 Sub Enclosure SetupRich Dipre3
New subs?, need help pleaseDavid Mitchell2
.2 System questionGeorge5
Better sub Wiring?David Mitchell7
Very confusedMichael Wodek11
Replacement parts for Acoustimass 16 Series 2 Sub?Phil Harrison1
Crossfire 10" subsBen B1
I need some sub helpleo stierer4
How to repair Bose Acoustimass 10 subwooferRobert Herring1
How to drive Bose PS38 series III with series I consoleTom Yuan2
Home theaterDavid Mitchell3
Why is hsu sub bottoming out?Jan Vigne2
Subwoofer box?Paul Larrea5
Cant Find Replacement Black Vinyl Coving For AM 15 SUB - HELPNuck3
I need some helpSomeDonnieDude12
Car sub in home theater amp!!leo stierer4
Orion hcca12.2 vs stroker proKYLE C DOIRON1
Need Help! Yamaha HRT-6140. Sub not working at all. Got a new one ...Joseph Smith2
DPS-12 bites the dustDavid Mitchell8
BOSE acoustimass 5 / IV potentiometersivan ivan3
Isolating a problemJim Bay4
New Subs from AscendGeorge2
Final Home Stretch Sub Purchaseleo stierer2
Speaker level connection?Nuck10
JL FATHOM vS Paradigm Servo v2Nick K10
Very feeble noice from sub woofer kannan1
IS This Possible? With An Adaptergrant beeston1
Seismic vs Sun JRNick K9
Car subwoofers in homeJim Bay2
Help me outPeter Jacquemin2
My subs are messed upNuck2
Totem StormDavid Mitchell21
TWO SUBS leo stierer5
Two subs or one for stereoBrewster1
Bose 321 GS II Subwoofer supply not regulatingHarry Turner1
Bose AC25 II DIYjerome1
Subwoofer repairPaul Larrea5
Subwoofer with blown fuseNuck2
Lifestyle 28 SystemIan Johnson1
Will this work? - Connection questionleo stierer19
Velodyne 8" Minivee vs. Martin Logan 10" Dynamodave appen3
Choosing a good SubwooferJason Gower13
Decent subwoofer for around $200? Advice please.Rich Mackowsky20
Subwoofer Electronic Assistance?Jan Vigne10
Setting up new subleo stierer4
Help me decide between 3 subs please!leo stierer3
The ol humming issues thingdale vallee3
Epik KnightAuDiOBuFF20
Axiom SubsNuck5
1big sub or 2 small ones?David Mitchell10
The best powered sub for the price?leo stierer11
Sunfire Subs please HELP!Jamey Jacks2
Fix a miller kreisel vx-7 subJan Vigne4
BIC H-100 or AV123 X-SUBJay Goodier17
Bose Acoustimass 3 Series II Powered SubwooferRoy Hahn1
Supernova MKVIDavid Mitchell2
Bose AM15 IssueJim Bay2
JBL PowerBass PB12Jim Bay2
Is it worth $180 for 10 HZ difference?Nuck11
How low where they talking? Alien3 subwoofer BlueDolphin6
Cerwin Vega 15"Nick F.28
New sub for Marantz 5600 using ma audio rs6 mainsNick K21
Carver Knight Shadow Info NeededDavid Honeycutt3
Fi subPaul Larrea9
Lolita Problemleo stierer19
Reduce sub vibrations?Jeffrey C.M. Hann14
Sub on a sony systemPaul Larrea3
Info on RE audioChris Carr3
Help deciding on $400-$500 SubwooferAndre Money4
Acoustimas 15 not workingDavid Zucker1
Car audio in your home Dustin Stock22
Need some helpNVmyBOOM8
Kicker 12" 300 wattsTony P4
9ga. wire for subs?Tony P4
My new SystemEric Ramsey7
Subwoofer placement? xivRAIDER3
Audio Receiver to Subwoofer problem! Nuck6
Hooking 2 10in ma audio dual 500 watt subs to a 1000 watt amp 2/1 c...David Mitchell5
Subwoofer Problemangelo lombardi5
Need Help with a Passive Sub ReplacementJan Vigne2
Rel B3 or Velodyne DD-10?Darren Mc3
The most boom for 175$Nuck9
Simple Question.l t5
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