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I need help.anthony travis riley1
Where to place a SubwooferJonathan W1
Archive through January 05, 2006Jarrad M. Byron439
Front vs. Downward firing sub driversArt Kyle2
Energy S8.3 vs. B&W ASW300Rick Zmiejko7
800 good price for Paradigm Servo 15 v1?Gavin R. Cumm4
Home subs in the $1k to $2k rangedavid pannell30
HSU or VelodyneLoren2
Subwoofer calibration..please help!Berny2
Velodyne vs. anything elseSteven Burke2
Do I need 2 Sub Woofers?Marc Sherman6
Subwoofer setupdesinghrajan5
Is there a cheap way to insulate sub bass in an apartment?Charles Herbert4
Sony SA-WX700 keeps blowing fuseNuck3
Where to place a Subwooferme11
Need suggestions for sub, center and surround speakers!! Please!!Edster9224
Possibly a new subDaniel Glass1
Velodyne VX-10daniel scrobe9
SVS PB10 or Mirage S12?Edster92214
Bridging 2 4ohmsdaniel scrobe2
Comb Filteringdaniel scrobe1
Sick of all the Car Audio threads here? Stu Pitt1
Wharfedale WH210Pranab1
Best sub for around $500Gavin R. Cumm14
Can anyone help??Jan Vigne2
No Power to SubGavin R. Cumm5
Hooking Powered Sub w/ Bose 901'sGavin R. Cumm6
Need some recommendation plz...Edster9222
Diy subberjudd1
Sub woofer settings helpTim Browning3
Paradigm PS-1000 or PS-1200?Gavin R. Cumm3
2 10w7 or 1 12w7Jay3
Is my sub blown?Jay2
Infinity subsSteven Burke7
Subwoofer QuestionNathan Dunn2
EDS elite digital sound, EDS is a speaker van scamAnonymous1
Paradigm PDR-12 vs. PS-1000. Is $90 more for the PS-1000 worth it?Gavin R. Cumm4
New HT SUB!!!Showrides13
Im a newbie.i wanna learn ><gary heng4
Subwoofer wiringBob Miklosey5
Trunk air spaceAnonymous6
Velodyne CHT12 - Need Tech helpMichael Cameron2
Problem with car subs in houseAnonymous6
Do i need a sub?Gavin R. Cumm3
Help: Set up for subwooferal-477
Wire a subwoofer speaker into a tower speaker?Gavin R. Cumm3
Nad c320 bbe & wharfedale sw150 subwooferAnonymous3
Can I go wireless on my home theater system with a non-powered subw...SnowChick2
What do u think about kaption audio subs?kaption3272
In home car subNathan Dunn2
Sub feet - use them on notNathan Dunn2
Kicker solo XBerny2
Sub recommendation for completing the systemBerny6
Hooking 2 subs in a reciever? Can it be doneNathan Dunn2
Quick sub recommendationNathan Dunn8
Polk PSW12 Sub Settings Question.daryl clark1
Need advice on $300-$450 subsNathan Dunn5
What subwoofer do you recommend?Tommy17
2 subs one ampDr. Thompson1
Computer Subwoofer in cheap home systemBerny2
Sub as furnitureTimn8ter7
1000 watt Car Sub Placement In HomeEric Ramsey3
Paradigm SeismicSteven Burke2
Martin Logan Dynamo or Infinity CSW10?Clarence Duffy11
How to set up a system built from scratchsharp shooter4213
Bose LifestylePaul Cunningham1
Usher Subwooferrobert downey2
Best subsBen Levine38
Subwoofer selectionMoe12
Passive sub inquiry Moe1
2ohm or 4 ohm??Jan Vigne2
Car subs in home entertainmentBen Levine2
Subwoofer wooomp or pop soundJan Vigne4
Do I need a subwoofer??Jamshed Sorab Bhumga4
Paradigm PW-2200 - latest version out bling_pw-22005
20(w)x18(d)x10(h) foot walmartman3
Soundproofing: is it worth it?aptmngr3
Easier to repair or get a new one?skubee raw6
I am trying to get my sub backyea whatever3
Sub feet - use them or notDS4
Please help - No sound from my sub!!!!sophie perring2
JBL Subwoofer has no power sourdce?Jake becker3
Do I need Subwoofer with Floor Standing speaker W/Bass Reflex?DS4
Jan: re "Tom"...Michael Cameron3
Klipsch RW12 -Sub 12- or dayton 12 titanicJan Vigne5
How to use old HTIB sub with new systemEdster9222
Subwoofer questionsJon Gordon53
Do All Sub-Woofers Run Hot?Art Kyle2
Sub HummmmMJosh Misko5
Infinity BU-2 questionJack Love3
Subwoofer Gurgling Soundscott holmes2
PV1 or SPL1000Rbite me2
HSU SFT-2 on CarpetEric Ramsey6
Best sub for music under 300 eurosBradley bendog2
Sub does not work on non digital SourceSalim3
Precision Acoustics 12" Subwoofer (PA12XS)Dean Harvey4
Some help PLEASE?Jan Vigne2
Bose subwoofer from an ole Lifestyle systemBerny2
Need help with amp selectionCasey Wood2
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