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SPL at my hosueAndre Money2
Harmon receiver and sub on college budget? Suggestions pleaseBrian Beadle9
Sub help!David Mitchell7
Need a DefTech pf15 or pf18 suberic just1
JL 10W7 HT SEtup?Nuck4
Subwoofer in cabinetRicky Harvey8
Which oneNuck2
Connected powered sub, stereo speakers to a non-powered source... P...Warren McLachlan3
Affordable 15" sub?Chuck15
Help me pick between these three subsmike1
Subwoofer frequency + phaseThorsten Lux22
Powered subwoofer options for lifestyle 12 systemmarc pash1
5.1 subwoofer for computerNuck3
Need advice for a subBill DeShayes6
Problems with fuse?Jan Vigne3
Latest DIY Sub DesignAndre Money9
Subwoofer buildingJan Vigne2
Muting or softening a subwooferDavid Mitchell4
Hatchback.Warren McLachlan2
What Subwoofer amplifier I should use?Jan Vigne2
Possible to hook acoustimass 9 to alt receiver?Chris L2
Good sub or not?David Mitchell18
Happy new year!Marc3
Wiring questionsJan Vigne4
Length of Run for Subwoofer CableBruce10
Converting Bose subwoffer to work with Other Receiverernie1
OT- Ipod helpMark C1
What should I put in my Chrysler 300 2008???XxXGrAnDHuStLeXxX3
Measuring Frequency Response...leo stierer5
Subwoofer ConnectionBruce3
How do I feed power to my 12" car subwoofer in my roomPaul Larrea5
Infinity SW12 vs HSU VTF3 vs Infinity Mezzo 1.2S Nuck11
Debating DIYJan Vigne7
Sub Integration???Ed W.8
Sub and ampNick K8
Cerwin vega AB-36BChristopher Molloy2
Got a Polk PSW10 now I'm thinking going Dual sub setup with my HSU ...Jan Vigne8
Sub to complement my system(compromisies be damned!)Stangjason4
PC and Sound SetupFloyd Miller9
Please help. Def Tech or Paradigm SeismicAndre Money2
Music SubwooferAndre Money19
HSU VTF-1 vs. SVS 25-31PCiDan L.1
Newbie in Home Theatre - need adviceNuck2
Car subs for HT?Andre Money8
Powered subwoofer vs. receiver ampDean Nelson6
Pos/neg sub vs sub port ampDaveBrown1
Sub phase? helpAndre Money4
Dead PSB Subsonic iiAndre Money7
KLH Subwoofer problemsJan Vigne2
Of course you need two subs!Nuck2
Unpowered subwooferNuck13
Martin Logan sub?Andre Money3
Best stereo amp to powered subwoofer and speaker pair connection?Pierre Rousseau3
Need Help with A SubPierre Rousseau32
Connecting a Roland AC 60 AMP with LFE and the B speaker terminals ...Michael Wodek6
Anybody interested in a Klipsch SW12 II sub?Nuck4
Subwoofer Location behind TVleo stierer10
The Rythmik Audio DS-15 Rubik's Cube SubwooferZachary Paisley13
Help with ar acoustic sub noiseNuck3
Sub wofferjeff mcc1
Advice about subzero i and polkDavid Mitchell2
HSU STF-2 vs Velodyne DPS-10 vs other subsNuck5
What size subwoofer for my open floorplan (repost for botched title...Stangjason7
What subwoofer size in an open floorplan?Stangjason1
Need Help with cables...Gavin12
Need A Sub 4 <$100 and <$200Christopher Molloy8
For Andre...Stephen M.12
Help hooking up: Velodyne/Focal/Krell system.....John Kral4
Sub for a cheap bast**dStangjason10
Noobie question..Nuck5
Bag End Infrasub-18David Mitchell7
Upgrading.Joshua M. Jones3
Kicker Cvx Two 12''Nuck5
Sony PS100 SubNick K20
DIY Sub DesignNuck11
Definitive Technology SubsNuck26
Bose Acoustimass Lifestyle 25 series 1 and IIGavin2
Sub for Quad11LNuck24
Problems With KLH Powered SubwooferWade1
Need help with my Polk Audio PSW 202 (fuses)??Javier Aguado2
Loudest sub/best all around subReece Brassler7
Theater Research?!?David66
Sub to pair with LinnsKevin Corr36
First DIY sub not working. Need help.Nuck12
"Raiders of the Lost Breezeblocks" a JBL 4645 LFE.1 experiment. ...leo stierer8
The loudest speakers for my 1999 honda accord sedanStephen M.10
A simple but yet effective sub bass improvement!Nuck12
Solen US15 Kit & EnclosurePaul Larrea5
Powered 12' subPaul Larrea22
No sound from SubwooferNuck6
Curtis DVD5041 System.Chris Walls1
Outlaw Audio LFM-1 $300Nuck2
Good deal?Nuck5
Athena Micra sub is weak?Gavin32
Old subPaul Larrea2
Earthquake supernova mvkI-15leo stierer24
Sony home theater 7000-dh subwooferNuck2
How do I hook up an amp to my home stereo and also hooking up three...Paul Larrea2
School ProjectAndre Money8
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