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Bose Subwoofer on Laminate FlooringEdward1231
Velodyne VX-10 or CH-10Christopher Lee9
Sub wont functionmike b4
Some good ideas for the best subs for 600$dan creamer22
Wiring my subsuncircumsized8
Hsu vs velodyne??skinny b9
3 10 inhc Orions, 2 fosgate punch stage 3s in an explorer PLEASE HELPJoshy G1
Yamaha YST-SW315amir_kkk4
Car stereo=boom boom bedAnonymous1
Sub connection helpAnonymous7
What Subs?? Help Needed Plz!! Josh Hare1
I have a quastion about - Yamaha yst sw 320amir_kkk1
Alpine Type R 12 setup adviceAnonymous11
New SVS PB10-ISD or Used Sunfire Subwoofer?Kano2
8" Sony Powered Subwoofer.Mike13
Difference Between SVS PC and PC-Plus?DDW2
New systemchris rader1
Will a 2-channel absolute 1600watt amp power 2 solo baric 15''s?...SoloPoundin881
Old kicker solobaricsfasterthanyou1
Ok im brand new to all this Phill A Ligle1
Monsoon MM-1000 Subwoofer Replacementparmstr1
How to connect subwoofer to amp?Shea13
How would this work?Nick V13
Free air type sub in a box????scubasteve5281
Possible subwoofer problem?Pickwaddy1
Best Subwoofer under $500awallz48
How are Alpine Type-R Subs?awall3
Martin Logan, Paradigm, and Yamahavortec543
What kind of set up do u have in your ride Christopher Lee4
4 ohm dvc or 2 ohm dvc need help dont know which 1 to getrobert c1
Connecting to sub with single RCA jackGrant L.1
JBL E250P or YAMAHA YST-SW 315 for music.nanasse1
What amp should i getAnonymous2
Cadence or infinitymichael langley1
Parallel wiring?????Los1
I need serious wiring help, ASAP......ed bradley1
Good sub for under $600James P15
Stuffing the hole at the back of the subwoofer with clothmonkey man jack11
Velodyne CHT-12 vs JBL E250Pmonkey man jack5
Female needs help again !!! Which subwooker ?monkey man jack16
Any one some where to find a homesub box (no sub)Grizzly1
A question on subwoofer cables...Malecai3
MUST a sub sit on the floor?muzzle monkey2
Two SVS or shivasAnonymous2
2 JBL Northridge E250 or 1SVS PB2-ISD?Bruce T.6
JBL Northridge E250P Subwoofermonkey man jack2
What sub should I buymonkey man jack5
Can someone help please with picking Subsmonkey man jack3
Help Please? Need help with my subwoofer setup!monkey man jack10
What is better for a ht sub, front fire or down fire subSarandon1
Rel Q-108e vs. sunfire super junior?balthus2
JBL E150P -- any good?edster9225
Velodyne CHT - 10W W1
Old kenwood recieverBerny2
Will my amp power these subs?Dana3
What's the best sub for under $150?!?Dana3
Jensen JW-1500 15" Driver Info NeededHomer Australia3
Boot buildMy Rantz2
SVS, or Velodyne?Slade14
Some advice needed stev2
Best way to Crossover to a custom sub setup?Nathan Morrow3
2 shivas for music and HT?Nathan Morrow2
Subwoofer gain and crossoverNathan Morrow2
Pre-out/Main-in and a SubNathan Morrow3
Luxman Subwoofer any good?kevako1
Woofer help neededHomer Australia7
Sub to go with my RB-3's, please help...Scott Huston1
Can I hurt my Subwoofer?Christopher Lee3
2 SubWoofers One Questionf3
Xtant X Series Thoughts.. And Recomends for subs!Ugzz2
Need a decent, cheap, CHEAP sub... is Velodyne the only option?hksub2
Yamaha SubAnonymous6
Small & musical sub < $600: K-10 or UWF-10?Lorrin Nelson1
Sub for a small roomPeter Galbraith3
4 ohm amp to a 8 ohm sub?Ugzz2
Xtant 1244 Vs JlW6v3Ugzz Ugzzy Ugzz1
Which Hsu?Peter Galbraith13
S V SSlade7
Subwoofer Setup Question HSU/NAD/B&W - Home Theater is now complet...David Bronstein1
Alpine sws-1022 what box to use?Peter Galbraith2
Subwoofer humChristopher Lee5
Ventura Sub has no power!!Michael Rushing1
Ultimate Titanium helpPeter Svensson1
Reaching end of my rope on a popping subwooferKano4
Mirage OM-200 Opinions.Peter Galbraith4
Onix UFW-10 slaughtered SVS PB1-ISD?kevin6
Velodyne S 1200 BJoe Roudi1
Run 3 Ohm subwoofer with "4 Ohm stable" amp?Kevin Koch1
Axiom's new sub are outPeter Galbraith1
Velodyne CH 10 & HSU STF-2 Hawk7
Nht sw12Hawk2
Is this amp any good?s sharma1
NHT SUB 2 Do I throw it in the garbage?Anonymous2
Small Sub and Magnetically Shieldedblandine4
Voice coilsCory Beluzar1
I hear noises and barely hear dialogue. Help!Kano3
Powered to Passive Sub?Anonymous2
Hsu STF-2 vs SVS pb10-isdKano2
Adire Shiva Vs. Tempest? Who wins?Robert McCarthy1
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