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I Currently have a Cerwin Vega Dual 8" SubWoofer in My HT room and i was Wondering, if i Get another Sub either the Same on or Differnt How Would i Hook them both up with out putting any Strain on my Receiver or Sub?
Thanks for and Advice

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You could get a self powered sub, or if you get another of the same you could wire them in series. if they are both 4 ohm subs and you have a 8ohm HT amp then your in fair shape. (2) 4 ohm subs will wire to an 8 ohm load. So if your amp advertizes 200 watts then each sub will get 100 watts. But if both subs are 8 ohm, then your going to have a 16 ohm load to the amp. thats going to cut your power in half. so your 200 watt amp will only push 100 watts, that means that each sub is only getting 50 watts. Or if you think your HT amp can take it without screwing up you can hook (2) 8 ohm subs in parallel giving you a 4ohm load. now your 200 watt amp is pushing 400 watts, so each sub is getting 200 watts. But if you amp isnt certifies to push at 4 ohms you might blow your warrenty by doing so. I cant say much about new HT equipment as i paid 500$ for a nice 7 channel surround and my 4 year old 100x4 kicks the crap out of it in power... like double! My 4 year old HT amp runs @ 2 ohm stable, of course it doesnt advertize this, but oh man it will run all day like that, i ran 2 audiobahn 12 casr subs off of it all day and it sounded NICE. I hooked up 1 of them to my HT 7 channel and it barely moved.. stupid low power pos. Its a decent brand 2, i had a sony and it was the worst one ive ever had. it said 100x7 and i asked the dood at CC and he told me its about 40x7RMS. the one i have now is aobout 65x7RMS and my 4 year old amp is a true 100x4RMS or 160x2RMS those are all 8 ohm ratings... sorry for the rambling but hopefully you have an idea of whats up now. good luck and shoot any other Q's you have out and ill see if i can help.

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