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I am in need of help. I just got a subwoofer and hooked it up to my receiver and I get the annoying hum that many people seem to get with subwoofers. I have searched to internet a little bit and suppose that the problem is a ground loop problem. I am having trouble isolating it though. I have tried using different outlets, the plug for the sub is two prong so the converter plug won't work, i have tried various configurations of thing being plugged in and not plugged in. I have found that the hum still exists in when the reciever is unplugged with the audio line in unplugged. I am contemplating that the problem may be my subwoofer cable that I am using. Any suggestions?

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hi lee,

the same problem also happened for my sub. also..

i did various changes.. finally i changed the RCA cable(sub to reciver). it had cleared.

do slowly to connect between the sub and receiver.

so,try to change the good wire..

good luck
suresh babu

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Registered: Nov-04 gonna go to best buy and get a new better sub wire. currently using the cheapest monster sub interconnect. thinking of getting the 300 sw cables. im also wondering if this doesnt work if getting a different power bar would help in addition to some kind of ground loop isolator. i went to to and found tripplite has a surge protector with a feature called isolated filter banks. sounds like it would eliminate ground loops but not sure. i also know monster sells a subwoofer powercenter. i am wondering if either of these would solve my problem if the interconnect is not the problem. the loop isolator is the one made by xitel. i am currently using my computer as my souce of music since i dont have a cd player yet. wondering if this also would help with my problem. thanks again

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It sounds like a ground loop problem, but the other thing you might want to try is just moving your sub's audio-in cables around a bit. The sub cable, even if shielded, can pick up interference from other devices (e.g. your TV) and produce a hum. If moving your cable(s) around does not make the hum go away, you'd probably do well to continue to investigate the ground loop problem.

Here is a URL that might help on that:


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thanks. i have moved the transformer plugs away from the sub and the cable to eliminate the emitted mag field as a possibility. i do still have the power bar right behind the sub becausei have no where else to put it. but i did try isolating the sub from other electronics and the hum was still there so i suspect the cable or the all annoying ground loop. a bit annoyed because there are so many possibilities in how to fix this problem since there is no one answer. will be trying a ground loop isolator and possibly a new cable.
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