4 ohm amp to a 8 ohm sub?


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I'm running a 400w X 1ch. @ 4 ohms amp to a 8ohm sub..Just wondering if anything will blow?AMP or Speaker?Is this a safe hook up or is there any other way to hook this up.Any suggestions will be appreciated.Thanks

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Well your amp is going to run @ 8 ohm now. Not only will it not blow up, but it will run much cooler becasue it is not pushing out the kind of power it normally would. you can essentially cut your power in half and say that the sub is getting about 200 watts of power. which, hey if it works, then thats just fine. if i were you id get another 8ohm sub of the same kind and hook it up alongside the one you have. that will give you a 4ohm load and your amp will push 400 watts like it suposed to. or you could scrap the 8ohm sub and get a 4 and run it to its full potention, many options do what you will
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