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Connecting a passive Sub WooferD52
Powered Sub for under $800Balthazar2K33
Klipsch RSW-15 vs Earthquake Supernova MKIV-15Chris2
Help Hooking up a subwooferKevin J.10
Someone Please Help!DS3
Plz help me with this questionkelsey5
Multiple sub question.Jayb2
Closing the port on deftech15tl+??miso3
Vibe? any goodkyle keighley1
Someone help me....Christopher Lee2
How many watts, should i use a 2 ch ampChristopher Lee2
Subwoofer placementmiso2
Do I need a sub?C5_CJ12
Connecting subwoofer?Tim Forehand1
Car Subs in houseMitch Foxcroft2
Klipsch VS JBLDS4
Post Your System HereJayb3
Connecting a Sony dav-sb100 subwoofer to AV ampJulian Joyce1
How should i hook up my audiobahn subs to my d-600mark blanks1
Help my sub is partially working?Eric Buries1
Subwoofer input voltage/frequencyStanislav Glozman11
Have $700. for a sub, What should I buy for that money?Kevin Tate8
What does??J. Vigne2
Multiple drives inside the box?Christopher Lee4
Subwoofer placement vs using Eq settingsDS6
Dual sub setup with one sub outjayb1
Can I put my powered subwoofer inside my enterteinment center?Jayb6
Klipsch or other?Anonymous1
Sony SA-WM500 subwooferKevin J.4
KEF or Yamaha??xabih1
Funny Subwoofer StoryRichard Flanagan1
Quick questionAnonymous1
No bass from subwoofer. Bad pre-out?Randy Englehart14
Best $1,000 sub for Music?desertwndrr3
SPLW-15 good or POS!Gavin1
Any PSB SubSonic 7 owners out there?pete billow1
Unusual Sub Placement dilemaTPE4
Will running the sub through the amp speaker outs degrade quality? Anonymous1
Car Subs used as Home Theater Subs?Jacob Christensen4
Direct input or sub inputJustin.s1
Adding A sub to myHomeslice1
Do I need an amp for my subwoofer?Anonymous6
Bad SubsFrancis Miller1
Adire Rava 12" vs HSU STF-2 10"Benihana2
Car amps in dorm room?pioneer3
Would 'monster clean power help?'J. Vigne2
First Subwoofer.ali pearce1
Psb subsonic 6i SubwooferJames P9
Car sub Kicker round solobaric 12" for home theater?weedy22210
Best subs for truck boxSam Thomas1
Subwoofer novice.d lowe4
Subwoofer not workingRoy Wittock1
What Jl Audio amp configuration could I use for 2 12" W3v2's Andrew Gazdecki2
What is the best SPL Subwoofer for under $500?Andrew Gazdecki1
Need new $300 sub to go w/ new system..d lowe5
Plays bass when radio is offstevda41
Subwoofer Noise Question?Darren Kimsey3
Subwoofer not workingRoy Wittock1
Need help with subwoofer!Jdw1
Sub set-up with Athena speakersKyle Pisula1
Opinions on Velodyne DPS-10 Programmable SubwooferDan1234562
Need help with Car systemChristopher Lee2
Any ideas to make some use of my low-rent blown-amp sub ???Randy Englehart3
Velodyne VRP 1000, Klipsch KSW 10 or Athena AS400Christopher Lee2
Need helpAnonymous1
What Subs would be best with my amp????avenger97Es1
Why the hell are L5's gettin so cheap in crutchfield?:flaws?Anonymous1
Help!!!Daniel Santos1
Athena or Velodyne vinnie5
Best Sub for under 300$islandboy38
Dali Suite 1.2 or AAD C10i ???Aaron1
Powered Sub Under 200$Ricky Pearson2
Better Sub Alijahdom1
Hsu VTF3Sem2
Sub for NAD Stereo Pre-Amp / Paradigm Atom pairing3m3rson1
Powerful shallow substony2
Audiobahn Vs. Rockford Fosgate VS MTXqw twea2
Best sub hook upBerny7
Need help with sub selectionsSibrel1
Problem splicing sub into headphone jackBrad Johnson1
Want to use sub's crossover settingschouse131
Sub ConnectionsMunday5
Matching Sub with Speakers?Grant Harvey1
Best Box sub for Klipsch / Elite system?? -- SVS, HSU, Rocket, Velo...Chris12
Blew up the basscubeN Jackson1
How would someone hook up an aline subCory skoda2
Sony STR-DE597Cory skoda2
I NEED HELP! Wiring and other questionsCory skoda2
Help with Sub Selection...Kevin J.2
Some box info for my subs..MAttiobahn1
What is a subwoofer supposed to sound like?ydnarb frester3
Any experiences with JBL E250P or Klipsch KSW-12?Christopher Vendemio3
Velodyne DLS 3750 RRob Hilden5
Best Subwoofer for Music???Renaud Deschamps8
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