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Seems to be a lot of questions about how to hook up subs without any definitive answers. I know there are lots of different subs out there and it seems the hook up isn't very standardized.

My impression has been that a single cable (usually RCA) from the pre-out to the sub is best but some appear to accept either one or two (R/L). If you run a single cable from your pre-out is there any benefit to (or problem with) using a "Y" cable and plugging into both the R/L.



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When I came to this forum, I thought that it would be about reviews and professional opinions on high quality stereo equipment. I was wrong. It is nothing more than people acting like little kids. GROW UP! Bring us the stuff we want see. Technical facts and honest reviews. All this forum is about is Tom V. arguing with people saying that there is a sub out there that outperforms his. Tom V., from reading this forum, I have decided that your unprofessional attitude has turned me away from your company. You have just lost 1 customer due to your childish and un-business-like manner that you deal with the competition. I'M BUYING A HSU VTF-3!

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Wow, I thought this was just a simple question, not sure why it brought out the fire in you. I don't know who Tom V. is but if I find him I'll pass this along.

At any rate - enjoy your VTF-3.


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Conventional wisdom says that since the sub amp sums the L and R inputs, you'll get a "free" +6 dB of gain from splitting the single pre-out to the two inputs. Otherwise, use the single pre-out to single input and turn up the gain on the sub a bit! :o)

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tpl.....I think badass posted in the wrong thread, there is a thread about svs in which he was talking about. Tom V works for svs, in the thread there are people arguing with him in regards to the quality of his product. Childish to say the least, sorry I can't help with the question you presented

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What is the best way to hook up a sub? Polk says usually the worst way to hook up the subwoofer is through the subwoofer output jack. Any opinions? Here's the link. It's a real good read.

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It really should be up to the listener what the best sub hook up would be.
Experimetn witht he different settings and listen. Choose the one you like and stick with it.
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