Best Subwoofer for Music???


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What are peoples opinions of the best sub-woofer for Music???

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Vandersteen 2Wq - without a doubt!

Smooth, fast, dynamic, and most of all musical. Yet they go down to pipe organ realm. They also integrate well with highly musical speakers. You can get more bash and boom from other brands, but for music, you can't do better than Vandy's in my opinion.

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Thanks John.

I have heard Vandersteen is good.

Are there any other brands that are considered good?

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I did a little research on the Vandersteens.
They retail at $1295. So, not too cheap (To me anyway...).
They appear to be actually geared more for music than HT.
Vandersteen states that they "refused to compromise" between music and movies. Yet, I got the impression that the 2Wq really excells more in music and not so great for movies.
The fact that Vandersteen apparently added the V2W to their line-up to be used more specifically for HT further implies this to be the case.
I also read a couple of reviews that stated or implied that it would be better or best to have two of these sub-woofers because of noticable image shift. The alternative is to have the Subwoofer centraly located between your main speakers.
What are your thoughts on this?
What are the differences between the 2Wq and the older 2W?


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I also just found out that the Vandersteen 2WQ requires an Amp / Pre Amp combination. You would basically need components because you have to connect the Vandersteen crossover between the amp and pre-amp.
Is this true?
I already have a Pioneer Elite receiver. I don't think I could use the Vandersteen 2Wq's unless I plunked a ton of money on an entire new system.

The Vandersteen V2W is apparantly designed to be used with regular receivers.

How does the Vandersteen V2W sound with music compared to the 2Wq?

The V2W's are the ones that are geared more for home theater.

Do you loose many of the advantages the 2Wq has for music?

If you had to go with the V2W for $1300 because of ability to use with a receiver (instead of components) is it still worth the money?
Or are there better alternatives at that point?
Maybe for less money.....?

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I just bought a Denon micro with Energy C-1 speakers and I am considering adding a sub. Energy has one that they say is geared towards music...for "audiofile bass response".

Let's just say it's a more affordable option than the Vandersteens, and is the one I will probably pick up if I eventually do decide to add a sub.

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You're right LD, the Vandy's are not inexpensive... but then you didn't mention that as a requirement in your original post... you asked what was the best sub-woofer for music.

Okay, sorry for the jab.

The 2Wq is indeed geared more for music than home theater. The three 8" drivers in the Vandersteen sub's can start / stop / change much faster than a single larger driver. Yet together they provide the equivalent cone area of a 14+" driver. Fast, detailed, accurate... yet goes quite low.

It does require either separate preamp / power amp - which I happen to have - or an integrated amp or pre-pro with preamp out/line in connections or an EQ loop.

The V2W addes a front-firing 12" passive radiator for even greater SPL's (volume). This model operates directly off of line-level inputs, and can be driven directly from the subwoofer or low-frequency RCA outputs of your preamp/processor.

Both units utilize the "feed-forward" correction circuitry for accurate reproduction of the music or sound.

The 2Wq is more for music, but can be used in a musical home theater as well, and the V2W - although it's more for home theater - is still a very musical sub.

In almost every case two subs would provide a more full, and more even output than a single unit. No matter whose subwoofer you purchase.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, there are other options. If you're looking for a musical sub that can also do home theater, and won't break the bank, then take a look at the HSU VTF-3 Mk.II It was the lowest priced subwoofer to receive a "AAA" rating from Stereophile Guide to Home Theater... and it costs $1,000 LESS than any other unit to receive that rating! It's current price is only $699.

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I'm also after the best subwoofer for music and am hesitating between the Vandersteen 3 cone 'fast and tight' approach with a more classic approach. Do any of you know about REL (UK based). They only make subs. The interesting part to me seems to be the connections part.
You can connect the Rel via the speaker outputs on the amp (I have an Arcam 5.1 receiver) which gives a signal perfectly synchronised with the main speaker signal, AND connect it via a line-in from your line out sub output on the amp. You then have a switch (operated by a remote) to shift from one connection to the other depending on whether you're listening to stereo or 5.1.
Of course they claim their sound is the best, they only make "bass reinforcement" speakers, nothing else, so they have to make the best, etc.... but to their credit they did win numerous awards....
I've also heard that the Martin Logan subs were very good & comparable to the Rel.
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