Dali Suite 1.2 or AAD C10i ???


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Posted this in the "Speakers" thread without much of a response - didn't realise there is this specific "Sub" thread.
Please, any help/advice is appreciated.

Hi all.

About to purchase a Sub and am currently tossing up between an AAD C-10i ($750 AUD) and a Dali Suite S 1.2 ($900 AUD). In the "sub" Thousand dollar price range, we don't seem to have a whole lot of choice here in Australia. If someone has something else that they think I should look at, I'm happy to take on any sugestions..

Have listened to both the Dali & the AAD with the same DVD selections, though at two different retailers so very hard to gauge.

On paper the Dali reads a little better, though my gut feel is that I was happier with the sound of the AAD.

Major Specs
29-200Hz, 200w, 12" Air dried pulp cone, 22kg
22-200Hz, 160w, 10" high excursion woofer
Cast frame and 50 oz. magnet, 23kg

I cannot find zac/zip on the way of a quality review or info on the Dali (yes, I checked here) so I'm sending out a request for experiences with it, and perhaps some advice.

Anything appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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