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Im going to buy 2 kicker 15'' solobaric L7 and they can eather be a dual 2 ohm or a dual 4 ohm and its power range is 150-1000 with peak power handling 2000 watts. And for the amplifier I found that would push it at the power I wanted was a lanzar 2x1200W at 4 ohms Max, or I could run it at 2x1000w RMS at 2 ohms. What one would be better to run it at The 2 ohm or the 4 ohm ( im not sure if I should push the amp to its absolute limit at 4 ohms, but yet im also not sure if the amp is made to do that) and I also wanted to know if lanzar was a good amplifier to go with. And then my last question was if it's a dual 2/4 ohm could I have just one amplifier push 2 subs or can I only have I amp per sub when it's a dual 2/4 ohm?
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