What does??


hey, im not an expert on audio and especially subwoofers, so can you guys inform me of what some of the definitons mean? thankx

What does Phase mean?
What does Passive mean?
Forward fireing? Downward fireing? What do wattage mean interms of subwoofers.

Also i have a Pioneer 1014 receiver and i have jbl front speakers. I set all the speakers to LARGE because they all are, and on this receiver it doesnt have the ability to adjust the crossover setting for eatch speaker. its all together. it goes from 50,80,120,150,200hz. I set it at 50hz, and the subwoofer wasnt working at all, well it was but little sound was comming out. when i set it to 150, the subwoofer was really bangin. so what does this mean? And what do i set my receiver at.. Kinda sucks that it doesnt allow you to change the cross over for eatch speaker. thank you :-)

J. Vigne
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