Amp to drive 4 Ohm front speakers??


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If I have a receiver with pre-outs that does not support 4 Ohm Impedence speakers (my fronts), would it make sense to get an Amp to drive the front speakers? Hopefully this could be done in a cost effective way also? (used if necessary) Any suggestions?

Also, if this were done, I'm guessing all of the processing the receiver is doing (THX, DTS, Pro Logic, equilization, surround speaker calibration (delays, volume adjustments, etc.)) would be passed to the Pre-out of the Amp? If not, I guess it would hinder the ability to use the receiver to configure the home theater speakers?

Thanks for any info and help!!!

PS - I'm also considering just getting a Harmon Kardon AVR-300 (supposedly handles 4 Ohm speakers) or a Yamaha 5790 or 1500 (doesn't officially support 4 Ohm speakers but... probably would be ok?). I also could get a NAD T762 but it would be more costly... or even a Marantz 7300ose... I just dont' know how they'd handle the 4 Ohm speakers... :/

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Well, sir, all I know is that my NAD T763 will easily support 4-ohm speakers. The others? Sorry, don't know about them.
My "old" Onkyo 701 would NOT support 4-ohm - said so on the back.
I'd say "talk to a dealer," but we all know too well that they don't always know what they're talking about! Let the buyer beware. . .

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Your answer to the first part is yes all the processing and whatnot
does come out the preamp outs also.

And has plenty of nice (used) 2 channel amps that will handle
a 4 ohm load. That's what I would do! A nice 2 channel amp powering your
front speakers will probably in the longrun sound better and be cheaper
than a new reciever!

By running your front mains on a dedicated 2 channel amp leaves the
power supply in your reciever to just power the rest of the system and quite
a load will be taken off the reciever so it doesn't work as hard or
get as hot, not to mention the external 2 channel amp will more than
likely be of better quality then any recievers amps!

If your not sure what the specs are of a 2 channel amp you find just
do a google search and you'll find out!

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How about volume control (or other controls to adjust the characeristics of the sound)? Would I need to control the front speakers through the amp? Or would the controls on the receiver work by affecting the signal to the preamp outs?

Thanks for the help Kegger! It is GREATLY appreciated! Any recommendations on 2 channel amps to drive PSB Stratus Bronze/Silver speakers that may be available for <$200 ? Does it matter if the amp is 'old' - from the 80's for instance? Or are they basically the same now as they were then?

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"How about volume control (or other controls to adjust the characeristics of the sound)? Would I need to control the front speakers through the amp? Or would the controls on the receiver work by affecting the signal to the preamp outs? "

The controls on the receiver work by affecting the signal to the preamp outs!

There are so many on there I wouldn't know where to start as far as brands go.
What I usually do is check my area first then expand from there.
You can do a search by putting in say the first 2 digits of your zipcode
and find some things near you then research those.
Where do you live and whats your zipcode?

There are excelent 2 channel amps from the 60's and today so anything is possable.
But there is also some not so good stuff from both now and then.

You may even want to get your first taste of tube gear!
There are plenty of 2 channel tube amps on there as well but you'd probably
nead to up your amount to somewhere in the $500 range to get something descent!

If you find something that interests you generally you can do a google
search on it and find what others feal about it.
And or post here for some thoughts.

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Don't start with the tube talk! You know, when you, Jan and the others started talking about tube amps, I started thinking back when an uncle of mine was always tinkering about with his tube equipment. Always experimenting with his audio gear, reminds me of Doc Emmett Brown.
He gave me my first audio equipment, I remember the name Radiowealth and RCA. It served as a nightlight and heater in my room.
So Kegger, where do I start?


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berny take a look here and ask any question you like!

Also a dynaco st70 is a great place to start and there all over the place!
If your a tinkerer and like to mod or rip things apart and rebuild them
on of these will get you on your way!

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I live in Ontario, Canada. Seems to be harder to find audio stuff up here (many people in the US won't ship to Canada, etc.)

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Would this be a good amp to drive PSB Stratus Bronze or Silver front speakers (they are 4 Ohm speakers), instead of using a receiver (that probably could handle the load, but won't officially support 4 Ohm loads).

My other option is to just get a Harmon Kardon AVR 330 or 630 that does support 4 Ohm loads - but would I likely get better sounds/performance from a seperate amp on the fronts?

(I think I'm becoming an audiophile....... my budget has already crept up significantly for my complete system!)

Thanks again!!!!!

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being as though the silvers are as follows:

"The woofers each work at different frequencies. One works from 26Hz to 500Hz, while the other takes over from 500Hz to 2100Hz, which means the system seems to work in a quasi three way configuration.

Rated at 4 ohms, this speaker could put demands on entry to mid level receivers, since their power supply would have to produce the ample current that these speakers may demand at higher power levels.

The enclosure is of the vented type with a 2.5" port. Sensitivity, or efficiency, was measured at 91dB and power handling is rated at 200 watt. Frequency response is 26Hz to 24 kHz."

I would think the rotel would be fine for them!

I have noticed quite a few canadians on the audiogon site but i don't
know if you can just search canada, that's a shame too as there are generally
some very nice units on there.


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I have a Carver 900 receiver and a pair of dbx
sf1000 speakers/4 ohms (everything circa 1987-1988). Last night just for the heck of it I switched my inexpensive budget tv to surround, routed the audio to the Carver and the dbxs lit up the room. What is the best way (if there is a way) to utilize this equipment for surround? What speakers could be used as surrounds/center to match the dbx pair? Is there any gear that could "convert" the Carver to send 5.1 as the receiver has inputs for four speakers
only? I realize a new receiver may be in order
due to the age of the equipment, but the speakers
are still rock solid. The Carver is rated 90 watts per at 4 ohms.

Thanks from one whose friends call him "The Dinosaur". I don't even have a dvd player...yet.


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