Nad c352 or cambridgeaudio azur 640a?


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There is anyone who have already heard this combination?:
Nad c352 with cambridge audio 640C,
compared with,
cambridge audio 640A with 640C.
What is the diffrences between the 2 combination(i am meaning to the differences in the medium vocal and the details of the sound and the low bass )


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Although I haven't heard these particular models, I've seen plenty of people returning Azurs in favour of C352s.

To rate by example, this brand further down the food chain, I have a brand new Cambridge A5, which I find hopelessly dissapointing next to a 20 year old NAD, the 3225PE.

I think you'll find detail in the 640A - but you'll get a much heftier 'thump' for your money with the C352 as well of plenty of detail, if the majority of reviews are to be believed. Possibly, this would apply to lovers of Rock music and pop, especially. I've had a few Cambridge products over the years, I've found them to be well built, nice to look at, but a bit weak in the bass and low-mids.

Its not for anyone else to advice you on a purchase, as you should listen for yourself, but as purely personal choice, I would not touch the CA 640 amp, if I could afford the NAD C352.

Again, personally, I would indeed be tempted to try a 640C player with the NAD. I believe it to be a very good player for the money and am looking at possibly buying one myself in future. Again, I will listen before I make that choice, as there are other good players on the market.

Try looking up some reviews through a search engine. Not all reviews are biased with favouritism, financial or otherwise. A good source I have found is: =


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why not just stick with nad if you buy the c352 and get the c542 cdp. I own the 541i and it is quite good.

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Well, after reading some reviews on the alleged noisy transport of the CA Cdps, I probably will go for the NAD after all.


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Cross Posted as the question was asked in another thread:

I currently have the NAD C352 and Cambridge Audio 640C combination in conjunctin with EPOS M5 speakers.

Initially I purchased the 640A and 640C but after 1 Month had to change the amp as it didn't suit my ear. I found the cambridge audio combo to brash for my tastes to the extent that I was constantly turning the amp down.

I traded the 640A in for the C352 and am much happier with the sound. The harshness has gone the detail remains and there is now a greater amount of bass. The sound generally sounds more well balanced and warmer wheras prior to the amp change the bass was lacking and I found the sound generally too clinical. All in the humble opinion of myself and my ear. ;)
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