Choosing between NAD Pre/Power or AV Integrated?


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I am trying to choose between alternate setups based on my existing NAD amplifiers (2150 and 3150). My desired setup is a multi-room situation with speakers in six different rooms (mostly Mission bookshelf speakers) and a pair of Mission m75s in the living room for when I actually have time to sit down and listen to music.

One idea has me buying the C162 preamp and C272 power amp, a combination which I have seen praised here and elsewhere. Since the C162 has two pre-outs, I could send one to the C272 and the other to the 2150--this would give me two power amps--I could then hook up a series switch (or switches) such as the QED SS22 to run all the speakers.

Of course, if I could split the source coming from the C162 that would get the power stage of the 3150 involved as well, but I've been told that splitting the source is not recommended--is this true even for the C162, which supplies a 15V pre-out? Also, since the 3150 has a built-in preamp stage, I guess I could use the tape monitor from the C162--technically ganging two preamps together--but this could be flirting with the dark side.

My other choice (as I see it) is the NAD T773--a 7.1 A/V amp which would give me all kinds of speaker and surround options, and a nifty zone 2 remote with separate source control. The T773 is kind of overkill for me, though, since I rarely watch movies and have a tiny TV invisible to the naked eye. Also this option is about a thousand CAD more than option A--I could probably use the thousand bucks to upgrade my cabling and interconnects.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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