Hi friends


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hello to evryone
i need your advice on wich amplifiers to buy and how to get the best out of it, here is my situation
basically i need to put a stereo system in my bulding wich is a three floors storey and is all
open there is a cut out in the middle from each floor im thinking of running 10 speakers 6 to ground floor and four on the third im looking for a professional amp quite powerfull to gain not the loudness of the music but the crispness and would
a parrallel way of wiring the speaker be ok?
i thank you in advance

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I think NAD makes a 12chan x 80 watt amp (NAD C 9120 -- or something like that) for custom installations. I can't speak to wiring etc but as far as an amp goes it might do the trick. I don't know much about custom installs / multi room/zone stuff but with any luck someone else here will help you out.

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What type of space is this? Residential or commercial?

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hi lester
is commercial purposes any advice you can give me
would be very much appriciated
regards nino

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Hay Nino,

Couple options...
>Commercial, 70v system. You can daisy chain wire from speaker to speaker, which in your case, means one, two conductor speaker wire to each floor, where it will feed all the speakers on that floor. The amp sends out constant voltage to the speakers. Each speaker has a small transformer which pulls a certain amount of wattage from the signal, so, if you have a 100w amp, you can run 20 speakers taped at 5w, or 40 speakers taped at 2.5w etc...You can also mix the taped wattage, sending 5w to speakers you want to be little louder, and a lesser wattage to others for a lower volume.
Search "bogan" and "toa" for info on 70v amps and systems. Also search "70v system" or "commercial audio systems".

>Regular home system. By summing the line level signal from a CD player, you could feed a mono signal into your amp. Feed that into a six way speaker selector and you get twelve, mono speakers throughout the space. More if you use a large speaker transformer. You can add stereo or mono volume controls to adjust levels if needed. You will, however, have to pull home runs to each speaker from the amp, which means a lot more wiring.

Hope this helps.


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What is this stuff?
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