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NAD C352 v. C372narongle3
How do I bridge my Luxman M-113 power amp!Sterling Llamas1
Multi room audio systemLester2
Home audio systemsscott grusell1
Connecting a philips lx3600d 5.1 to a soundblaster live 5.1colin wilkinson1
Nad C372 / C370/ 319sporilov5
Recommended AmplifierChristopher Lee7
Onkyo receiver problemShawn Ryan1
Amp fusesChristopher Lee2
Nikko Alpha 130 power amplifierTodd Hartman1
REM TerminalRDS112
How do i set up my DJ system? here is all my equipment!!laurence14
Multiple Speaker Setupnout5
New to just HOME audio, need helpChristopher Lee2
Krell kps-20il playback systemWake Mitchell1
Help with reciever and speakersjeff singh1
Cambridge Audio Azur 640a amplifierbgokani96
Source materialNuck3
Did I blow my amp?Christopher Lee3
3 Amps 4 SubsIce3
Preference for amps?Chris1
Paradigm Titan, Sonic Impact t-amp, remote controlLex Luthor's Morning1
Marantz PM 7200Anonymous11
Reccomend me an Amp.Tom F1
AMP HELPron blacketer1
Class a makes a differencenout1
Power Supply Questionlofton3162
LXI Power Amp???? Anyone herd of it?Mc_X_iT5
Will this setup workout(marantz 6000KI, NAD 320BEE, Wharfedale Diam...dafid21
Lookink for samsung AS-3500 paola1
Bi-amp or Pre-poweS.G.Z1
Can you hook up an amp without a cd playerArthur Kyle2
Which amp for under $300?Christopher Lee7
Voltage QuestionJan Vigne2
Thanks to Mr. Dustin Stock10
My amp is not working properlyMike z.2
Guitar, Bass ampSun King2
Acoustic energy Vs b&wManish Pal3
Need help finding the right amp for my kicker subssojiaraggs90004
My Boss amp goes into protect mode everytime the subs hit.....scott DeBaker3
The future: Digital ampJohnny1
Help With System Control...?Steven12131
Luxman M-400Butch Rupright1
Nad 370 Cutting Out!My Rantz11
Advice needed. Looking for an amp for Martin Logan MontageKonstantin Gariaev1
Suggestion for a cheap home stereo ampBen Manea7
Can i play c.d's thru my ampDexter4
connect 2 Marantz1060 int amps togetherCharles Wiebe9
Wiring 4 Speakers to Amp with output 2 ChannelsFTH2
Old Amps and new Wires...will it work?Rick Barnes2
What amp should I buySun King2
Running a Guitar through a Hi Fi Amp - with a Catch!Jazzy1
Need Advice On Power Amp...Jan Vigne4
Question about currentEric Ramsey11
Sony V-FET ampsslepoe5
Dts questionVenkata Arni8
Luscious nad C372cooper3552
Advice on a 2-channel systemAnthony Zaun10
Sony TA AX380 AmpSuemi1
Bridging NAD 7100 to 2100Anonymous2
Is there a difference between an amp and receiver???senador6
Big difference with bi-wiring?bumblebee18
Anyone selling a house amp 1600+ wattsDameion Livingston1
What about used?Greenthumb6
Does volume really affect power?budget minded2
C320BEE and wharfedale 9.1s, any comments?bumblebee4
Question about AmpsBarry Bonds6
AMP HELP!!My Rantz2
Sony TA-VE150 or Yamaha NS-P220Simon1
Difference between Cambridge Audio Azur 340A and NAD C320BEESun King2
NAD C352Jay Wolfson9
Mmg's?budget minded7
NAD 320BEE + Diamond 8.2?Arthur Kyle6
Using a micro/mini system for an amplifier ( Electric guitar )Justin from Canada1
Smell burning AMPLIFIER help me pleasE!Dappaman5
Loudness..John A.6
Which amp?Anonymous1
Wahoo...Have i really found a solution for computer based hi-fi!Jelvis1
What amp to use and why.Christopher Lee2
How to install a 12v for remot wire Christopher Lee2
Specs on an old ampDustin Stock1
AT power supplies... (Please help)Franklin_Jr2
Why does a pure Class A amp run so hot ?budget minded17
Price vs powerbudget minded8
Got NAD320BEE, looking to match speakersbudget minded12
Has anyone actually connected a souncard, preferably the Audigy 2 Z...Tevo2
General question about buying an ampTevo2
Tiger .01 ampsJan Vigne4
Ohms?James letourneau1
Akai aa-v305jeff kriegsman1
Bass guitar with a guitar ampWEC5
Torn between ampsFrank Abela3
My dream system...I need help!Frank Abela2
Building system around Thiel 1.5 speakersJasdeep2
Car sub at home - noise!!!!!! please help!Ben3
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