How do i set up my DJ system? here is all my equipment!!


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i have purchased a new system, now i need to know how to hook it up and what wires i need. a diagram would be great

I have (7) 400 watt speakers (2-way)

i have (1) EP2500 Behringer Amp 2 x 1200 Watts Power Amplifier

i have (1) EP1500 Behringer Amp 2 x 700 Watts into 2 Ohms, or 1,400 Watts
into 4 Ohms bridged mono operation

i have (1) Super-X PRO CX-2310 Crossover

and i have (1) Behringer Mixer Board VMX-1000

im not sure what the best wiring is to use for speakers also.

i was thinking about putting 4(highs?) speakers on the larger amp and 3(Lows?) on the smaller amp. please help. im a little confused as to how all the speakers should be setup and how they connect. if i could get a diagram from someone that would be great. thank you!!


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im sorry its 6 speakers

here is the info on the six speakers, they are all the same

Technical Info:
Monopole Speaker
Ported (bass-reflex) Enclosure
Spring loaded quick-connects terminals
Cone Transducer
Frequency response (+/-3 dB): 33 to 25,000 Hz, +/-3 dB
400 Watts Maximum recommended power
High Efficiency Monitor Produces Full Sound even at Low Power
Nominal speaker impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity/efficiency (1 watt @ 1 meter): 94 dB
Two 2.5-inch horn tweeters per speaker
One 12-inch cone woofer
One 9-inch midrange horn
Spring Loaded Rear Quick-Connects
28.75"H x 15.75"W x 12.25"D in.
33 pounds

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you don't really need the crossover if all of your speakers are full range. crossovers are for either adding stand alone subwoofers or for bi-amping your speakers. you don't say if your speakers have seperate high and low connectors for biamping.

if that were the case, you're run all of your highs through the smaller amp and all of your lows through the larger amp as bass eats more power.

as your speakers are all full range from your description, run one pair off the small amp and the other 2 pairs (2L + 2R) off the large amp. use the same positive to positive negative to negative wiring for two speakers per channel. this will give your amp a 4 ohm load. (parallel)

if you directly wired the negative of one speaker into the positive of the other and the remaining positive to positive and negative to negative on each channel of the amp (series) you would be loading it at 16 ohms.

save the crossover in case you get some 15" subs and another amp.

you could try biamping all of your speakers if they have 2 sets of inputs per speaker to see which sounds best.

i wouldn't recommend that though as you'd have to tax your amps with 2 ohm loads or mix series and parallel wiring for 6 ohms i think.

you also might want to try turning the top speakers upside down if you stack them to put the tweeters closer together.

a local club's band system sounded like crap in the highs until the flipped the top spakers.

a little trial and error will help you find what setup works best. remember too that everything you add to your signal chain adds distortion. if you don't need the crossover... you'll probably get slightly cleaner sound without it.

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so are you saying i can only use 4 speakers? i didnt quite understand that part?

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now how are you distributing them. are you saying 4 speakers as the lows and 2 as highs. and how would you line them up from left to right
high low low low low high or what else?

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i'm saying connect two speakers "normally" to each channel of your big amp and 1 speaker per channel on your small amp.


if words don't work, i drew a quick but sloppy diagram with paint. you should get the idea from that if nothing else.
and that comes to 6

i'm suggesting you run all of your speakers FULL RANGE. no high and low biamping. they sound like speakers that already have crossovers.

i'll try to describe it this way:
left = 2 speakers
right = 2 speakers
left = 1 speaker
right = 1 speaker

no crossover. no highs vs. lows

it would be tough to biamp your speakers as you have an odd number per side.... 3 left, 3 right. if you wanted to biamp, i'd suggest dropping a pair of speakers.

just run them all full range. 4 on the big amp and 2 on the small one. that is the easiest way to do it.

if words won't explain it, i created a quick diagram with paint. (i had to reconnect two times to post it as the first bitmap wouldn't go through)


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by the way... "big" and "small" are your amplifiers and their power differences, NOT bass and treble. all speakers are full range.

the big amp will be driving 4 ohms while the small one drives 8 ohms if you set up this way.

all of the speakers should be fairly close in volume level with this setup. just make sure that you position the two "small amp" speakers directly across from each other (or left/right) when you set up or you could have left to right volume changes if the 4 big amp speakers are louder or quieter than the small amp pair.

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ok, can you get me a diagram for this now, i am taking away two of these speakers, and adding two dual subwoofers. so i still have the crossover, and the amps, how do i set this up. and how would you put the speakers, from left to right. high high low low high high or something like that?? thanks

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dude...ok if i were you i would totally start over with your choice of equipment...but im here to help...ok what i would do is keep 4 of the 6 speakers then sell 2...with the money you get buy 2 of these:

then build a simple sub box or buy one:

Then for a sub amp look at crest, crown, qsc, or mackie...

well thats my 2 cents...

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then just put the crossover in front of your small amp and replace your 3rd pair of spakers with your subs.

your 4 main speakers will still need approximately 2X the power of your subs and your sound will be pretty closely matched. you can then tune your system by raising your subs crossover frequency until your system starts to sound boomy. once it does, lower your crossover frequency and or the power to your subs.

still run your 4 main speakers full range... then you can use the bass in your mains along with your subs.

4 mains and 2 subs is an easier system to setup... just put your mains in the corners of the dance floor and your subs wherever there's the most room.

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thats the best idea i have so far, oh and mike i have a tight budget, and a short time span, so i dont really have time to be making speaker boxes or buying expensive amps with less power then the ones i have, i think this will work out just fine! thanks everyone

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you'll also get a free bass boost from any speaker placed in the actual corners of a room by turning the walls into "horns" of sorts.

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hi pls pls pls i need desperate help ive just started mixing and bought my 1st ever dj set up which is as follows

2 x denon dns 5000
1 x denon dnx 1500
1 x korg kaoss pad 2
1 x kenwood amp
2 x jbl speakers

the problem im having is ive tried every single combination to connect the kaoss pad to my set up but it only works through headphones i know my mixer is not faulty cos kaoss pad didnt work on 2 other mixers i tried at mates houses. i also know kaoss pad is not faulty cos i bought 2 and its still the same problem. im hoping someone can advise. im so pissed off if i cant solve this problem im gonna sell all my kit off. were in the world are you all? im from uk

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