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question..i got a pioneer gm-x952 amp and 2 10inch subs...and a car do i hook this up so that it can play from my computer..i have a phone jack to rca that is imputing sound into the amp. I have the negative and positive hooked up to the leads on the car battery. This gives me a low power one last thing is system control. I put a wire from system control to the positive terminal to get full power light on. But i still get NO bass or sound out of my page=1&size=full

Well I know the battery is full like I said the only thing that is puzzling me is if i hooked it up properly.

2 - 10' Subs not in bridged mode, just regular

Postive and Negative terminals hooked up properly to the battery.

Last thing that might be going wrong is "System Control", when i place a wire from System Control to the positive terminal the "light" that indicates the amp is on goes to full brightness.

I don't know about the imput though...just has 2 rca that you can imput from a device. hmm maybe I didn't hook it up right with the power..the diagram in the manual was confusing. Someone may be able to help with the system control? and how to hook it up because I don't have a system just trying to play sound from my computer.
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