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I am just getting back into stereo, and want to get the best sound possible for what I can spend. My salesman says he can save me money by putting together a package that includes returned or demo gear. It would be backed by original manufacturer. Is this a mistake?

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Probably not. As long as the system is matched for sound quality and not just price, there should be no problem.


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I agree. One of the myths of the hifi world is continual progress. It produces consumer dissatisfaction with anything that is not the latest model, and so stimulates sales. But it has nothing to do with getting the best sound for the money.

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Agree with both above posters!

Also try AUDIOGON.COM for good used gear, I do!

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as long as the used equipment is good to begin with and is in good condition, USED gear really is a better deal. with speakers in particular... demo gear is better because it's already broken in. it will sound better right out of the box.

if you can get demo gear that also includes a full warranty, you have nothing to lose.

i totally agree with the other poster's "consumer dissatisfatction driven market" comment.

don't get me started on digital cable and high speed internet! dialup and antenna all the way!

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Thank you all for your comments.
I have (slow) dialup and no TV- saving all my pennies for some old school sound (2 channel).
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