NAD C352 v. C372


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I have a pair of B&W CM4 floorstanding speakers and want to get a powerful integrated to drive them.

(Right now I am using an Audio Refinement Complete integrated, 50-wpc, sweet sound but not much bass and no oomph.)

I was thinking of either the 352 or the 372. The latter has more watts but does the 352 perhaps sound better? Has anyone compared them?

I want a really good kick-butt amp with strong bass.

Ideally I'd like to get the extra oomph without sacrificing the smoothness of the AR Complete.

Toward that end, maybe I need to spend more and go with Musical Fidelity or Krell? Has anyone compared those "high-end" integrateds to the NAD models?

Thanks for any thoughts, suggestions, etc.


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Take a look at the messages about the C372/C370/319. My advice is steer clear of the C372 or C352 if you want bass (can't comment on the C370).And if you're lucky enough to find a 319 (I've just got mine, new, last in stock, for £239 - a £500 amp in 1999)then buy it.

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Sound is not any significantly difference but C372 will give you more power to drive and some additional features like two speaker sets selection function. I would say if you do not have budget limit problem then go for C372 or else C352 would be fine. I currently used C352, it's really great cost-performance IA.
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