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I have 4 Subs And 3 Amps. I Wanted To Hook them Amps Together. 2000 watt amp goes to the 2000 watt Speakers & the 1200 watt amp goes to the 1200 watt Speakers. In total I want to Push 3200 watt. The 3 amp is a Small 600 amp that i want to hook to my 400 watt 6 x 9s. How can I Hook all Three Amps Together and Will it Kill My Battery?

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go to the Car Audio section

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not only will it kill your battery, it will probably kill your alternator. Get a High Output Alternator, and consider a cap. Hook the cap up before your three amps, that way it will even out when voltage is low. Get 4-way distribution block (find one that suits the size wire you will use, the battery wire to the disribution block ussually is bigger. I would go for, 0 gauge input and 3 4gauge output). Im not sure how your going to hook up your RCA's, ive never hooked up three amps, but the remote wire doesnt always have to come from your Head Unit. The remote wire is kind of like the execution software on a computer. It tells it to turn on when you turn your car on. You could basically bridge remote wire from the positive on your amp to the remote input on your amp, and that will work just fine, but the amp will always be on. You will probably have to connect all 3 remote wires to your head unit, and run them to each amp. Im not sure if thats the proper way to do it, but it sounds reasonable.
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