Suggestion for a cheap home stereo amp


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Hi I am interested in some suggestions for a cheap stereo amplifier that sounds good. I don't need surround sound or Dolby DTS or AM/FM radio. Just interested in a stereo amplifier that has RCA inputs and at least one set of speaker outputs. The speakers I have are Cambridge Soundworks Model Six 8 ohm 150 watt speakers. I would like something under $200 if posible. Any suggestions?

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You could consider one of these.

Or a little less power and money without Phono input

Or search for "integrated amp".

This guy has Yamaha's in your price range. %26

And a review.

Have fun...

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you can buy used NAD amps dirt cheap on ebay. they play louder than their power ratings suggest, but with polite sounding softdomed speakers, NAD can sound downright muffled.

if you ever want to try magnepan speakers, NAD is the cheapest game in town that can safely handle 4 ohm loads.

i like my onkyo reciever better with my NHT superzeros because it's "bright" treble perks their imaging and clarity up a notch. they have also made integrated amps in the past.

the differences between amps aren't as big as the differences between speakers unless you match an amp that has the same sound as the speakers (unless both are neutral)

bright + bright is too bright
onkyo and mission m71s is too bright and fatiquing

polite + polite is too polite
nad and superzeros is downright muffled sounding
and so on.

both speakers match the other amps better.

i'd say find out what sound you'd like from your speakers and then match it with the right amp. do you want to mellow them out or perk them up?

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Look around on eBay for a vintage tube amp. Most will handle 4/8/16 ohms.

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hey budget minded,

what onkyo receiver are you using?

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Some older Denon stereo integrated amps are very reasonably priced and have very detailed sound. I am very happy with PMA-700V (circa 1986). But not sure if Denon sounds good with your speakers.

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For under $200, it will be hard to get anything new or decent for that matter.

I would wait and save more money. Here are a few of my picks if I were you. Look for used parasound, b&k, adcom, and rotel just to name a few. You will be able to find these brands on ebay.
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