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I've just bought the NAD C372 and I'm disappointed with the bass - I've got Eltax symphony 6 floor standing speakers,and my amp before was a Kenwood 7090R (good soundstaging, hefty base but not very detailed sound).I've seen messages saying the C370 had better bass and I'm wondering if this was also true of the 319 (reviews suggest it was)because the same shop I bought the C372 from is selling their last 319 for £239. Would the difference in bass make it worth buying - despite its being an older model and weaker in other areas (can't find a C370 anywhere)?

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I would stick with the c372 over the 319 its a better all around amp... That being said, how long have you run the c372, give it some time to stretch it's legs? Perhaps your speaker wire needs a changin, what guage is it, go to 12 or even 10 if you don't have it..

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Thanks for that, unbridled id - I've only had the c372 for a few days so obviously not long enough for proper 'burn in'. I've seen messages saying it sounds crap for the first few days and claiming it takes 100 - 200 hours before the c372 really settles in, which seems a hell of a long time, and one person claimed it took a month...but I wouldn't have thought the bass would improve much - but maybe so. I think my speaker wires are o.k. so I guess I should be patient for a while to see how the sound changes over the next few weeks.

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I'll just throw my ten penneth in....
I think the C370 has more prominent bass than the C372. However it's a bit of a trade off as the C372 has a more detailed midrange and it's a warmer sound. The C370 has an airy midrange which I prefer (more spacing between instruments creating a bigger 3D soundstage) but the C372 does sound gorgeous with most material. I do agree though, for such a powerful amp which gets the sound so right just about everywhere, that bass is a tad light. Only a tad mind, I'm not slating it. A well produced cd will sound fine. As for the 319, I've never heard one. Quick internet reviews seem to speak quite highly of the bass but then they do for most Nad amps. Why don't you try it out in the shop?

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And the winner is....the 319. Maybe it's my stunted listening sensibilities, but to my ears the 319 is far superior to any of the amps I've had to listen to in the last few weeks (Cambridge A40A, NAD C352, NAD C372). The bass is excellent, very powerful but controlled, the treble could be more refined but is never harsh (as it sounded to me with the C372 as well as the others), it's dynamic and detailed. Could it be that NAD's newer models are examples of the law of diminishing returns - in ditching their trademark sound (as you said, Sun King if you're reading this)and following the fashion for a supposedly more 'pure' and refined sound, is NAD sacrificing too much, particularly the bass?. Perhaps I'm just a throwback to an earlier hi-fi period and can't appreciate the subtleties of the newer any case I'd be reluctant to recommend them, but I'd definitely recommend the 319. Each to their own I suppose.Anyway, thanks for your comments.
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