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In need of home audio power ampBrandon Ray Hacker1
Bridging NAD 7155/2155jim johnston3
Help! Amp making buzzing noise!Jan Vigne10
Amp trouble help!!Bill Owen7
SETTON AMP can I make it a PRE-AMP ???steve comenole4
What kind of cable is this? Pros please help. Thank You hoanghai nguyen2
Speakers for NAD 352pDanman4
Rotel 10 please helphoanghai nguyen3
Marantz PM75,PM 75, PM-75 Info help?Mike3
Using my 30watt amp to power speakers?downgrader7
Adcom GFA-7607 - Need some helpDakulis10
Just purchased a Panasonic DVD-S77budget minded13
Suggestions...budget minded7
Wire helprobert bocek3
Yamaha A-460sigossman2
Whole home audio questionFrank Abela3
Buying oneignacio seibane4
Amp or Receiver needed?Jan Vigne17
Amp or ReceiverChristopher Lee5
Help with Rotel RB-970BXStu Pitt8
Advice/help plsrohan babla1
Need your opinion guysbudget minded4
If a amp had a fan in it all ready...budget minded15
Hooking up subs and ampChristopher Lee6
Will a power amp help..Frank Abela3
Need Advice on Whole House Audio for 16 Speaker PairsGregory Stern3
Need Yamaha AX900 Schematic Vasiu Petru Emanuel1
Amp For Soundlab Cabsbowza1
Advicesam george13
Does anyone have an opion on which is better.budget minded5
NAD C320BEE or Mrantz PM7200KIbudget minded4
Audiofonicsbear paws4
TestArt Kyle3
How much power will my sys pull?specialneedskid3
Onkyo CR-505Griswold6
Lightning struck! Need new amplifierGregory Stern2
Am I getting enough power?Rantz12
Looking for a new receiver for my HT system.budget minded6
Can u make a car amp into a house amp?Mike Carlson4
Can i hook a car amp up to my home stereo?Mike Carlson22
Running music from PC thru Technics stero nettie williams1
Adding external stereo amplifier to NAD T752Jan Vigne2
Problem with Amplifier Blowing FusesRobert Brook3
Denon avr 2106 v denon 2805 v avr 985s KV Desai1
Some help with Yamaha RX V590Rick Nolan6
Marantz 2230 as a preamp?bear paws6
Quad 99 stereo power amp HELPDAVID PUGH10
Amp to power ht subwoofersKenneth W Wiley3
Which would you choose and why?Ben James6
Quick referenceNuck1
Interconnects and wiresnout3
Should I add an amp to my integrated amp? Why?Nuck3
Help connecting a 4ohm speaker to a 8ohm (500w) amp -- Home Audio...Nuck4
Need to buy an amp...not sure integrated/pre..for a pair of bookshe...budget minded7
Pro Audio vs home audio need ur opinionbudget minded4
Cambridge Audio,Nad,1,000,000 Watts,Newbiesbudget minded7
Marantz SR4300 DTS DecoderNuck3
Help PleaseNuck3
1200.1 or 1250.1 digitalCaleb Armstrong1
Monster s-100Jan Vigne2
Help with upgrading my really bad receiver...HKminded20
McIntosh MC2105Jan Vigne3
Power vs SPL & Voltage vs PressureJan Vigne2
110v to 240v?Jan Vigne2
Luxman Amp: Repair or trash?Jonny5
Cheap amp to power car sub?hondarider1
A few questionsLuke2
Bi-amping 2 Different Amps??Jan Vigne6
Bi-wiring for cambridge audio equipmentRob W3
Line level to instrument amp input??Jan Vigne9
Which power amp for bose 901 series VI ? Art Kyle4
Questions on Using External Ampbudget minded3
Alpine amp/sub help...Jexx3
Need help with Home audio system - laymans termsJan Vigne8
New stereobudget minded4
Is it a power or pre amp that I needbudget minded11
McIntosh 2100 Amp?Jan Vigne11
Linn Classik K or Cambridge 640A + 640CNutty1
Using an Integrated Amp as a Preamp sourcebudget minded7
Need help with 720 watt jenson ampRyan Alt2
Guitar Amp sound upgrade (please respond fast)Ryan Alt2
Separate volume control for speaker pairsbudget minded5
Need help hooking up some speakers to a kenwood ampbudget minded4
What is the best Cables to use when connecting the amp to pre-amp?Alex Silva6
Integrated amp or receiver for beginner system?vince mirabelli20
Anyone here own norh Le Amp IIs or IRD MB-100s? budget minded7
Marantz PM 57 amp - cutting out problem please helpdavesolo2
Emotiva MPS-1budget minded2
Can this workbudget minded2
Help connecting amp to Panasonic Mini Systembudget minded8
NAD 2600A --- Experiences and OpinionsByron Breedlove3
Is B & K preamp the best ever made...budget minded56
How do u hook up a car cd player into the house?Jexx14
DIY Computer Speakersbudget minded6
A budget amp.budget minded13
Naim Nait 5i with dynaudio audience 52vince mirabelli3
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