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Amp for Headphones?Jennifer31
Amp A for Amp B?Andre Money7
Found a NAD 3140, now to get it working...Gary Galvin3
NAD 2140 AvailableGary Galvin2
Use Of An Inverter?Andre Money5
QED Silver Anniversary XT or Chord Carnival Silver Plus?J. Jarvis29
Lindemann AmpsDENNIS BUSH1
Component stacking order?M.R.7
Marantz PM 94Jan Vigne4
Multiple rooms of speakersJan Vigne11
New to seperate amps....found a couple i'm interested in...opinions...Berny9
Amp upgradeCiro Nigri5
Suggest a good speaker cable, perhaps?J. Jarvis9
Ampifier's current output ratingsVPI18
First Correct answer, reduxNuck30
Denon Amp and the Vienna Acoustics?Brian Necker5
Bridging Non-Bridgeable AmpsJan Vigne11
HK3380 Vrs Entry Level SeparatesStephen Munz12
Yamaha Optical Input to Analog Connection ProblemsNuck2
Drawings Needed of Sansui Receiver RZ5100AVIgal Oren1
Newbie question re Niles 1260CT1
Which amplifier conform to Tannoy Fusion 3develara5
Anyone tried the Isotek GII Solus or similars products?Carlos Moreira1
Anyone tried the Isotek GII Solus or similars products?Carlos Moreira1
NAD vs. Rotel cost -to-quality comparisondevelara7
Amp and Source SuggestionsMichael3
Amp OutputNuck3
It's the amp, stupidDan8
Best song on YOUR kit?J. Jarvis32
Cambridge audio remote volume only work with cd player?J. Jarvis1
B&K 200.7 ?Nuck4
Tube vs Solid StateJohn Boros13
2 channel reciever, wouldnt this be the same as an amp?Nuck9
NAD M3 - Outstanding Amp!Robert Hesson11
Noise on ampian hopkins5
Marantz PM7200 + subwoofer - HOW TO ??Nuck9
I'd like a comparrison between NAD and Marantz please...Anubis37
Best Budget Surround Receivers?kyle robinson16
Money burning in my pocket what to get, what to get?budget minded16
QM Sound SpeakersCheng Kim Wai1
NAD Amp 304 Power ProblemNick Cleverley6
To choose a tube full or hybridJan Vigne16
AMC CVT2030 Bytesiz4
Macintoch amp with Aiwa top of lineSven Eriksson3
Amp working queryJan Vigne4
Adcom GFA-7807Nuck7
Nad 3130RAY ISAAC1
£3k Amp AdviceNuck2
Off topicNuck8
Car Amp Inside?Nuck8
Need help getting an ampGreg Marquart2
Subwoofer Plate AmpPaul Larrea1
Will this work to hook up a car amp insideLuvH8Luv17
Help - new to this!!!Tim Dailey1
Advice pleaseJonathan Myles5
Musical Fidelity A3.5 or Primare I20 for Dynaudio 72SE ?angello2
Yorick ross1
Value of balanced connections?Frank Abela10
Amp adviceJoe Schlicht8
Kenwood KR-5400..Any info. ?LuvH8Luv1
Hong Kong Tube ampDakulis22
12v triggerDakulis3
Poll: Behringer EP2500angello3
Is this a good deal for my home karaoke system?Nuck6
Buy this amplifierJan Vigne163
Amplifier & Speaker combination problem, amp cutting out.... why?Joshua Mansfield10
Adcom 555 bridging Nuck10
NAD AV-716 problemsMaduin3
Harman KardonBerny2
NAD C372 ReviewJohn A.3
Audiosourcekyle robinson9
Receiver's outlet got no powerjohnny phan5
After much soul searchingNuck305
Onkyo 703 or 674?Nuck5
Difference between car amps and home ampsklez9
Embarrassingly newb question - NAD C320BEEDan3
Use Integrated Amp with 2 sources?Jan Vigne2
Should i get new avr instead?Nuck5
Amp for AthenasNuck13
Preamp Vol and Power Amp Gain control...Jan Vigne3
Integrated for dynaudio focus 140Bvan11
Denon pma 1500 vs CA Azur 640A V2Birgir Freyr Birgiss1
Where to audition Jolida in NYC ?Guillaume Gnech1
What Cables to Use?Srinivas17
Partnering NAD with Rotel, what will effect the sound most Procesor...Pramodapple3
Arrived to be dead?Taylor Applegate1
Advice for Outlaw 1070-Jmlab Chorus?Nuck2
Help with McIntosh Amp and Bower&Wilkins speakersNuck5
Can i atatch a amp and sum to y cd playerBerny6
DIY Tubes- www.tubedepot.comheymaynard1
Separates vs ReceiverJan Vigne3
Amp cutting off ?Vinay Chainani3
PC to amp problemHarry Grey4
Zone 2 ampTommy Vastine4
Mtx 9500Nuck3
12V Trigger Output Oliver M. de la Cuev4
Looking for input on system to match speakersStu Pitt6
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