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Hello, hopefully some can answer this question???Jan Vigne5
High level inputsBuddshawn3
Tanberg tia 3012 ampJames Lee2
How many watts for my Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1Anonymous7
Power supplysChristopher Lee2
Front Audio Speakers with NAD C320BEE?Stu Pitt18
Home wiring an amp.. help!Dustin Stock8
Stereo amp for Jbl Lxe 770John Anthony1
Upgrading power cords?green ears4
Wondering if anyone can help me with my 5.1 amplification problemjake dainty5
Multi channel or stereo amp?James P4
Car amp at Home.Kenwood Audio6
Non powered Sub to get power?Racer X2
Tell me if it will work john mullins1
Need help with my AmpRafal7
Make the buzzing stop!!!!Anonymous16
Powering monitors (with a twist)jneuf1
Watts UP?Christopher Lee3
From Amp to Speakerjoseph coulson3
Is this normalross campbell5
Pre Amp Recommendation?Frank Abela4
Is this good?Eric Ramsey2
S/PDIF to surroundfelix da cat1
To bridge or not to bridge!Danman3
Nad 3155 informationArt Kyle2
Marantz pm 68 failureJaime Garcia1
Kr-6600 6 channels total output power?Kenwood Audio2
Wiring sub to ampAnonymous2
Amp ProblemsDavid W1
Help please im newhelp please!!!!!!!!!1
Help on speaker setupTyler Magnuson2
Combining Power Amp and Integrated Amp??Sun King9
100-150 watt 8 ohm sub amp????andy2
Rotel vs NADDanman15
Arcam A32 or Bryston B60 for Nautilus 805Frank Abela11
Choosing tube amp for psb 4tsJan Vigne2
sae Jan Vigne2
3 speakers, 4 channel amp?Anonymous4
Advice on buying a A/V reciver under $250Jan Vigne3
Yamaha M-45 100w value?James Lee3
A/d/s amp ph6 and sc6 preamp luigi moretti1
Using an old amplifier as a preampGianni Campos7
Advice needed please on bi-wireborn2die1
Amp suggestionsHbrown111
How do i hook up a car amp to a home stereojoey cerqua5
C320BEE harsh treble?James Lee21
Receiver TroubleJames Lee2
Rotel questionJames Lee2
Buttkicker AMP to Pioneer TS-W3004SPLQuinten Banks1
I am stumpedDan Reid6
'NEWBIE' technics class aa problemsJames Lee4
Fixing an old receiver/ stuckJan Vigne2
Amplifier for B&W DM603 S3 or Tannoy Sensys DC2Stu Pitt5
Problemsjosh langley2
I want enough BASS to shake my Legend from bumper to bumper, what t...James Lee4
Parasound?Art Kyle11
Pioneer VSX-D5095mgakd2
Pre/ampJan Vigne4
The new RotelDanman10
Car 12" Subwoofer to a sony home amplifierEric Zeppelin2
Active vs. PassiveAnonymous4
NAD 773 problem: only can use "Stereo" surround mode, no others li...VijayanS4
Yamaha amp fried?Eric Ramsey11
Who is coming to Canada?Nuck1
I need helpArt Kyle2
Solar PreampEric Zeppelin4
Electric motor and car altenator to power AMPTrxR1
My rear channels sound like crap wen playing prologic sourcesed sansing4
AMP shuts off when I turn up the volumeJan Vigne4
Tell me which inputs/outputs to use on C320beeStu Pitt12
Connection questionJan Vigne2
NAD 753 AMP fried? Help!Joseph T. Flynn11
12w7 and what amp to useDoug Zator1
Will this work for my music tastes??Art Kyle2
What amp would be good for my subsDoug Zator2
Denon AVR-2500 'Protection' Issuejay_dicky2
Trying to build a system....please helpArt Kyle5
CJ wake up!Dustin Stock3
How do i hook up 6spkrs to a 4channel amp??lyke011
Rega Mira v. Audio Refinement CompleteJan Vigne2
Long length interconnectJan Vigne2
Does anyone know how to........Kyle Greenwell1
Analogue soundJohn A.10
Please Grade the AmpsThe Lord1
NAD vs Rotel separatesDanman2
NAD 304: Need advise on tweeter noise afarah4
Stereo amp to drive Paradigm Studio 20 / Monitor 7NS2
Hafler amp hums - fixable?Nuck5
Help pleaseJames Lee5
Amp/reciever for some bose shelf speakers, for mp3 listeningJames Lee6
NAD T973, T163 and Energy C-9s ok setup?James Lee2
B&W CDM 1 SE and ARCAM sounds Harsh, WHY?Art Kyle3
NAD 3140 - I know nothing!James Lee2
Do i need an power amp?James Lee4
Pre-amp from ampJames Lee6
Ahhh please help me, im a noob :-(...James Lee6
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