Do i need an power amp?


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Hello all,

I have the Yamaha receiver ( you can find the product spec from the link below) and was wondering if an amp enhances sound quality. I only listen to music in 2 channels. If i do need one, what would be a decent amp to go with this receiver?


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What speakers do you have? what size room? what type of music?

Depending on the speakers you have (subwoofer too?) you may or may not need another amp.

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You already have an amplifier. As a matter of fact, you have several amplifiers. In my opinion, another separate power amp running off the pre amp outputs of this receiver will be a large waste of money. Separate power amplifiers are generally built to a higher quality standard than receivers. But, they can only amplify the quality of the signal they are fed. Save your money.


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The yammi sounds pretty good - I like it with hall effects turned on. You can get a sony sub for under $100 (sa-wm 250) if you don't have a sub already, and this thing will sing with the right effects turned on.

If you should desire even better sound, you are looking to spending some major bucks, to get seperate pre amp, and power amp from makers like Krell or audio research.

I would save the money and get better speakers instead if you don't already have a good pair. Speakers make the most difference in a system - I think.
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