Amplifier for B&W DM603 S3 or Tannoy Sensys DC2


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I am new to this forum, so I thought I would just say hi quickly!
Anyway at the moment I have a Marantz PM4400, Marantz PM5400, Cambridge audio DAB500, and last a pair of Mission M71i speakers. This all came as big bundle from richer sounds. The sound is ok but rather bland and lacking sweetness. I am trying to decide which pair of floorstanders I should buy and which amplifier. My original speaker suggestions were the B&W DM603 S3 and the Tannoy Sensys DC2 but these are just what came to mind. Please could you give me some suggestions to which pair of speakers and which amp to buy. Finally my entire budget is roughly £1000

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Hamish...the Polish guy, right?
I would die for the combo you have and am waiting for this thread to carry on.
I have nothing to offer, but can't wait for the others(totems).
nice to meet you granpa


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I would shy away from B&W - their upper models sound better.

Quad amps have sweet mids - 0%26

Make sure it's all functioning though - talk to the seller to make sure, since it's an old item. 405-2 amp is even better if you can find one.

This change alone might do it for you. If not, try hear epos speakers - the higher models the better - like the model 12. Monitor audio silver is another possibility. If you don't mind book shelfs - 76%26%26 57%26 76%26

Spicas are classics - they don't sound bland. 95%26%26

Since your hearing is good enough to have noticed that the present system is un-satisfactory, your ear must be developed - so I would just try to hear as many speakers as I can, and go with your heart.

Check out this sight for reviews well done -

Your present system is not bad - a good entry level setup - give it to your children or something - don't discard it. Just upgrade the amp may be.

Amps you might want to hear are :

Parasound halo
Krell kav 300 integrated (get them used to fit budget)
rogue audio

The last 2 have tubes in them - might be what you are searching for - the sweetness.

They take longer to warm up, and do need more servicing, but some swear by it.

There are good solid state amps that are sweet like Quad, but they tend to be expensive, so get them used.

You are lucky to be in Britain - home of many good audio gears !

You can find good deals on - just make sure it's in good condition - talk to the seller before hand.

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Try the Mordaut-Short Avant 908,Marantz is the disributor for them the 908s are more involving than the B&Ws and they have more warmth and bass extension.Now i dont know about the Tannoys I have not heard them,but they are intriging.

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If your entire budget is $1000 (sorry, I don't have the Brittish symbol), I would say don't split your budget; buy either an amp or speakers, then buy the other down the road. If you buy $1000 speakers now, and then a $1000 amp next year, in the long run you are most likely going to be happier. Personally, I would replace the speakers first as these make the most difference in a system. But if you think the weak link is the amp, replace that first. This is all my opinion though, and in the end it's your money.
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