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I have a 1998 plymouth neon with premium sound upgrade. but I want to replace the speakers. I have a kenwood kdc-x979 head unit that puts out 50 watts per channel. I currently also have an audiobahn high current 800x2 amp powering 2 12" audiobahn subs in a bandpass box. the amp and speakerbox are huge taking up most of my trunk.

my factory system has 2 6x9 speakers in the rear (pointing up through the area below the window), and 2 6.5" speakers in the doors, as well as 2 tweeters up on the dash. I want to right now replace my 2 6x9 speakers and install an amp. I have picked out the audiobahn as69q speakers

because I like the way the chrome looks as the speakers will be visible from the trunk, and I am pretty pleased with the overall stats of them.

so then they have a 200 watt rms rating, with a 400 watt max rating, and my current head unit puts out 50 watts. what power amp will I need to buy to power the 2 speakers? and I also want to replace the 2 6.5" speakers in my door, and on those I will go with something with the same power rating.

also, the speakers I will purchase have a removable tweeter that I will take off and mount myself elsewhere. If I do that, does the tweeter run through the same amp? does it use the same power? or will I have to piggyback it off of the amp outs? and look at the picture on the link I gave, are those wires okay or would you recomment getting some better wires from a local car audio store?

also, right now my amp is loose in my trunk behind my speakers (but its very heavy so it dosen't move around) and I was thinking about mounting it on the back of my seats (they fold down), as well as getting a capacitor, and mounting the new amp on the back of the seats as well. and installing some neon tubes into my trunk, my bandpass box has a single tube installed in it on one of the sides, I will either install a second one on the other side, or take it out and install 2 so that they match. is it wise to install the amps and cap on the back of the seat? the subs point forward, so the amps would be mounted directly in front of the subs, would this cause unwanted vibration? and can I just mount the amps directly into the back of the seat? or would you recommend installing some kind of supportive backer (i.e. wood or thick cardboard) and then mounting to those?

I just gave as much general information as I could, and I understand that some things (such as mounting on the back of the seats) might be car specific, but I was just curious if any general information could be given.

thank you for your time.

- Tyler Magnuson

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I'm sorry, I just noticed that I clicked on home audio and not car audio. I will repost this in the appropriate forum. Sorry.
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