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A few years ago I aquired a bunch of old high end gear. I'm just recently getting into Hi-Fi and am trying to decide how to build my system. Is it better to use some of the old gear and pair it with new stuff? Buy all new equipment? etc? Is newer technology far superior to my equipment from the '80s? I'd like not to spend more than $1000. Here is a list of everything I have:

Revox B225 CD Player
Denon DCD3300 CD Player
Musical Fidelity B1 Integrated Amp
Threshold S150 Power Amp
Musical Fidelity X-PRE Preamp
Musical Fidelity Digilog DAC
Technics Record Player
Spica TC-50 Loudspeakers
Linn Kan Bookshelf Speaker

Thanks! Any help would be appreciated

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The CD players can probably be improved upon by today's technology but not without substantial cost. For a system to listen to right now, you have more than enough quality in all the equipment. The Spicas and the Linn speakers are classic designs and well worth building a system around. The amplifiers are each somewhat different in character and which you use with which speaker will be something for you to decide.

At this point I wouldn't spend money on any new equipment. Listen to what you own and find what is musical about each piece. You will be miles ahead of the game with this equipment.


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Thanks for the advice. I probably will do that and may replace just one item or so. 2 questions though...Is it worth it to use that old DAC, will it add anything noticeable, especailly if I decide to upgrade the CD player?

And also, it seems like I have too many components, what is a good way to find out prices I could get if I tried to sell them on ebay or something. (Or does anyone have any idea how much some of those are worth) Is there a market for old equipment? Thanks again.

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There are 2 markets for used hifi - and

Audiogon has blue book prices, but you have to pay for the service.

You have good stuff - looks like you have enough for 2 systems - you can put one in your bed room, or the basement.

Which ones do you want to sell?

I would try all different combinations, and find one which sounds good to you. You can make a decent sounding one out of those.


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Great looking lineup! Areas of improvement if you have the upgrade bug and just have to spend money would be the CD players and turntable.
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