My rear channels sound like crap wen playing prologic sources


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k i have a sony ht-ddw 5.1 reciever. the rear channels sound bad wen playing prologic sources. they sound crapy like they have no treble only midrange sounds. like low quality encoding. but wen i play dolby digital or dts movies they ok. is there ne way in improving the sound quality on the rear channels? wat would hapen if i aded tweeters?to the rear channels

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Or is it John...

Hallo there,

First off, Dolby pro-logic is not a bad audio process, it has it's weakness, like all things that are audio.

As for the surrounds sounding like, there is no mid and high frequency what are type and model of loudspeakers are you using an equipment list name all the components and model as well.

Crosstalk errors within the mix are quit common, with stereo front sounds leaking into the surrounds like music, if you where to do this simple experiment disconnect the left and right front loudspeakers and the centre channel and play a film source I don't know which films you might have, but any and play the same scene over and over while switching from Dolby Digital and over to Dolby pro-logic and you will start to get the picture.

I'm sure there is many ways around this, like for instance if you dump the use of the internal amplification on your AVR and use matching amplifiers and re-plugging and using the pre-outputs for powering the sound to a better and a new approach that has lots of options open to you with out the compromise

So re-plug and rethink, buy three matching amplifiers for the front left and right stereo and one for the centre channel and centre back surround if you have centre back surround decoding like Dolby digital surround-EX, and for the side spilt-stereo surrounds another stereo amplifier that's only 3x amplifiers and then you can add on in-between them matching 1/3 octave EQ, audio limiters and if you what the top dog approach active X-over units, how ever you will need one stereo amplifier for each channel for the left channel which will be divided into two signals LF low frequency and HF high frequency and some of these active X-over units come with pre-fixed frequencies from 20hz to 500Hz LF and 500Hz to 20KHz down at 18db 3rd order or 24db for 4th order ones look into this, if you what to take this approach has most cinemas that run the B-chain have excellent undistorted sound and few have just basic 2x stereo amplifiers for Dolby stereo CP-50 CP-65 or CP-45 type A or SR decoding with passive X-over units.

Hope this has been of some little use to you I'll look back on this post later, to hear an update from you about what you have discovered, also I have worked in the cinema industry for UCI and Warner village cinemas UK in the past so anything I can help you with I'll do my best as humanly as possible....



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k as for the reciever i have a sony htddw740. i hav the stock center speaker(ss-cnp2) whitch is just a 70mm by 100mm full range speaker. and stock rears (ss-msp2) whitch are 70mm by 100 mm full range speakers. for the fornt i have sony (ss-j50) witch is a three way 6 inch sub, a two inch tweeter and a one inch subtweeter. for the subs i have two 15" earthquake tremors connected to the sony rx66 mini hifi stereo reciver.the two fronts im using are from that mini hifi reiciver.k with music the rear channels sound too mid range and theres no treble outputed from the reciver at all. i tryed connecting my fronts to the rear channels and they sound real poor too. like the only channels dat sound good are the fronts and the center. they sound clear. wen playing movies in dolby prologic the rear channels sound clearer but still with no treble .its like if the reiciver was cutting off all the high frequencies for the rears. k wen i play movies with dolby digital the rear channels sound alot better. clearer. the reiciver gives out high and low frequencies for the rear channels wen playing dolby digital or dts sources. the problem is not all my sources are dolby digital for example my satelite box and the PS2. i tryed adding a tweeter to each of my rear channels and theres no difference. so wat i want to know is how to get high frequencies with the rear channels playing dolby prologic audio sources.the reiceiver dat i hav does not hav any preouts so i cant connect preamps to it. and as for the name jonh is my way of speling it. even thouhgt its usually john............

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would like to know if perfomance tecknique 4 ch. amps are they any good at all or are they just another amp on market trying to sound so well made?
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