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Technics Amp. - 15 years oldNuck4
Since im new to tube ampsNuck28
Upgrade challengeNuck6
Loud humNuck19
Arcam A65+p80 match?Marcos T2
Amp output affected by speaker ohmsGary Denham4
Onix SP3 ?Paul Folbrecht3
NAD C320BEE and active subwoofer - how to connect?carlos santos7
Which amp?sean2
Help - Home audio amplifier recommendation?Paul Folbrecht6
NAD Master Series picturesStephen Meo88
NAD 3130 - right chan buzz on phono stageJan Vigne2
PrimaLuna 70W Monoblocks (Model 7) Art Kyle15
Anniversary Party sean3
M-200 mono'sBerny6
The Super T-Amp vs. The Flying Mole CA-S3..sounds like a monster movieJan Vigne3
AmpKev L1
Can I bi-amp my speakers with my Yamaha reciever?Nuck6
What amp should i buy?Stu Pitt2
Amp for PSB B25Stu Pitt13
Need advice !!Art Kyle2
Are class H amplifiers "the next big thing"?D_Webb50
What would you choose?Sun King16
Melody SP3 First impressionsPaul Folbrecht10
Multichannel amp and speakerskeith camhi1
Power And Ground Wire Issues (Anybody Answer!)Nuck9
Denon AVR 3300 Center Channel "No Audio"Ben Ferrell1
Am i asking too much?Nuck2
Creek A50i - penny for your thoughts...Yaron eli1
How are the sony 12'?Berny2
Need help with amp hook upAnonymous1
Alpine MRD-500 mono ampBerny2
Would this reciver be a good choice (2.1) setupcash cash1
Need speaker adviceJorge Sanchez3
Amps for powered speakersscuba steve7
Tube KitArt Kyle15
Amp/Pre fopr Paradigm, B&W, Definitive Mythoskamran siddiqui8
Considering replacingNuck1
Need help getting the right amp/speakers to use with mp3 triggered ...A Clemence2
Bi-amping with 2 Nad c 320 bbecarlos santos1
CD Player into 1/4 inch jack?Jan Vigne2
Parts for vintage Sansui AU-317Scott Schultz1
Amp suggestionvince mirabelli3
What Amp do i need?Gregory Stern2
Music Curve (Chinese) Tube AmpsSherrell Ray1
Pioneer receivershawn harman1
Arcam 300 or NAD 773Danman2
NAD Amp Controlsctanaka2
Yamaha AV-35 ProblemPaulW99900099910
Plans for home-Sub amp?Jan Vigne2
Some help with a new amp please.Toby Scott1
Amp QJan Vigne2
How much is my amp worth?Daniel344
Onkyo tx-vs747 switching between channel A & BGustav Mauer1
400 watt ampGeorge Bedell1
Nad C340 transformerNuck3
Sound quality of separates vs. integrated ampTwo Cents7
Placing monoblocks very near the speakersFrank Abela3
IPod: Flat Earth or Round Earth Sound?Frank Abela2
Cheap 3 ch amp for center/surround channelsPaul Folbrecht3
Which is the right Nad (C352 or C320Bee)?Sun King4
Problem with protection featureJohn Lawrence2
Working temp of tubes in a small tube amp?Jan Vigne5
Problem with kole kx2-1920Poche1
Help choosing AmpDaniel348
Denon 3805 on screen setupLarry Holmes7
Having trouble powering amp with PC power....rick quigley5
My thoughts on the NAD C162/272 comboArt Kyle49
How do i hook up a car amp and sub to my home receiver Joseph Nowacki3
Luxman Lv-100 power outputEran Lerner3
US acoustics ampMikeman1
Nad c 320bbe & Kef Q60Art Kyle6
C372 Nad, with a subwoofer?Anonymous11
Nad 304 ampStu Pitt2
Which amp is better?david pannell12
Proper setting for cd playback in 5.1 Mode?Mr. Joe Jiz3
Help with Sonic Impact t-amp 5066Anonymous4
Need help with choosing amp & speakersStonez3
Can i connect speakers to a c.d player with no amp?Ray Jenkins42
Recycling old junk?Mike175gr7
Connectivity for my home systemErik Dunn3
Replace Yamaha CR-840 or get a NAD,or ???Jan Vigne2
Need Help For My Amp SettingsBerny2
Nad C162/C272 - static noiseNuck20
NAD C272 UserBill Collins4
One amp or two?John Munch5
I need help choosing a plate amp for a homemade subsean1
SONY TA F 242 AMP need helpNuck4
Please help, connecting amp to stock stereoNuck3
Outlaw Model 2200 M-BlockArt Kyle10
2 subs to a mono?Jan Vigne2
Which Amp. is a better choice.........Jan Vigne3
How to bridge an amplifier (impedance related) ?ermi1
How To setup my home stereoRobG13
Need help choosing a good ampfred parker4
Amp/preamp questionMy Rantz4
NAD C 272 & What Speakers?Jonathan10
Totally Green And Ignorant Newbie QuestionDaniel347
Building my own tube amplifierJan Vigne2
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