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Got a free Yamaha R-7 receiver...Nuck2
Please help !!Jan Vigne2
Does the McIntosh Ma6100 have go?Nuck5
NAD 3130 Amplifier - Low volume & distorted soundPaul Hallett2
Kenwood amplifier now powers up, but no sound?Nuck3
Pioneer vsx-1015-s/kChris Christie12
MP3 Players - Not HiFi, but wanting an audiophile's advicenout7
NEED HELP!!! Wiring Amp and SubsStu Pitt2
Affordable tube system?!?!Paul Folbrecht6
Need help with a separates systemStephen Shaw11
PLEASE HELP!!! I don't know what I'm doing!!Dakulis4
New Arcam 7607 Amp - Very InterestingDakulis7
Hooking Up Amp To Home StereoBerny2
12V Trigger subtitute ?Nuck4
NAD t973/t163 preamp/amp.rob groenendyk4
Mixing two different power amps... Possible?Jan Vigne2
Amp not powering subsChristopher Lee5
Denon amp and remote controlbartek archer1
Need help with Jvc receivershawn harman1
*HELP* amp sizes for new subsluke1
Kenwood KM-205 keeps trying to self destructJan Vigne6
Stereo amp or multi channel amp?Desertfox3
Newbie - PLEASE helpAnonymous1
4 type r's 500watt rmsPatric Shoup3
Not enough power from Vsx52tx!!!!Anonymous3
Intergrated amp to receiver ampdavid pannell2
Match for maggiesNuck49
One More Stupid Question - Trigger cable?My Rantz2
AMP HelpTyler Scott Robison4
Behringer ampsGregory Stern5
Cambridge Audio 640A Heat Issuesangello2
My radio signal sucks! Any Tips or suggestions? BrAd GiLmAn1
Speaker to 640aNuck6
Rotel RX-1052 or RB-1070 with B&W DM604Stu Pitt3
What amps would be best to use?Kram11
Nad C162/C272 combo - 2hrs laterMy Rantz4
Two Bad Subs.....alex4
Can i wire a Sony amp to 2 ohms?Audio Wizard3
Creative DDTS-100 Decoder & AmplifiersAudio Wizard2
Cattylink and Ornec JOE CLARK12
Where to get an amp for my house89rscamaro5
ButtkickerAudio Wizard5
Technics SU-VX500 integrated amplifierChitta2
How can I connect my car amp to my PC???JaredNcrystal265
Can I put my TV through a Technics SU-VX500 integrated ampNuck2
Help with amps & speakers PLEASE!Nuck2
Need help for jvc intergrated amp.Nuck2
AMP HelpNuck3
Help! which option is good for me?Nuck16
Budget 1 channel home audio amp, what should I get?Christopher Lee6
Need high out put ampGregory Stern4
SETTON AMP can I make it a PRE-AMP ???ChrisC5
Anyone had experience with Technics SU-VX500 integrated ampGuppy19
Nad NAD C272 VS Rotel RB-1070Art Kyle11
Windows media player instead of cd playerfps_dean3
I need a good cheaper amp or receiver... will buy used!fps_dean24
Powered Mixers..Easy QuestionKade Holloway3
Help: Volume levels between DVD, CD, Cable Jan Vigne4
Mixer to amp to speaker?Jan Vigne2
Speakers with receiverbudget minded2
Qsc amp, yamaha mx 12/4mixer, mackieHR824 and PC for music sourceenrique roman1
Need help with amp budget minded3
Problem with my recieverbudget minded4
Need help hooking up componentsJan Vigne2
Need help with a plate ampMike Cason6
B&O - Pair Of Rl140s, what amplifier shoud i buy?Jan Vigne4
Home Audio vs. Car Audio Power RatingsEric Ramsey4
US NAD Authorized Service Centerklamis3
What does mean IHF dynamic power?Jan Vigne4
Is Just a Receiver Good EnoughJan Vigne39
NAD C162/C272 Problems!Nuck26
Myryad?Tawaun A.Williams10
Guitar to headphones somehow?fps_dean7
Worth buying an amp to play itunesfps_dean2
Which amp is better for my studio 80 ?fps_dean3
Multiroom home audioFrank Abela4
NEED HELP Bad!!!!Berny6
Cambridge audio help...Jan Vigne5
Marantz PM-94 faultNuck5
Please help mecmoore2
Nad C 162/C 272 vs NAD C372 vs Musical Fidelity X-150 Bill Collins64
Panasonicsc-ht 15 resiever & speakersbudget minded3
Budget System: Mission Accomplished! Comments Welcomedbudget minded19
Help with harman kardon avr 5000Nuck4
Opinions Plz....Jan Vigne2
FS Linn LK100 AmpChristopher Lee2
Stereo..back to the futureNuck8
Rotel rb 985Nuck2
Help! Amps as pre-amps???Louis Browning3
Wharfedale 9.5Tawaun A.Williams9
Muti input speaker systemJan Vigne7
What speakers should I look at ?budget minded4
HelpBrandon Ray Hacker3
In need of home audio pwer ampBrandon Ray Hacker1
What the hell do I do with this Pioneer VSP-200 AmpBrandon Ray Hacker2
Matching impedances...Jan Vigne2
Speaker connections-Woofer + Doldby Surrond?Nuck9
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