Panasonicsc-ht 15 resiever & speakers


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This being an active group I ask your forebearance
to a newby. I have tried Home theatre group with no results.

Need this one for my 10x12 foot room.

What are your thoughts; anyone?


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If you like it, go for it!

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if you want an answer... it helps if you ask an actual question.

"i have a room... what should i put in it?"

is a very vague question with 100 answers. you need to pick gear that suits YOUR sonic priorities. there are many camps in audio that ALL think their preferences are right and that everyone else is full of crap.

there is no simple answer, and it's possible that any one answer you get could be the exact opposite of what would make YOU happy.

a good idea would be to read some reviews to familiarize yourself with audio terms then go out and listen to a variety of gear to see if you can hear the things talked about in the reviews...
and so on. everyone has things that they hate in sound and not everyone's opinions match. i'm a speed and detail freak and often get into arguments with others whose priorities are different.

i'd say get a panasonic reciever (i have one and love it) and some magnepan MMGs (the reason i bought the panny which was so good that i'm keeping my old speakers) but that might not work for you. you might want more precise imaging (smaller speakers) or more bass weight (larger speakers).

to ME... panasonic class-d (SA-XR models) recievers and planar speakers offer the biggest bang for the buck.

it won't be long until someone comes along and says i'm full of crap though.

don't listen to anybody... find out what YOU like.
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